Some Announcements To Make

Well since there are no news today, I will make some announcements.

1) KoreanSubUtd has apparently stopped subbing “We Got Married” and that has left many non-Korean fans of the show hanging in the air. A minority of you seems to think that translating and subbing is as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3. But, frankly it involves lots of dedication, hardwork and most crucially time. So don’t just keep posting when is it coming out, etc. It just get on the nerves and the subbers are not obliged to do the subbing but they are doing it for you.

We Got Married Episode 22 Cuts (with english subtitles)
Anbi | “A!” | Alshin | JoongBo

Wanna help, visit TungTung Fansubs and register yourself. They will start subbing from Episode 22 onwards. I have watched what they did with Episode 1 and 2 and it’s pretty good subbing. So fret not, WGM fans.

But because the show is so popular, many fans have gathered and gave whatever help they could resulting in last week episode being out on Youtube yesterday, just in time for this week’s episode. I have received many messages in the past few days asking me to sub “We Got Married” again. But frankly, the gap from the last episode I subbed till now is too long and I don’t have anymore motivation to do it again. Plus, I only do stuff that no one has done. So there is practically zlich chance of me going back and sub “We Got Married”. Sorry.

2) Well, I have never really announced it officially. But I have already made a new account on YT and I believe most of you have know it already. It’s been only a month and I have already 21% of my original subscribers back on my channel. Thank you all although I won’t be as active as before. And in case you didn’t know what my new account is, it’s accessible on the right-hand side of this blog. The new account name was pieced together with my love for the Wonder Girls and the smurfs (couldn’t leave it out). I didn’t want to have any numbers in it. Besides, Coolsmurf is gone forever and will never be back.

3) Now as you all know, a certain Korean tv station led to my old Youtube channel of 2 years to be suspended on 26th July 2008. I have always kept clear of trouble by sticking to my no movies, no dramas, no Japanese-related clips. Just variety shows, short clips, music videos, etc. Before my old account got suspended, I have got warnings here and there, I am not immune to them. But I always complied and removed them once I got notice. On 12th June, I got another Youtube notice which was my first time.

JYP Entertainment has claimed some or all audio and visual content in your video Wonder Girls – So Hot MV (english subbed). This claim was made as part of the YouTube Content Identification program.

So what it means is that JYP Entertainment will allow this content to remain on YouTube and receive public statistics about this video. This prime example goes to show how different SBS and JYP Entertainment operates with regards to the use of Youtube as an effective platform to promote their copyrighted material. I got the same email when I uploaded 2PM’s MV today as well.

4) Now I received a certain email from James Han who works for SBS International, Inc. earlier this month saying they were impressed with my work on Youtube (then suspend me?), that it wasn’t easy putting subtitles on shows and wanted to discuss with me the possibility of putting subtitles on shows.

I replied back with standard answers and asking for my Youtube channel to be restored back if possible. They said they would try and didn’t know that by flagging their videos, it would caused my channel to be suspended. They then asked how long I would take to put subtitles. I gave my reply and since then, I have not gotten any reply at all. I find it very amusing, this whole thing.

5) With subbing out of my veins now, I am having so much free time now. I went on a “Women of the Sun” marathon recently just to see whether it warranted the high ratings it got as it neared it’s finale. I was glad I watched it because it was a really well-written drama. I didn’t watch it then because it clashed with “Iljimae”. If you have time, try to watch that.

Han Ye Seul Looking Fabulous in Tazza

Han Ye Seul Looking Fabulous in Tazza

As for “East of Eden”, I didn’t watch the special because I didn’t want the spoilers. Episode 1 and 2 was pretty much a bore and I forwarded most of it. Hope it’s better this coming week. More dramas to look forward to soon. Most anticipated ones are “Kingdom of the Winds” and “Tazza”.

6) JYP unleashed his newest creation 2PM with their single MV “10 Points Out of 10” (something like Irony MV). The song is pretty catchy. And the MV is really eye-candy with Gina Choi shapely figure, Yoo Bin’s former group mate. Imagine if Yoo Bin wasn’t in Wonder Girls and debuted as her former group. Gina Choi and Kim Yoo Jin (seen in Introducing Star’s Friend variety) looks so fine.

