Lee Hyori Begins 2nd Wave of Promotion with Hey Mr. Big

Following the immense success of “U-Go-Girl” in past weeks, Lee Hyori has switched to promoting her second title track “Hey Mr. Big” off her 3rd album “It’s Hyorish” starting yesterday with a MV and performance.

Her follow-up song “Hey Mr. Big” features eurodance rhythms and electronica sounds that are popular in Korea lately. If the message “U-Go-Girl” was trying to put across to females was “don’t be shy but tell the guy about your love”, then “Hey Mr. Big” is telling guys, “Be a warm-hearted and courageous guy”. The song is composed by Park Geun Tae and penned by Wheesung.

Hyori has also gone through another image transformation in the MV. If “U-Go-Girl” was promoting Hyori’s healthy and active charisma, then in “Hey Mr. Big”, Hyori displays her sexiness, bubbliness, seductive and decadent charisma.

The MV was released through Mnet website yesterday afternoon while she performed it live for the first time on M! Countdown later that same night.

20 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Begins 2nd Wave of Promotion with Hey Mr. Big

  1. I find that this song is better than U Go Girl, maybe because this song actually makes you want to get off your chair and dance ^.^

    Love her hip moves during the dances ! : )

  2. can she have other moves other than those steps?
    i don’t see greatness in her dance moves.

    she is Thalia-copycat!

  3. THIS SONG ROCKS LIKE SERIOUSLY! better than u-go-girl! i think she’s original actually. yeah the steps is almost the same as u-go-girl but at least she does’nt have a bowl cut XDDD *cough um jung hwa and suh in young* i think she’s the sexiest singer in korea lol. no offense i LOVE in young!

  4. Wow, this is my favorite song from her new album. It’s one of the songs I’ve listened to a lot while on the treadmill.

  5. whoever conceptualized this particular music video must be a fan of britney spears. that part where hyori had to lie down on a huge clock was obviously ripped off from her oops i did it again music video (see to believe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unBACOHFXes) tsk tsk. and this isn’t the first time that i’ve noticed similarities between her videos and those of other more famous performers.

  6. i happened to love this song when i listened to her album. really stood out to me. the dance is so much fun to watch, i had to get up and dance too.

  7. @iNDiE – who cares. it’s a totally different concept anyway, WOW she’s laying down like her too OMG COPYCAT. tsk yourself.

  8. ^ yea she lipsynced in the MCD perf, but her Music Bank one is live.
    LOVE IT!
    and how she added a dance segment in~

    anyways, where are hyori’s dancers from?
    is it Wawa School?

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  10. I love this mv! It’s so hot and the song is great!
    She’s such a great live performer! Hyori Fighting!!!!

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