SBS Assistant Scriptwriter Commits Suicide

An assistant scriptwriter for SBS “Rapid Deployment SOS 24” commited suicide by jumping off the 23rd floor of SBS Broadcasting Center early this morning.

Screenshot of Rapid Deployment SOS 24 Website

Rapid Deployment SOS 24 Website Screenshot

This happened at 2.30am where the scriptwriter who goes by the name of Kim was working overtime with the producer, assistant producer, etc for SBS “Rapid Deployment SOS 24” program. According to one of her colleagues, although he discovered that Kim wasn’t around suddenly, he thought that she had simply gone home. He never thought that Kim would have committed suicide.

According to ambulance workers who was first on the scene, “We got there immediately after receiving a call but she (Kim) was already not breathing and we couldn’t find a pulse. Her pupils were already enlarged.”

Although the cause of Kim’s death is still under investigations, most speculate that she decided to end her life because of heavy stress from work. It’s understood for people like Kim, she only earns a monthly salary of just 500,000 KRW (461 USD) plus there is not even one rest day in a month. The police have concluded that it’s suicide and are now investigating the reason behind it.

Rest in peace.

66 thoughts on “SBS Assistant Scriptwriter Commits Suicide

  1. Poor thing… it’s not worth it, at least not over Shitty Broadcasting Service.
    SBS must be more tainted than a nuclear waste-dump by now since employees are jumping off its “ship” in despair.
    Now, there’s a new reality/horror series to blow all reality series away (pun intended): Evil overlords/slavers abusing minions/subjects. One dies & come back as vengeful spirit wreaking havoc on SBS building where the cruel overlords die off one by one in the most gruesome manner possible. Make it one a**hole per episode.
    Yes, I’m still venting my annoyance with SBS for screwing with our great uploaders. Nothing less than its blood will appease me.

  2. things aren’t always what they seem. i wouldn’t put the blame entirely on SBS.

    incidentally, can i just ask what is up with Koreans and suicide? generally, i find them to be bubbly people and full of life. and they have an incredible sense of humor which is reflected in the films and shows they make. currently, South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates. are Koreans lonely people deep down? like i said, things aren’t always what they seem.

  3. wow… i can understand why working under such a big corp would be stressful…especially if you’re a scriptwriter…

    very sad indeed…

    i don’t know..but it feels like SBS is being plagued with bad luck recently… maybe there is something bigger going on… who knows…

  4. OMG…….ONLY 461 DOLLARS A MONTH?????? That’s sooo little and it’s another reason why you shouldn’t work for SBS

  5. Wow, what a low pay 😮 It’s like nothing, can anyone live on that? Must have lived with parents one thinks.

  6. it is really sad that all these real scenes are not shown behind all the glamour of the media industry, esp for the case of #($&# SBS..

    though this is a tragedy, i hope it opened up the eyes of the public to the real issues..

    RIP Kim ssi

  7. What? Only about 500,000 a month!? I’m 19, no college background yet (going this fall) and I work only 40 hours a week and I make a little under that same amount in ONE WEEK.

    That’s ridiculous. You CANNOT live a proper life with that kind of salary. I am deeply sorry for her family’s loss and I hope that this will cause not only fellow coworkers but the public to demand action be done to prevent this happening in the future. They’re humans, not robots.

  8. First SBS likes to start trouble with the media and the stars.
    But since Netzien are threating them and all,
    they work their workers to death!
    And I thought script writters get paid more then 500,000won?! I mean it’s THEIR work. I bet sbs clam that all scriptwriters ideas are THEIRS.

    RIP KIM :[

  9. I don’t think it’s only SBS, as I’ve noticed that everyone works like crazy in Korea. I sometimes wonder if they’re even given vacations or sick days.

    May she rest in peace.

  10. what the heck? what’s with the low pay?
    and then she should have just quit the job instead of suicide >_>

  11. STUPID SBS. I always knew it stands for Shitty Broadcasting Service.
    Wtf, how can they give her such a low paycheck? $400 a month? SBS, you suck!
    As for Kim, I’m sorry that it had to end like that.

  12. I know, Shitty Broadcasting Service sucks.

    Although their dramas are good, they have horrible cameramen, underpaying their employees, and FREAKING DELETING ALL THEIR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE !

    RIP, Kim.
    I’m sorry that you ever had to work for this crapload of a company -__-;;

  13. Actually in korea and japan, it happens frequently due to the stress at work, family problems and the cost of living.