97 thoughts on “Some Announcements To Make

  1. SBS is really something they e-mail you about how good your translations are then suspending you… hope they do restore all you vids…

  2. LOL screw SBS.

    And what???? there is news today! 2PM CAME OUT 😀


  3. lol, WHUT?
    Seriously, I’m a longtime lurker [me and my sister were watching your videos for over a year–if not two–and thought for the longest time that you were a girl because of the YEHxKJK stuff XD;] so I’m a big fan of yours. SBS… makes me want to smack something. >_> I can’t believe they would dare to email you after what they did. I mean, it’s good that there’s the possibility of the restoration of your account, but it’s completely unfair to everyone else too. The message sounded like they wanted to use you. -.-; Screw them.

    JYP seems pretty cool though, lol. They seem sooo much more reasonable. ^_^;

    It’s nice that you have so much free time now though~. ^_^ I’ll miss the variety show clips and everything, but it’s too much to ask for if you have to give up so much, hahahaha. Enjoy your dramas~. ^____^v

  4. omo~ JYPE is a good entertainment. I think that it’s a good publicity since you are one of the most popular users in YT.
    I love JYPE!

  5. go JYP!!! and alvin 😀

    hey… maybe SBS is looking to hire you or something. you should definitely get some money back for all that time and hard work they stole from you!!!

  6. I do hope they bring back your old account though…esp. with the one million views for WG “so hot”…..T.T; damn you SBS you’ve been pissing off everyone the last few months, LOL. even china lol XD

    Im so glad JYP takes advantage of the free advertisment really, many people in the US wouldn’t have a chance to watch JYP artist without them being on YT. <33

  7. SBS is an ass. period.
    they even delete videos that are NON SBS related. I was so pissed when I found out some of my Mnet video got deleted by youtube because SBS claim them.

    I hope you can restore your old account back
    I got into kpop thanks to you and everything you’ve done
    it’s sad to see it go

  8. Thanks coolsmurf. Its too bad that u decided not to sub WGM, but thanks for the links.

    I wish u good luck with the SBS think ok. With JYP thing, i hope nothing happens, they should respect cuz u r promoting Wonder Girls for them.

    Coolsmurf fighting.

  9. Hmmhh that James Han is a piece of work…Yeay JYP !! booo SBS … anyway, don;t they understand that you are actually helping to get more popularity and world wide knowledge for their programs especially attracts a highly significant numbers to Korean entertainment world wide… ???? Go figure …

  10. If they have any interest at all attracting non-Korean viewers to their shows, SBS are fools. Especially since you didn’t even have whole shows uploaded.

    Thanks for all the details about your youtube exoerience. I was so sad when “coolsmurf” got suspended.

  11. I ALWAYS impressed by your hardwork, thts why I hate ppl *cough* SBS* cough* who didnt appreciate others work…
    SBS should learn from JYP. Dumb!

    Whatever ur decision, i really appreciate it.

    *btw, u watch Women in the Sun ?? Good,huh?? Hoho…i love that drama too, really good drama hehehe

  12. Subbing is really a hard work , i hate people who just whine because videos are not sub as fast as they want it to be.that’s why we really appreciate and thank all your hard work… its really sad that korean sub decided to stop subbing , they did a great job!

    you’re the one that got me into xman and WGM , if you do decide to sub again or not anymore,il stil continue to visit your site everday ! 🙂

  13. thank you so much for these announcement about “We got Married”! i love this show so much and i couldn’t belive that no one wouldn’t subb this anymore! but now i’m relieved that another group is taking this project.

  14. aww the 2 PM video is pretty cute and the song is/could become addictive. I’m excited to hear more music from them.

  15. you know:) thanks for taking your time to upload all these post! thanks for sharing. really appreciated every bit of it! have a good week and i love your site!! keep it up! we will be here to support you!God bless.

  16. i wonder what is your job in your regular life? cause you do have a gift for subbing, you could probably sub for KBS World or MBC America, i don’t know if there are any for SBS. JYP Entertainment seems pretty cool to let you use their content, SBS on the other hand seems to have encouraged you & then left you hanging. wtf with SBS. i started watching Women In The Sun too, i like the writing & the cast is good. thanks for giving us these updates.

  17. What did they think was gonna happen when they flagged the videos? Isn’t the WHOLE POINT of flagging videos to remove them?

    Actually, if they push hard enough they can get your account restored with all your videos. Youtube does not delete suspended accounts permanently. I think they have to drop their copyright complaint and ask Youtube to restore your account.

