Noh Hong Chul Overly “Intimate” Action Towards Eugene Invokes Public Outcry

Noh Hong Chul found himself the target of disgruntled netizens after his overly “intimate” action towards Eugene. Some netizens felt that it amounted to sexual harassment and heated discussions ensued on discussion boards.

Noh Hong Chul and Eugene were guests on MBC “Come To Play” “Return of the Kings” Special where members from popular idol groups of the past shared their stories on 25th August. Eugene who was a former S.E.S member started dancing to their popular hit “I’m Your Girl” with Noh Hong Chul also joining in as he was a fan himself. But midway, Noh Hong Chul came behind Eugene suddenly, hugging her and sticking his face next to her. His action left MC Yoo and the rest of the guests flustered as the red siren sounded in the studio. Viewers and netizens were also pretty unhappy about this.

(happens around 4:55)

One netizen “Salmon2” posted the topic on the official “Come To Play” website, “Noh Hong Chul….totally obscene” and claimed that Noh Hong Chul’s action towards Eugene amounted to sexual harassment.

This netizen wrote

I feel really low after watching Noh Hong Chul’s performance. I am not one who loves to find fault while watching variety shows, but seeing Noh Hong Chul, I find that he is really not in the right frame of mind. He is not just hugging her lightly for the sake of creating laughter. He held on to her for a pretty long time until others dragged him off her. I felt that that was sexual harassment.

Eugene is really pitiful. In this situation, should Eugene be angry or sue him? If it’s just for laughs, probably she can just laugh it off. But this was simply too much. I am not sure if that’s Noh Hong Chul trying to build his “bitchy” image, but he should know when it’s appropriate to do this or that depending on situation.

53 thoughts on “Noh Hong Chul Overly “Intimate” Action Towards Eugene Invokes Public Outcry

  1. yea i agree
    i don’t think that’s really “sexual harrassment”, but i would’ve been alarmed if i were eugene

  2. I knew this was going to happen as soon as I watched it. I thought it was funny, but that’s cuz I’m a westerner and maybe NHC and Eugene are closer than ppl think. I think NHC really couldn’t contain his true feelings as a fanboy.

  3. eugene was actually laughing so im pretty sure she took it as a joke and not sexual harassement…
    they are both entertainers and are use to those sort of joke i believe…( fake love fake couples)


    Yeah, ’cause it’s a crime now to hug people, while they’re laughing and having fun. Riiiiight.

    I understand the ROK is a conservative country and all that, but they dress underage girls (ex. Sohee, Sunmi, most of the girls who go on Star King) in very provocative clothing and I hear no “sexual harassment” or “indecent exposure” lawsuits brewing. They even air curse words on Korean national television (i.e. sh*t, f*ck; I know one of MBC’s sitcom frequently used sh*t) all the time & there are no complaints. What’s this over a hug?

  5. that was blown WAY out of proportion! when i watched it i was like huh? that was just a friendly hug, it’s so like NHC to do something like that i’m sure he didn’t mean for it to get blown out of proportion… i guess something like a friendly hug here is sexual harassment somewhere else… people should just lighten up its no big deal.

  6. its actually funny, because eugene is laughing, somehow i feel that this is all scripted, like the rest of korean tv show
    this is taken way out of proportion

  7. oh please. netizens have too much time on their hands…just because a friend comes behind you and playfully hugs you, they want to sue him? give me a break, people! it’s not like he’s a complete stranger for god’s sake! they need to learn how to take it easy.

  8. Well the netizen felt it was sexual harassment. But it’s really Eugene to decide. If she felt uncomfortable with it, then yes it is harassment but if she felt that he was just being playful you have no right to say he was harassing her.

    and by the looks of it. It looked like he just hugged her.

  9. wa! i was expecting something… idk explosive but it looked like he was a big fan, who got the chance to dance with his idol & took the chance & hugged her too! ha ha he got lost in the moment… awestruck, maybe?! but he has a lot of those ‘lost’ moments.. don’t he?! eugene was laughing it off but idk if that’s a fake laugh or not. anyways, the short clip makes me want to watch the rest, can’t wait to watch it! ^^

  10. people. it’s a variety show. if she sues him others may look at her as if she is a retard. it was obviously for laughter even if it may not have been funny.

    yes it may have been awkward but it wasn’t sexual harrassment. maybe sexual embarrasment because it must have been weird for eugene but that’s about it.

    don’t make a mountain of of a molehill people for goodness sake; they are entertainers!!!

  11. man i wouldve been like wtf get off xD
    on another note
    eugene looks fabulous with short hair
    it looks great on her

  12. come on, he hold her for like 2 seconds! well, i understand some people can see it as rude or a bit too forceful, but to say it’s sexual harassment…isn’t it a bit too much?! i was expecting something much worse than this after reading the article hehe!

  13. That’s not sexual harassment, that’s just NHC doing his thing.
    Lee Jong Soo was doing the same thing on xman, did anyone say anything to him about it?

  14. Typically, a hug is no big deal. We do it all the time in the States. However, if it makes the person uncomfortable then we have a problem. Eugene obviously looks uncomfortable, and judging from the 2nd picture, she probably didn’t want him to hug her. Therefore, it’s sexual harrassment. That might be a little extreme to call it such, but he should know better. Sometimes people just don’t want to be touched and others should respect that.

  15. when i watch it,theres no big deal aout it.. if noh hong chul done it intentonally i would rather say eugene sexaully harassed..

  16. lol, I’m ok with this hugging thing, it might be script, and eugene so pretty. i’m always like her.

