We Got Married To Get New Couple, No Changes To Existing Couples Setup

The most popular variety in recent times “We Got Married” will see new faces joining the show but with no changes to the existing couples setup.

PD Kim expressed that in conjunction with the upcoming Chuseok Festival (Thanksgiving), “We Got Married” will have a Chuseok Special on 14th September which will be splitted into part 1 and 2. Especially for part 1, viewers will be introduced to the new couple who will add fresh impetus to the show.

PD Kim expressed, “In our quest for the new couple, we have met up with numerous artistes for interviews to assess their suitability. Up till now, we haven’t decided on anyone yet. If we can’t find anyone suitable, we might let Jung Hyung Don and Saori back on the show again after their split earlier.”

When asked if anyone would be exiting the show, PD Kim said, “No. This is just something we planned to complement the Chuseok Festival to choose a new couple. But we haven’t confirmed anything yet. Although the headcount (couples) is still very small, I think we want to continue with this until the end of the year.” In the early days of “We Got Married”, Jung Hyung Don and Saori exited the show after a few episodes. Following which, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong came on the show as their replacements but only lasted a few episodes as well. The other four couples have remained a constant.

With celebrities playing make-believe couples leading a married life, “We Got Married” has gained not just a wide following in Korea but also in Asia and the rest of the world. It has also been making news recently over the parenting mission that Crown J and Seo In Young got on the show.

81 thoughts on “We Got Married To Get New Couple, No Changes To Existing Couples Setup

  1. oooh… cool..
    I hope its Chae Yeon and Lee seung gi …
    my dream couple..
    i hope its not someone who’s old or wondergirls… or SNSD!!!

  2. ^i agree with you…
    im fine with the 4 couples as it is… dude.. bringing another couple would cut the others air time.. 😦

  3. Oh everyone wishes the YEH and KJK could come on the show but everyone also knows that it’s not possible 😦

  4. i just hope the new couple is someone i can enjoy watching and not get annoy with! something entertaining and cute 😀 HAHAHAHHAHAA

  5. why on earth are they thinking of bringing in another couple!? what in the world for?!
    isnt these 4 good enough?
    i think it is. and i bet everyone is very comfortable with this arrangement.

    we dont need another couple be it more interesting or not. we just want stability in the show and more room for further improvement in the relationships.

    and no dondon and saori pls.

    @ pearl & Luvanimemt,
    kjk+eyh would be perfect ;p unfortunately we know that its impossible 😦

  6. no!! why are they adding a new couple? then the other couples will have less air time and its already too little now. is the ratings lower than usual already? if not then why do they need to do this?!

  7. If they bring in another couple, they should extend each episode’s time too so that the airtime for each couple doesn’t get cut down.

  8. they already have Young and Old, Romantic mid 20s – 30s, Caring and precious couple, real life american couple. they had Old(male) young female, and two couple who wasnt fit for each other. so the 7th couple should be something different. but then how so? i was thinkin they should get. Lee Seung Gi to “marry” the japan girl from Beauties global talk. that would be something new. if not, maybe they can cut park myung and that other dudes small segment and make it to show real life footage of how they act with their actually wives at home. i wouldnt mind see yoo sak, kang ho dong, park myung soo, and others footage. maybe? but the LSG marrying someone from the global talk show is not a bad idea.

  9. i wanna know wat is da name of da song alex kept singin to alex…dat says “i want to kiss u!!”..
    can sumone tell me?

  10. omg sooo excited!!!!
    i rlly wan to see hee-chul in this!!!
    i just think it’ll be soo funny and interesting w/ his character

  11. Heechul’s doing a musical isn’t he? i guess he can squeeze this into his schedule, I would want to see a younger match up as well, like both of them being relatively young, like someone from Suju with someone from any girl band lol.


    It will not be enuf airtime for all the couple. I think they really should add more time if they are going to add the 5th couple at least do it fair like 30 min for each couple.

    tsk..tsk..tsk…. the concept I think they have to bring out someone from different category, or I will be so happy if Chae yeon with Tei or lee seung gi. ^_^

  13. Maybe they’re just saying this but they’re actually REALLY REPLACING lee hwi jae (who rarely makes any comments after he got back to being mc) kang soo jung (is that the female mc’s name?) and PMS (no matter how much i love him!) *crosses fingers*

    Why would the producers add in another couple when they know they’ll get spammed with hate comments by netizens who’ll complain about less airtime for other couples?