    The fact of the matter is, many of the shows and music videos you sub expose that content to a large audience of non-Korean speaking viewers that can’t access that content any other way. JYP is definitely a lot smarter than SBS.

  18. Well, sometimes it’s not about SBS but Youtube that warns a bunch of people. The staff maybe knew later that SBS was on your side.

    It’s cool though, because that’s what we wanted in the first place, let the wolrd know the korean culture. And it’s brilliant for the JYPE to allow you subbing the MVs. They’re all headed-forward. i’m glad about that.

    thanks a lot for your constant effort on subbing things. I don’t know how many times i’ve said this, but I crashed into you thanks to yoon eunhye and her xman days, and look at me now, being a coolwondersmurf fan.


  19. They asked u how long it would take to put subtitles?? ya coolsmurf, i think maybe sbs wants to hire u as their subber or sumthin like that…finally they find out how precious u are.if it’s true grab d’s time to make lotsa lotsa money…hehe

  20. blehhh to SBS. (btw, rip to that scriptwriter) coolsmurf, or alvin i shall say…your hard work is very much appreciated.=] “it was good while it lasted.” :/

  21. JYP! *clap, clap, claps all around*

    I agree about the subbing. Most of us watch WGM on crunchyroll, and most users there are just rude and really impatient. I’ve just implanted it in my head that WGM comes out on the Friday after it actually airs, so I don’t go crazy inbetween. Haha!!

    That’s funny how SBS is going on about all these shenanigans. To think that they’re trying to be nice to you after they’ve ripped your YT channel into shreds. How rude. It’s like a backstabbing friend who comes back to you smiling and asking how you are. Ugh.

    As for Gina Choi, ohmygosh. She looks so different now. Definite lost baby fats and got taller since Battle Shinhwa. Yoobin at the end was really hilarious. I’m not that fond of 2PM’s new song yet, but if I listen to it more, I’ll catch on.

    If Yoojin, Yoobin, and Gina Choi were in a band together, that’d be a SMEXY EXPLOSION! I wonder where their other bandmates have gone… o.O Are they still with Good Ent.?

  22. That is odd that they had three hot ass girls like yoobin, gina & yoojin in that ONE group? o.o; thats crazy LOL. I wouldnt mind gina and yoojin joing WG D:
    More hottness LOL.

  23. lol alvin, i always thought you should get paid for all the awesome subbing you do. if sbs does offer you a job, i think you should take it. lol not that my opinion really matters but it would be a great opportunity for you…even though they were the one that caused heartbreak for thousands of smurf fans, i guess this is their way of saying sorry.

  24. hey, u do good work, but dont do it unless we let u ok? haha

    thats koo how jyp ent did shet w/ their vids, and wen yoobin came out in that mv i laffed so hard i ono y 😛

  25. jyp is sooo much cooler than sbs
    sbs rly sucks on how they handle things
    however, they only do the awful things they do cuz people in korea pay money to watch the sbs shows from the sbs website

  26. So what does that mean? Are they gonna make you into like…a professional subber?

    Cause thats pretty freaking awesome.

  27. i just want to tell you
    that i really appreciate what all the subbers do
    they really don’t have to sub anything
    but they’re doing it for the fans’ sake expecting nothing and asking for nothing
    i think they are really great people who have loads of paitience and dedication
    i really want to thank you too for all your great work
    i also want to add that i never complained once about when was any subbed show or drama coming out because i realise it’s hard work,,<<<<< just pointing out that she is a good girl lol
    i mean i can’t do it, can i?!
    you’re really great you rock,, cool indeed..
    i know you must have a lot of people who love you,, and i’m probably not the first or only one
    but i really do ❤ ❤ ❤
    kamsahainmeda coolsmurfnim~~

  28. wow, so much good news in one post!!!
    thank you for telling us about the temporary subbing team. i tried finding if anyone did that, but i failed and gave up.

    i hope somehow, someday, your Coolsmurf channel will get restored. i seriously don’t understand how they think that offering you a job would erase what they did to you…

    anyway, good luck in the future! =D

  29. Before they delete you they should give some respect, because you had a big work to subb all those videos and stuff. Actually, I think they needed to contract you, because you’re spreading Korean music to those who don’t understand Korean, making them get more “money” and stuff. Well, anyway, they suck x_x And you rock, thank you for all your work and your nights awake subbing videos for us.. And hey, you’re not subbing NOW, but subbing is in your veins.. always ^^’
    Hope you’re okay (:

  30. WHOA, it’s great that SBS recognized you for your great subbing work. Honestly, you are one high-class subber, my friend. I’m annoyed that they didn’t notice this BEFORE you got suspended.

