Kim Heechul, “Was Once Mistaken to Be a Cyborg At Airport”

Super Junior member Kim Heechul revealed that he was once mistaken to be a cyborg which was confirmed by his group mate Kangin on an episode of “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” which will be shown on 1st September.

Heechul revealed, “In a random check at the aiport when I was going overseas, I was stopped and questioned on whether I was a cyborg or not?”

Heechul had suffered serious injuries to his left leg in a car accident on 10th August 10, 2006 which resulted in the doctors having to insert iron rods into his leg. So that explains that although the metal detectors kept on beeping, Heechul didn’t carry any metal objects. The foreign airport staff was bewildered at the constant beeping not knowing that he had iron rods inside his left leg.

Heechul also revealed that the length of the iron rods in his leg was about 30cm which was about the thickness of one’s finger. Despite having iron rods inside his leg, he still carried on his training (dancing, etc) which led to the iron rods inside his leg to bend and making him very nervous.

26 thoughts on “Kim Heechul, “Was Once Mistaken to Be a Cyborg At Airport”

  1. LOL. AWWWW. thats cute. hahas. but i would of mistaken him as a cyborg too. hes so pretty O__O and ahhh. im glad he better now<3

  2. LOL…hehehhee…

    but his so pretty to be mistaken as a cyborg..hehhehe..

    i love the photo soo much,….HOT..

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  4. I don’t know why, but recently I think he look’s different. I can’t pin point what or which part, just not the same as before.

  5. a BEAUTIFUL cyborg indeed!

    i thot he already took out the iron rod?
    His skin must be sooo fair that staffs at the airport think it was man-made cyborg!

    lol X]

  6. Annie, I know why he is different! He earlier had his nose “fixed”. After that, i kept comparing his face from before and now. His nose is much wider compared to before. Before he looks more effeminate with his face.

  7. the whole nose surgery has no confirmation yet even the SM mgt nor Heechul said anything about it, u know how honest heechul is…if he does he would bluntly tell that to everyone….

  8. wow, he shouldn’t have carried on dancing. wouldn’t dancing have affected his healing? that’s risky of him…

  9. Loll. I used to be in the same situation like Chullie’s..
    I was asked by security but then, i carried medical records always.

    *Heechul is the most handsome cyborgggg

  10. errrrmmm,, excuse my ignorance but can anyone explain what a cyborg is?!
    is it a robot or something?!

    any ways the one fact is that Heechul oppa is sooooo cute and handsome and has a special personality

    Heechul oppa ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. he does look a bit different… erm.. maybe his eye makeup? cos to me his eyes look more slitty than b4…or jus maybe his hair? yah.. i think its more his hair that makes his face looks different than him going 4 plastic surgery…his face looks younger and smaller maybe due to his bangs?

  12. Omg! It’s not funny O_O

    I was wondering “why isn’t he dancing sorry sorry, or it’s you?”
    Now… I know T_T

    *sorrow off*
    xD I’m french so I don’t all understand but he is so cute with his cyborg!
    As you said: He’s the most handsome cyborg in the whole word ><

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