    If I was the producer, I’d put WGM not just for a sunday night lineup (or whatever time it shows in korea) instead.. make it twice a week show. *batting eyelashes*

    and one thing i dont get. If they say the rating is decreasing, how is it that when the celebrities go on variety shows, everybody knows the things they did on WGM. seems to me that they’re still loyal to the show. Or like when SIY and CrownJ went to that market place, they were recognized by almost everyone and the vendors did “A” sign and stuff like that? Idk, I still think it’s popular and a lot of people still watches the show.

  14. i don’t think they need to add a new couple… all the 4 couples now are quite interesting to watch, i don’t need to skip parts anymore (i used to fastforward during Don2’s n Hwi Jae’s couple)

  15. I really like to see Sung Yuri and Kang Ji Hwan. I’d do anything to see those two together again!
    They’ve tried finding new couples. The only new couple that actually worked was Hwang Bo and HyungJoong.

  16. what???
    that’s just going to mean less airtime for other couples -.-;;.
    esp alshin who already get less airtime as it is. -.-..
    on top of that, they have way too many MCs too.
    is this really necessary? =\

  17. i love all the current couples… i seriouly hope they don’t change them…

    in fact.. i don’t mind DonDon and Saori coming back… it would be nice to see if he changed from observing all the couples from the side lines after a few months… he might be better to her since he lost her once… 🙂

  18. i hope it’s dondon and saori. we’re too emotionally involved with the current couples, it’ll tiring to have to go through the whole process again from scratch.

  19. MBC will create chaos again among fans. Netizens complain will spamming their msg board and if the new couple doesnt do well, they will get cut out just like HweJae’s couple. I feel bad for them. And also, current couples has established their fanbase and so the new couple will feel weird/left out.

    The time share between 4couples rite now is good. why add more in when noone exit, so crowded.

    And too many MCs, when i watch ep 22, too many talking @ background that cover the couple moments, cant heard half of wat going on.
    PMS and HweJae should go, and replace the female MC cos the current one isnt good

  20. as long as it is only for the thanksgiving festival, it’s ok to add a new couple but to make it permanent… thats another thing, i mean this 4 couple is enough (in my opinion) and more couple means less air time ( which really sucks!!)..

  21. Another couple is TOTALLY unnecessary! The four couples are already very popular and giving more air time to these four would make fans very very happy and I dont think the PDs should mess with the format.

    Whoever the new couple is, IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD. Like super duper good.

  22. Although the four couples right now are completely enjoyable to watch, I think it would be fun to see another couple.

    But for everyone whose saying KJK and YEH, I don’t think I would watch it…because they’re totally comfortable with each other.

    I really wanna see young artists pair up so the show can appeal more to the younger generation as well. They just have to make it super good for fans not to hate the shorter time slots

  23. KJK and YEH!

    *wishful thinking! hehehe*
    i think this couple will always be exciting to watch because there is always that “spark” between them. It will be a nice angle from a scandal to living together.

  24. if KJK n YEH (wishful thinking) will join WGM, i will surely be glued to my pc just to watch them 🙂

    i seriouly doubt they will join as YEH is super busy and KJK is about to launch his new album..

    but it will be cute as we all know how sweet KJK can be towards YEH 🙂

  25. hmm..howz about Brian (FTTS) paired w/someone (can’t think of a girl tho lol). But then again that would mean for sure each existing couples airtime would be shortened. Unless, the PD’s rotate longer airtimes for each couple each week. They need to get rid of at least 3 of the MCs..one does nothing from the beginning and the other just annoys/irritates the crap out of me lol..and the 3rd one comments on everything lol can’t hear the couples talking sometimes. But yeah I think Brian would be fun cause he’s funny and a super neat freak (can we say OCD?? lol j/k)

  26. adding new couple means less air time for another existing couple… :((

    i dont mind dondon and saori coming back. after learning few things from other husbands, dondon should treat saori really well!!

  27. okayy, am i the only one daydreaming about an ERIC-YEH pair-off? granted that it will never happen because eric mun is soon leaving for his military service and YEH is just too busy, still, has everyone forgotten their instant chemistry back in the old X-Man days? i wouldn’t so much contemplate on a KJK-YEH match. too predictable.

  28. I wish it was Kjk and YEH and Jang Young Ran ( shinwa wife) , with one of the other shinwa members. I also don’t mind don don. But i feel that it is better with 4 couples not more cuz there is very little time fore each couple.

    coolsmurf, i noe that u said that u will not sub wgm, but can u please sub it cuz koreansub utd is not subbing anymore.

    plz reconsider subbing.