  31. Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate the subs that Korean Sub United, other subbing teams, and you have provided for us.

    It’s great that JYP is cool with it, I think it might because that he/the company knows how much influence & recognition it’ll gain for the Asian/Western counterparts understanding Korean entertainment.

    It’s really great that SBS is starting to recognize on the world outside of Korea (lol), but it’s best to be wary of them since they might be just doing research for their own benefit / or worse, investigations. It’ll definitely be great if you get employed for doing something that you enjoy!

  32. SBS -_____________-
    it’s a good thing JYP Ent. is good with it =D
    but then again why wouldn’t they be? I mean this is publicizing Wonder Girls and other JYP artists for them =D
    Coolsmurf your like a promoter for Wonder Girls! =)!
    thank you for the WGM cuts it means the world that I can watch it with eng subs now but please do go on with uploading what you can we really do appreciate it ^.^

  33. So SBS contacted you? After your acct was suspended I sent a nice email to SBS international that subbers like you who spent their own time and money to share wonderful programs with the world should be thanked by stations like SBS for bringing worldwide attention to their programs, especially for shows like Xman and other variety shows that they do not sub. I even suggested that fan subbers should be compensated for their hard work instead of banished from sites like YT. I wonder if more emails like mine were sent from others also prompting them to be suddenly concerned with your status. well in any case, subbers like you are GREATLY appreciated by me and your blog is still a great place to get the latest news about our favorite stars. Thanks!!

  34. Wow, weird!
    SUBBED EPI 22 OF WGM! Maybe you could post that just for epi 22, there is one who subbed the whole thing, more or less (haven’t watched it yet). Cred to muishiessi at YT for the subs (see channel). Get video elsewhere!

  35. robmcl2: yeah, they should let this be! But judging from what Coolsmurf has told us, it sounds as they just want to use him.

  36. I think the petition submitted to SBS worked!

    The petition was more than we expected because of the short time it was posted and the link acting up all the time.
    But, the message was clear, that they, SBS will GREATLY suffer in their haste to suspend your account in YT.

    Hey thats great news! Now they know how much you really helped them… ah, make it hard for them, ask them to pay you!!! As you’ve said subbing is not easy and the time you spend doing it is insane!

  37. hey coolsmurf/wondersmurf! 😀

    i was wondering if you could give me the download link to 2pms mv? (: thanksss a bunches 😀

  38. don’t u feel it’s a lil fishy that after suspending u, he actually complimented ur work…? haiz..

    well, it would be great if u cld sub back however, motivation and time is very impt.. dun stress up urself and juz be as usual k?

    we all continue to support u…

  39. i just love SBS contacting you… LOL… ah… that has to be one of the most ironic thing… hahaha…

    well…at least we know they’re taking notice of how cool you are…

  40. well…
    I don’t think subbing is completely out of my system yet. (And I know it isn’t for you too 😛 heh)
    And at least SOME people are understanding and believe in the word warnings and such…

    btw… miss talking to you 😦
    will come back on as soon as I find the internet cable for my room =_=;

  41. thanks for the news alvin 🙂
    really agree with you in regards to the contribution of time from subbers (so yes thanx for all the time you spent before 😛 )
    glad the series is continuing and is in safe hands

  42. sbs is seriously, douchebag LOL
    okay, if they are impress they shouldn’t even
    suspend you i’m glad jyp isn’t like that

  43. i’d say go for it? i know it hurt being suspended, but if it gives you the chance for working with a company such as SBS, GO FOR IT, i remember writing someone else on your site when u got suspended saying how that you shouln’t give up hope, and that one day all this commotion will cause attention and you could be famous one day.. though it wasn’t amazing attention, you know have a shot at working for a major korean corporation, which i think is a GREAT opportunity, cuz if you think about it, your name will be written on credits for dramas and t.v shows, not just that you have the chance on being ON those tv shows and dramas that you watch.. even though it does seem like they pushed you down the stairs and suddenly said “oh are you okay?” take advantage of what they have, and may it be of great use to you.

    nonetheless the decision is yours
    Good Luck!!!
    i’ll always be supporting your decision no matter what!

