Seo In Young Talks About her “Children” with Crown J

“New Product” Seo In Young and “Ant” Crown J make-believe parenting mission will soon be shown to viewers on MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married”.

Seo In Young expressed before filming, “My children with Crown J should be hip-hop (fashion) too because we both like hip-hop. Our children should also be very suave”, revealing a desire that mums usually have even though she isn’t one yet. She added, “If it’s a girl, I will dress her up like me, letting her wear pretty shoes. Because me and Crown J likes children a lot, I believe we will raise our children up very well”, as she revealed her aspirations.

“We Got Married” PD Jeon Seong Ho revealed to Star News, “Make-believe parenting would be almost like the real thing and convey another kind of married lifestyle to the viewers. For a long time, I have been considering this (proposal) and felt that it should be really interesting”. The make-believe parenting mission would be shown over two episodes in mid-September.

12 thoughts on “Seo In Young Talks About her “Children” with Crown J

  1. can’t wait to see seo in young as a mom! i hope we see an even softer side to her than we do when she makes up with crown j

  2. Didn’t they just do a parenting episode (episode 22)? Or was it just them being told they’re going to do one in the furute?

  3. wow… maybe the shooting of A! couple make believe parenting turn out to be good, since they both love children…:)
    can’t wait for that episode

  4. she’s dressing the kids like her??? omg no lil girls in string bikinis please! but i can’t wait to see crown j as a dad!!

  5. I really want to see this episode cuz i can’t believe that both of them like kids. I thought the only kids they like were shoes and jewelry. This is gonna be really fun.

  6. OMG no way!
    I can’t wait for that!!! xD
    ALL the parents!

    Solbi-Andy: probably be fun to watch with Solbi carelessness and Andy’s mother liker attitude.

    Alex-ShinAe: will be such cute parents! they’ll make great REAL parents one day xD

    CrownJ-SeoInYoung: will be definitely HILARIOUS with all their fake babies ^^! it will be so fun to watch them! =D

    don’t know that much about Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo but with their recent awkwardness it’ll be an interesting situation =)

  7. she’s 24 and that’s alittle rude saying her face is gross…u could’ve just said she wasn’t attractive looking…learn some manners would u lina?

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