  29. i dont think they will be adding another shinhwa’s member; all of them were busy with their solo project. brian or lee seung gi will be perfect…huhuhu

    its fine if they only for the wgm special, but permanently, its a NO!! lets focusing on the existing couple, shall we?

  30. anyone BUT hyungdon and saori, no offence but i think the audience are pretty much over them~ it wud be such a let down and disappointment if they went back to the show. the audience needs some new excitement!

  31. my ultimate would be
    YEH & KJK
    its a dream i know
    but it would be awsome
    those charts would be crazy
    youtube would be crazy
    i just hope the one they put on
    compliment the rest of the couples

  32. Oi..why do they keep doing this? Weren’t they complaining that with 5 couples there weren’t enough air time for some? And I REALLY hope that Hong guy isn’t coming back. I hate his guts – such a rude person.

  33. It’s not THE most popular, if you count viewers (what else?)

    Wow, if Jung Hyung Don and Saori came back… ah, that would just not work at all.

  34. NO!! why do they want to add a new couple for?? I like the set up as it is…the couples will get less screentime if they do that.. BOOOOOOOOO

  35. they don’t need to add any new people, it is kind of boring getting to know a new couple, not sure yet if you’ll like them. but i would rather have Don Don & Saori, but Saori will suffer. but if they really add a new couple i hope it is entertainers we are already familiar with like Kim Jong Kook or Don Don & someone new who can stand up to his personality. but really they do not even have enough time for the other 4 couples. these PDs suck.

  36. hmmm another couple? cool =)
    I just hope it’s someone I like I swear to everything on earth of it’s a SNSD member -__________________- I’ll have a stroke
    but Don Don and Saori again? I really hope he tries hard for her this time ^^ she’s such a cute girl!
    I hope if it’s not them someone from SUPER JUNIOR! =D that’d be awesome but need a good girl or else she’ll be dead -_- LOL Sohee-Heechul Eunhyuk-Yoobin ~ if only ^.^!!!!

    but at this point I think that four is enough why the need for another couple?
    are they worried the ratings will go down?

  37. instead of casting another couple, i wish they’d just guest a “third wheel” for each pair. someone who would provide distraction to the married couple. after all, temptation is inevitable in every relationship. instead of bringing in new characters, why not focus on establishing a more realistic set up between the current one. that should cover for the “fresh impetus” they want for the show. i’m actually already thinking of lee hyori guesting for one episode (ya think that’s even possible?). HWANGBO-HYUNJOONG-HYORI triangle. hah. or maybe they should guest JUNJIN (of shinhwa) instead. it seems like the viewers loved witnessing hyunJoong’s unfounded jealousy over hwangbo’s guy friends. either way, watching it would be helluva blast.

  38. You know, coolsmurf, Utd sub team is no longer going to sub We Got Married. I don’t know of anyone else who does.

    Would you ever consider subbing full episodes?

  39. ^^I was wondering that too.
    I just read it on thier website.

    You have no idea how panicked it am haha O.O

    I just hope no one will end up pressuring you to do it.
    Subbing is a favor you do not a job so its your own decsion if you ever decide to start subbing again.

    I just hope you do :]

  40. ohmygosh.

    If Hyung Don and Saori come back, that’d be so funny and entertaining. XD Although, I’m going to feel bad for Saori again if it doesn’t work out again.

    But I really don’t understand why they’re putting in another couple. Didn’t they get rid of Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong because there was lack of screentime for couples? I mean, they weren’t as popular, but still…

    I don’t think I want a new couple yet again. >o<

  41. A new couple?! sheessh…really these WGM PDs are so keen on changing things.

    I think 4 couples is the magic bumber. If they insist on adding another couple then they should add more air time. I still shudder at the memories of the previous 5 couples set up..that was a big mess.

    Of course my choice is KJK-YEH. They can represent the couple who are super comfortable with one another. They can take on the role of newlyweds who have been dating for years. But yes like most of you I know this is close to impossible…but hey one can still hope,right?

  42. does anyone know where i can watch the lastest whole eps with subs because i can’t find it anywhere. if anyone knows plz let me know. thank you!!

  43. about UTD, maybe coolsmurf could join forces with them…it would be sad if we got married could no longer be subbed by anyone …

    and i think it’s awesome that the show will bring a new couple (but only if they don’t cut air time from the other couples and only if they have chemistry, i think it’s enough with Awkward couple concept).