  44. i just read that other article where the girl commited suicide cuz she worked 24/7 and only got paid 500,000 won a month (461 USD) if you get paid that much, sir pardon my language. FUCK THAT SHIT, but yeah if you do end up accepting their offer.. make sure they’re paying what your worth

  45. what CRAP email did SBS sent you?
    totally ridiculous! praising your work and then still left nothing unchanged. whats the point with that??? LAME SBS.
    i wonder how u guys sub a whole show after show.
    months ago i took the whole afternoon just to learn subbing and successfuly.. only to sub a 5 minutes one!.. it was really difficult..

  46. Dokujin has a point…
    Darn, with all these trouble SBS recently got, you have to be carefull..

    It is always great to hear vwhen ones work is being recognised.
    Great that big companies recognise your work and offer you something.
    Being recognise by average people is great too coz they are the ones using your work.

    anyway…. I think you handle the situation nice. If SBS asked me AFTER suspending my account I would have gone mad and done something stupid or ignore their msg. ^^

    Oh… by the way. If you choose to work with SBS int, remember to tell us.
    We shouldn’t badmouth SBS if you’re a part of them ^^

  47. er. read some of the replies and don’t know if people read what coolsmurf typed –
    ” They said they would try and didn’t know that by flagging their videos, it would caused my channel to be suspended. ”

    @ Coolsmurf – Where do you catch the East of Eden episodes at?

  48. Aww sad to hear you really aint aubbing anymore :/
    nevertheless, thanks for all the wonderful videos!! 😦 )

    (oh and maybe now JYP’s taken notice of you they might let you meet wonder girls! Hehe xD)


  49. Wow..I should go thank the ppl in soompi for relaying together to continue subbing…
    I don’t blame subbers for stop subbing when ppl keep asking the same questions..i mean come on ppl subbers are doing all this for free so be grateful that they are actually doing this.

    I knew wondersmurf was you when someone posted a link to your YT..i was like hey wondersmurf is coolsmurf because coolsmurf is a WG fan & a smurf fan so of course it’s the same person when i figured that out i of course subscribed to you. I love your subs alvin.

    SBS got some nerves after getting your account suspended they contact you after all that…lol
    I think your subs are probably the best subs out congrats to that 😀

    JYP is smart. they know that having you remove their videos is stupid or anyone else because they know YT is the biggest & popular online streaming site so having their videos on YT will attract more attention. Too bad SBS didn’t realize that.

    Oh I’m in love with 2PM. I think they are gonna be hot. They are gonna be the next boy band/group to make it big. Gina Choi looks hella different. She got curves, better curves then most of those Korean Stars. I say it’s due to all the American
    Gina looks good though, so does that mean she’s with JYP now? I was looking forward to her, Yoobin & their girl group from Good Ent. but I guess when Good had some money problem their trainees went to other agencies.

  50. Good to hear u are getting so recognition with JYP. smart of them to realise the good of wat u r doing.

    For SBS, it will b fantastic if they do n finally realise the mistake they did by taking off your tube…

    Watever it is, u seen how many of us supporting u so jiayou! fighting!


  51. Maybe SBS is planning to hire you for your talents or something…hehehehehe

    And JYP ent is totally cool with you–thats a good thing!!

    AJa coolsmurf!!more power ^__^

  52. That is crazy. SBS now wants you to work w/ them.
    Be careful, they do things very tricky.

    As you said, a lot of your fan (including me) know your new account long time ago ! ahahhaha anyway,

    Thank you very much for all the hard work ! I still check coolsmurf.wordpress almost everyday !

  53. Wow SBS. Slap in the face then offer you candy.
    I don’t know bout this.
    But if they’re really sincere bout hiring you, they would’ve contacted you earlier…?

    Kudos to JYP for making the SMART decision. 🙂

  54. SBS finally contact u? That like snow in june. Now they just understood and relised how important u are for them.
    For anbi fans, help anbi soompi forums they need subber, they are started to subbing anbi cuts, look for anbi cuts ep 22 in youtube.

  55. JYPE knows the importance of the internet and streaming sites.. (he made a video about it..rofl)
    SBS!! They better restore your old channel. Their ignorance caused you to lose an account you’ve had for years.. They better step it up!
    As for WGM, u should do whatever you want.
    2PM is my current addiction, JYP knows how get people interested.

