Seo In Young and Yoo Se Yoon Named as Music Bank Hosts

Gagman Yoo Se Yoon will partner Seo In Young and host KBS2TV “Music Bank” following the exit of outgoing hosts, Tablo and Min Seo Hyun a fortnight ago.

Starting this Friday 29th August, the new pairing of Yoo Se Yoon and Seo In Young will greet viewers in their new position as hosts of “Music Bank”. With regards to choosing them, the PD of “Music Bank” expressed, “Yoo Se Yoon and Seo In Young have gone on many variety shows and their vibrant personalities are well-liked by everyone. So it’s pretty appropriate for them to be the MCs”.

Having seen himself moving from being a gagman to hosting, Yoo Se Yoon expressed, “I will host the program with my unique style and dispel concerns that people have towards me.” Seo In Young who has been on numerous variety shows said, “After becoming the host of Music Bank, I will seek my own unique style and present a bubbly side of me to viewers.”

Seo In Young and Yoo Se Yoon will make their entry as “Music Bank” hosts with a “I Have Man” performance, a slight adaption from singer/producer Park Jin Young’s “I Have Woman” song. “Music Bank” has been off-air for the past two weeks due to KBS coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

14 thoughts on “Seo In Young and Yoo Se Yoon Named as Music Bank Hosts

  1. I love Yoo Se Yun ! But idk, I’m not to thrill about this pair for music bank. :/ I can’t see any chemistry between them as hosts.
    Well, I’ll be looking forward to Se Yun’s more then In Young’s.

  2. haha Seo In young will definitely be funny ^^
    but I think it would have been better if it was Husband and wife >.<!

  3. Wish Tablo would come back! Not too excited about this pair….especially Seo In Young. When she tries to be cute and bubbly, it comes off as fake.

  4. T_T i’ll miss tablo.. i find SIY annoying..oh well, i’m still gonna be watching..because of KBS World..

  5. WGM really did wonders to seo in young….. but it would be better if crown j was the other host.. (though the gagman is fine..i’ve watched him with super junior before and he is also good)…

  6. That picture is just classic with In Young. A!

    However, In Young? Really? With him? I mean, I don’t know about the chemistry between the two. I like them both individually, but together? Uhhh… o.O

    WGM definitely did wonders to In Young’s career. Heck, all the stars’ careers.

  7. yahh.. seriously i love tablo haha. wgm.. truly did boost everyone’s career.. well, andy was always really popular to me though, so i guess its about the same for him haha. but crown j, seo in young, hwang bo.. they really owe it to wgm haha

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