    Rest in peace.

  14. Rest in peace, Kim…..

    The current rate of exchange:
    Monday, August 25, 2008
    1 US Dollar = 1,067.92 South-Korean Won
    1 South-Korean Won (KRW) = 0.0009364 US Dollar (USD)

  15. something isn’t right….why would she commit suicide on the SBS building? bc it was convenient? or leaving a hidden message behind her death.

  16. holy crap!!! only 461 dollars a MONTH!!!! i get more than that in 2 days…my god…

    well, korea’s tax aint that high…gas is cheap compare to here…rent and electricity bill is maybe..jus maybe its possible to live on only $461..

  17. wtf. i think i earned more than that during my part time job and im in high school! how sad. but i don’t give sympathy to suiciders. but i don’t think it was a suicide…

  18. is salary that low. i mean for that amount, i heard that you can work at as maid and get days off… what the crap is going on….

  19. oh my lord. that is crazy. she commits so much time for work, but she only gets a little over 5,000$ a YEAR?! poor woman. what kind of company is sbs running?

  20. omgosh, SBS is seriously pissing everyone off these days
    but eh, can’t blame them once you decide on taking a job that takes a lot of time you have to commit to it and not end life just because of it seriously, life is too precious.. but again, it’s not all her fault or SBS ionno, i’m not siding with anyone though… but RIP, may god bless you.. another death 😦 i am really sad 08 is seriously not a good year it’s suppose to be lucky too -________-;;

  21. why is everyone blaming SBS o_O… if this happened to an MBC employee would they blame it on MBC?

    everyone has like a grudge on SBS

  22. I’ve been thinking about this all day…WHAT IF someone pushed her off the building 0.o To make it look like it was suicide?!

  23. i think that korean culture is to preesure their employees…it’s sad….they do have right to discriminate and oppress people…even i am disabled ….they will discriminate me based my disability and gender…absurd huh?

    however south korean is the 2nd nation that send out missionary works…there are many churches everywhere…make me wonder if there is something missing …since south korean have the highest percentage of christianity……

    south korean used to be 99.9% buddish…now many people converted to christian…

    maybe they and we all need to pray harder???

  24. what’s more alarming is SBS is considered a big corporation but her wage is ridiculously low… to be working 7 days a week and earning $460 USD per month… that’s.. really.. terrifying. poor girl.. she shouldn’t have had to commit suicide… maybe there is another reason. yet if she did commit suicide then SBS… really really needs to re-establish their moralistic views and goals. ARGH.

  25. ouch… God Bless her soul.
    Usually people just quit their job in her type of situation but it looks like she wanted to go out with a BANG.

  26. maybe she simply kept her job at SBS because it is not that easy to find employment in Korea. i don’t think it is a country like USA, where people can change career every now and then and still find a job. i think every individual there work really hard…overworked for that matter. look at their actors/actresses they are always deprived of sleep/rest due to stress and too much work. no wonder they are prone to cancer and depression.

  27. 500,000won per month to live in seoul??
    of course she couldnt live with that money!
    even me as a student in korea get more than that and i never felt it is enough though..


  28. Schedule is really hectic when you work in that kind of field. It’s stressfull esp since she’s not exactly the boss who could order people around. The kind of job she has is to be ordered around… a lot. And for Koreans, work and money are two very very important things. If you’re not successful at it… well… they think of suicide or borrowing money illegally.

  29. Will we ever truly know all the reasons that contributed to her decision?

    I think it is easy to blame it all on one thing but most of the time suicide decisions aren’t so clear cut.

  30. WHAT!!! less than 500 a month!!! is that even legal ??? for a person that work everyday??? at a well known tv station?? that;s is just too underpay…. no wonder she is stresses out.. who wouldn’t?

  31. before, we read abt actresses who committed suicides,now media folk.i hope there wouldnt be another case.its a pity that they didnt try to talk their problems out with their family or friends.they could have been saved from their untimely demise.

  32. omg this makes me wanna cry!
    y are there so many deaths in korean right now?
    so many accidents and Suicide and ect….?
    i thought koreans are happy ppl?
    sbs u should be ashamed of urselfs to treat ur workers like this!!!!!
    thats a bunch of bullshit!!

  33. ohhh, lots of ppl committed suicide during the past few months.
    this month is the MOST FREQUENT one.
    oh my,
    what happen to korean entertainment,
    does it really able to cause ppl take their own life?

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