  56. Subbing’s a pain in the butt, I agree. Translating takes up SO much time also. I’m in a subbing group but I was supposed to do this clip but the problem was, I lost motivation and having even started and its been to a close month lol.

    SBS is weird. First, they want to ban videos on youtube and delete accounts who promote their shows and artists, and then they ask you to start doing the subbing job and work with them. They should have just not deleted the subbing accounts first of all.

    If they delete your hard work and dedication, i don’t think they are a company that recognizes and supports your work.

  57. I find the SBS e-mail HILARIOUS XD
    I know subbing a pain in the butt, I’m in a few drama fansubbing groups myself so I understand your pain D:
    Anywho, it’s good to know that you’re back on youtube ;D I really do they restore your account back 😦

  58. That’s quite a read. Anyway, thanks for the update, Alvin. (I’m the ‘heheheh’ user as well). Best of luck with you!!!!

  59. Oh and if I may add. It’s almost impossible for Youtube to restore your suspended account. From experience, I have compained to Youtube regarding the matter (with my situation) and they have stated they are unable to ‘bring back’ any videos from suspended accounts.

    Unless SBS saved your videos (one by one), I wouldn’t get your hopes high…. 😦

  60. im glad that there are people who will be subbing WGM again.. really do appreciate all the hard work from all the subbers.. thanks!.a lot..

    JYPE.. that’s the way to handle it.. =D

    haha.. SBS contacting you.. change of heart?.or something.. they should’ve thought of that before they flagged their shows.. now they’re kinda hiring you.. hmmmmm.. that is weird.. but if ever.. they should really pay you

    thanks!.alvin for the updates.. =D

    junior wonder: it doesn’t work for me either..

  61. Coolsmurf/Wondersmurf,

    Thanks you for all you hard work.

    I do hope SBS will restore your original account.


  62. rmb alvin,you are always my, and alot of other peoples’ favourite!!! <333333 what you have done for fans HAS made a big difference <33

  63. Hi there. SBS finally realising the free publicity/exposure you were providing. Big Thank You cos without you I would not have spent so many hours laughing in front of my PC. I really hope that your Coolsmurf account gets restored. I had so much of your subbed episodes in my PC and I have lost them all…..sob…sob. My house was burgled and my notebook went with the burglars. I am soooooo sad, not cos the notebook’s gone but cos all the Xman and WGM episodes are gone too!!!!

    Anyway, glad to know you are back and thank you for providing so much laughter.

  64. atleast… they praise you,… well done coolsmurf, i think they are seriously looking forward to market to a non korean like us.. but as for me, it is a good news if they want their shows to be subbed since i dont understand your language and i didnt know when am i going to understand it, i mean i want to learn but i dont have the time… 🙂 and someone to teach me heheehhehe

  65. LOLwut ? XD
    just ignore SBS XD
    dang it. thou i love their shows,
    but if they treat you THAT way.
    then just stop replying.
    iono, thou i would be impressed gettin such messages,
    but if they are that 2 face,
    just.. ignore. XD

  66. Alvin…

    enjoyed this post a lot.

    SBS and the way they handle things…makes me wonder if they have chimps running the show…tsk tsk tsk.
    Like you said the way JYP Ent handle things should be the way they do things. They are smart enough to realize that a LOT of people subscribe to your videos…and that by letting you sub the MVs and keep your videos they are in fact promoting themselves.

    I still hope that your old acct can be restored..heavens know how much I’ve missed watching your subbed Xman vids.

  67. Wow, SBS is just pitiful. Of course it’s probably amusing now (in a certain sense), but seriously, unaware of the consequences it would have on its users? SBS should slap itself in the face.

    I have to say that JYP Entertainment is probably the wiser of the bunch, trying to reach to the “other” audiences out there. You’re doing a great job and showing how you’re much better than their stupid little tactics to hog everything to themselves. Good luck!

  68. yeah i agree with vamp charisma..
    JYP and YG are smart.. yg made their own youtube and its really them cuz they embed their yt vids in their official website.. they know how crazy youtube works and they take advantage of it…
    sbs is just…. laughable!

  69. Aigoo~~
    that SBS ah…dun noe wat 2 say ord la…
    dun they noe bcos of coolsmurf we from other countries b’sides korea can understand and view their shows? w/o coolsmurfs they are only known to ppl who has cable tv in s’pore under arirang channel…

    Btw coolsmurfs ROX!!!

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