  44. @ iNDiE
    hey that’s a good idea~! putting a third party to the couple. i think that’s a blast. and because its a reality show, we can really see their feelings. Just thinking about that makes me feel excited. hahas.

  45. sammie (47), chaeyeon doesnt like you either lol

    if saori and don-don gets back on..im gonna jump off a bridge..
    seriously they dont match and don-don is just gonna be all lazy again lol
    i hope its not them..

  46. it obviously has to be a couple who had little to no prior interaction with one another

    i say:

    one boy band member – since boy bands are just appearing everywhere

    and an actress – cause i think having a chick from a girl group will be to cheesy and has already been done
    *ahem* hwangbo and hyun joong *ahem* (and i am fully aware hwangbo is soloing right now thank you very much)

    plus i can’t think up any other female entertainer other then an actress and a musician

    well maybe a comedian…that would be interesting actually having a female comedian if there are any

  47. i really dont understand this PD’s. adding another couple, would definitely limit the airtime of other couples. the PD’s have done so much editing to accomodate all 4 couples, that sometimes the story does not make sense anymore. what more add another one….
    and if it is bec. of the ratings. they should have been smarter to air WGM in diff. time slots x 2 weeks, instead of looking the other way..

  48. No more DonDon! He’s just going to end up getting off the show again! Bring Saori back though 😀

    I really like the four couples now, and squeezing in another couple would be a little hard…

    Korean Sub Utd. is thinking about dropping subbing though… I wonder if anyone else would sub episodes if they quit… 😦

  49. KJK and YEH!!
    Hahaha. I doubt that will happen anyway. But I think they’re surely drive up the rating if they are casted. =D

    I don’t really wanna see Jung Hyung Don and Saori back….

  50. I don’t like chaeyeon!!~ Actually i agree with sammie (47), too. I am sorry~ Maybe alot of people like chaeyeon, but i really, really don’t!
    what kind of person will like her friend’s boyfriend or husband?? what a strange thing!?

  51. i agree with what almost everyone is saying. WGM does not need another couple. again, WGM DOES NOT need another couple. seriously. if they’re that afraid of boring the viewers stiff along the way and they want to bring in something different to the show, well, then what they need are better writers, not new characters.

  52. YEH + KJK..!!
    how i miss them two on variety shows *sigh*~

    OR YEH + Eric ^^

    but i seriously doubt it….=.=”


    I’m just wondering whether “wondersmurf” account on YouTube is really yours because the country of origin stated is S. Korea iso Singapore!

    I sent a message to “wondersmurf” about this but no reply yet so far. Please reply if that’s your new YT account.

    Anyway, if new couple should be added I would certainly vote for Chae Yeon-Lee Seung Ki or
    Kim Joong Kook-Yoon Eun Hye!

    Certainly not Don Don-Saori, he’s annoying & she has annoying voice! Yuck !!!

  54. i would love Kim Jae Wook on the show<333
    (or commonly known as the waffle guy in Coffee Prince)
    other than Shin Ae, all the others are gasoos.
    would really want an model/actor on the show!!

  55. I heard people say it would be TOP (Big Bang) but i doubt this- although it would be funny.

    I can’t wait for a new couple (although it cuts the scree time of the other couple).

  56. I liked Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong couple when they were on the show. It thought they added a homie feeling. I would like them to come back.

  57. wow, yeah I hope they don’t put don don back, I think he’s better just doing the comments and stuff cause he’s funny. I’m excited.

  58. hmmm, well i don’t WANT a new couple, but if so….as missy, said Brian from FTTS with Park Ye Jin. I don’t know, I saw them on Family Outing and it was pretty fun so maybe this could work!

    For sure no Soshi for me. Sorry, anti fan!
    Any idol just kinda wouldn’t work for me unless they’re a new band or not super famous band like Kim Jong Hyun from SHINee (new band and doesn’t have a major fanbase) and Koo Ha Ra ( isn’t super famous and looks really cute with him!) so basically here we are!

  59. on wiki, it says that the additional couples are:

    Choi Jin Young & Lee Hyun Ji (Ep Thanksgiving Special, September 14)

    Hwanhee & Hwayobi (Ep Thanksgiving Special, September 14)

    Marco & Son Dam Bi (Ep Thanksgiving Special, September 14)

    but of course.. wiki isn’t all that reliable.. who knows.. maybe it is true.. cuz OMG!! HWANHEE!!!!!!!!

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