Seo In Young Encounter With A Ghost

Seo In Young revealed her encounter with a ghost recently on tv.

She revealed this on the 25th on “Ya Shim Man Man” variety show this past Monday. She got the chills one day while on her way home and found it weird. She even sang while showering because she was scared. Although she could have gone over to her sister’s room to sleep, she didn’t want to admit defeat to the ghost and stubbornly went into her own room to sleep alone.

As she slept on her bed, she felt a rope tying her up. As she opened her eyes, she saw a ghost staring straight back at her from the ceiling. Although In Young was in some shock from seeing a ghost for the first time, she didn’t want to admit defeat and put on a strong front. She said to the ghost, “Why are you doing this to me? Tell me if you have any wishes. Don’t worry. I will pray to the buddha for you. But you are not to come and find me again in future.”

Following her words, the ghost disappeared. Seo In Young kept to her promise with the ghost on the second day and it never appeared again in front of her.

After hearing her story, Park Sang Myun exclaimed in amazement, “Seo In Young is really gutsy. If it was me, I would have definitely fainted.” Kang Ho Dong agreed, “I have never seen such a fierce woman like her till now.” Kim Jae Dong said, “This is my first time knowing someone who dares to speak with a ghost.” Yoon Jong Shin expressed, “Did the ghost speak proper Korean? One of my friends met a ghost at Chungchengdo and that ghost spoke local dialect, so it wasn’t scary at all”, his words invoking laughter from all in the studio.

25 thoughts on “Seo In Young Encounter With A Ghost

  1. wow damn i have goosebump now.. luckyly i sleep with my sis lmao. i can’t do that. i probly will scream and faint. lol. if the ghost stares at me. omfgggggg so scary!!! she is sooo brave

  2. that has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever heard from her. what is it in korea that makes they believe in ghosts? she might have been drunk or just too tired that she saw things. there has been other celebs who also talk about seeing ghosts. i think all these celebs need more sleep because they are seeing things like these “ghosts”.

  3. so if she prays to budda….
    i suppose she’s buddhist?

    WOW, this is like the first buddhist i’ve seen in the K-pop industry

    and for it to be SIY

  4. i do believe she did met with the spirit.

    …as i have teh ability to see these things.

    but i also believe the story she told is not all true as some might have been ….created from nowhere.

  5. AHH!!!! Freaky!

    First of all, why would it want to tie her up?! Anyone think maybe the ghost was just giving her a hug? hahahh JK! FREAKY!!! Go Seo In Young!!!!

  6. hahah Oh yeah, maybe the ghost got scared of In Young. Instead of some random haunting, Seo In Young’s outburst scared the bejeez out of the spirit/ghost!

    I’ve had my encounters…well sort of, and one time, i yelled for my mom! Freaky stuff! Anyway, it works when you confront it or tell ‘it’ to go away and leave you alone.

  7. a few weeks ago, I experienced something close to it. I was sleeping when my eyes suddenly opened and i could see something hanging on the ceiling. I tried closing my eyes but it kept opening up each time i tried. I couldn’t move my body while this was happening and when i finally had control, it disappeared. My mom said it was normal and it happened to her too and that i should go out more. 🙂

  8. ii belive her,
    but at the same time i dont ..
    maybe it’s because i have never encountered one directly like that.
    I just think this whole talk about being able to see the ghost..
    is not true, because i dont belive in that stuff..
    i belive in ghosts but i dont belive you can actually see them.

  9. i believe her! i believe in ghosts because me and my mom both saw it at the same time when we were watching TV! SIY is so brave i wouldnt even be able to talk.

  10. wow she has courage it was trying to tie her up !? omg scary id sleep in my sisters room wow seo in young amazes me and she talked to it instead of screaming !?!?!?!?! man im scared now

  11. YSMM is known for made up stories (whether pre-scripted or just thought up by the celebs), not to be a hater or anything, but I am pretty sure she just made that up to either get attention or something.

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