Choi Jung Won Buyeo Princess Stills from Kingdom of the Winds Unveiled

Images of Choi Jung Won who plays a Buyeo princess and female lead of KBS2TV “Kingdom of the Winds” was recently unveiled on the official website.

Choi Jung Won will play Princess Yeon of Buyeo in “Kingdom of the Winds”, Muhyul’s only woman in the drama. This is Choi Jung Won’s first-ever saeguk drama which depicts the extraordinary story of Goguyreo’s third king, Daemushin. Yeon is a Buyeo princess, but unfortunately her country is the rival nation of the man she loves, Muhyul. Eventually, she becomes Muhyul’s wife.

From the released stills, Choi Jung Won is wearing a hanbok and her mysterious alluring image already draws you in to her charm. The production staff was full of praise, “Like an angel descended from the heavens above, simply stunning”, as they remarked that she’s like a reincarnation of Princess Yeon herself.

Choi Jung Won took part in her first filming session on 5th August under the blazing suns, using around 1.5 hours filming a mountain climbing scene. As her first saeguk drama, she expressed, “This is my first time acting out the role of Yeon. So it’s quite difficult for me regardless. But in order to show viewers a different side of me, I will give it my best effort and do it well.”

“Kingdom of the Winds” will greet viewers starting 10th September.

25 thoughts on “Choi Jung Won Buyeo Princess Stills from Kingdom of the Winds Unveiled

  1. Oh, I hate that girl! She acted like a spoiled princess in that sisters drama, but she’s like that in real life as well!

  2. She’s pretty but I never heard of her either. Anyway, I recently watched Jumong and I didn’t really like it because the love story lacked. hahah I felt cheated with Jumong and Suhsono because they made it seem like they’d have this great love story from when they met to Episode 25. BOO! The battle scenes were great though!

    I’m watching Yi San next and hopefully the ‘love story’ is better and more emphasized. Jumong was a bit too depressing! hahah Anyway, I’ll probably watch this drama anyway…

  3. haha..she’s so dang pale compared to the finely tanned song il gook. hopefully they have great chemistry together.

  4. the lighting made her look like a ghost in the 2nd pic!
    i love her. she was a good actress in the chil sisters drama and she’s soooo pretty!

  5. Coolsmurf! I was just wondering, since Korean Sub Utd ain’t subbing WGM anymore, would you continue subbing it pleaseeeee?(;

  6. why is her expression so vague like that ?? she’s like sedated or something .. anyway… Jumong’s grandson ?? hmmmh let’s see about this one (scratching head)

  7. Oh her! She was that one snobby girl in The Imfamous Chil Sisters drama. I think she’s pretty but didn’t really like her in that drama.
    I hope she’ll be good in this drama with SIG ^^ looking forward to it (:

  8. what you mean man this shit was good yo….i though this was way better than jumong and emperor of the sea because it didn’t lack love…..although it was a bit depressing though

  9. shes the second lead actress to boys over flowers. i dont know why no one noticed that :p she was real nice on that drama, and cute too. she looked like sandara here though hehe.

  10. I don’t know about these comments,but watching korean drama,she’s way too good and so beautiful. I really love the couple combination with song il gook in kingdom of the winds. Cheers.

  11. She is so cute,she was so innocent in the movie,I wished she never died.i admire you choi jung won

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