  17. i thought it was pretty funny. he seems like his normal self to me… and like always mc yoo stopped it early just like when he stopped lee jong soo on x-man.

  18. I agree with Annie. Eugene did look a little uncomfortable. If a guy i wasnt close with did that id be temted to call it sexual harassment. i like NHC but that hug looked more like an attack than a hug. maybe he needs to exercise a little more self restraint…

  19. People keep calling it sexual harassment and yet all i see is a very awkward 2 sec hug. When Lee Jong Soo was on xman, he was grinding his body on the girls whenever he performs and even that was funny.

  20. Noh Hong Chul has always been like that! He always tries to hug and flirt with the pretty actresses so I don’t see why ppl are complaining now?
    Anyway we see this all the time on other game shows too by other male celebrities! No big deal!

  21. So much editting happens in this show. They could have easily cut it out to be honest. That doesn’t mean I’m supporting him but I’m just saying.

    If Eugene thought it was inappropriate that’s all that matters. To be honest I would be shocked if I were her but not offended as long as he didn’t smuther his face in mine.

    When I watched this it reminded me of Xman when Kim Jong Min would rub agaisnt the girls heads no one complained then and the same reaction was mc’s was given. They’d be like whyy? whyy don’t do that, she doesnt like it.

    That wasn’t even a long hug we only got his arms around her for like 2 seconds and they pulled him off.

    Then again it depends on social culture but I’m just saying… here in england that’d be baby talk.

  22. lols.. i think he is just acting like some CRAZY FAN…
    but u think it is purely for entertainment..
    it wasnt tat long also..
    but salute to eugene, coz she didnt blow off or something..

  23. LMAO. What’s wrong with the world? He was just acting like the crazy fans do. Ever been to a concert where a fan somehow manages to get on stage and grab the singer (I have). Talkless of the fans that show up at the airport and mob the stars.

    It was purely for entertainment. He didn’t even grab her boobs or butt. How is this sexual harrassment? Gosh, people need to get a grip.

  24. lmao

    i read what you put down before i watched the video and you gave the expression that he was like full on grinding on her

    but he wasn’t…he was just hugging her from the back

  25. HAHA! This was such a funny scene. Sexual Harrassment?! Are you kidding me? NOh Hong Chul was just imitating (or reliving?) his memories of a crazy, obssessed fanboy and perhaps fulfilling his ultimate fantisies – touching his idol. It almost seemed like he was mocking all the crazy fanboys and fangirls that exist today who go absolutely insame over idols, such as DBSK, SS501, SUJU, etc….

  26. he’s done it so many times before… how come no one raised a word then? weird.

    haha. i thought eun ji won’s part was funny! haha. he was like, they always talk while they’re performing.. like ‘move right move right’ and moon jee hun is like it’s totally possible when we’re lip syncing. LOL

  27. Personally, I thought it was pretty funny, but like what Annie said, Eugene looked a bit uncomfortable, and the other guests looked alarmed as well.

    We have to remember that she once was a part of one of the biggest Idol girl groups, and as they mentioned on the show, they had images that were fiercely protected by their company and fans alike (i.e: the balloon colors). We know how fans can be overly protective, and because the show was particularly for past idol groups, most of the viewers probably were fans of those groups. So of course they’d be offended. Plus, we have to remember that Korea is a quite conservative country.

    I know she’s not in an idol group anymore and she’s old enough now. But I’m sure her image as one of the fairies of Kpop is still alive in the memories of many, that’s why people are so hyped up about the hug.

    But yeah, I don’t think it’ll result to a suit or whatever. And sorry for my long post. 😛 Can’t wait for the second part of the show~

  28. Wow, that’s considered sexual harrassment? Well it’s obvious that somebody would be startled by that but there’s no reason to sue. This thing is seriously a huge overreaction created by netizens. Just leave him alone.

  29. He’s just like a fangirl -fanboy in this case-. I bet if the person who posted the comment met they’re idol they’d stop screaming and sexual harassing them too.

  30. i think we all know by now that NHC is a crazy dude, but i don’t think he meant any harm. he is a scaredy cat regarding most things, but around the opposite sex he should mind his manners due to crazy netizens. also if you’ve seen his trade mark dance then i think the other MCs & guests should have known what was to come.

  31. he just hugged her!! omfg… nothing serious.. i bet the neitizens will do the same thing when they see their idol!!!

  32. they’re probably friends anyway.

    i think the heat is affecting koreans. they’re criticizing everyone at this point lol (i lived there before so i know. it can get freakin hot and drive people insane).

  33. Oh boo hoo, he’s a comedian! Wow, netizens have nothing important to do, but to bytch around. Whoa, Korea really is conservative, it would only count as sexual harassment if Eugene was feeling uncomfortable. :/ She’s laughing~ I thought it was funny..

  34. oMG it’s just a hug.. altho I dont like NOh hong chul’s fashion and style but still that’s is wat comedian/entertainer does… Eugene seems to have no problem. it’s was just a joke… can ppl stop making things more negative…

  35. I understand the korean culture, but it’s too much of a big deal. I mean, he hugs everyone XD he event hugged MC Yoo’s wife when she was coming down the aisle! XD The fan needs to let it go.

    There are things worse then this in the Korean entertainment industry.

  36. lol, the netizens are just venting on their possessive nature. It just jealousy. It was just a joke. But if he was fondling her boobs then that is another story.
    Obsessive korean fans need to get a life.

  37. Slightly creepy.

    But Eugene seemed like she understood that it was all for entertainment. (: Some Korean fans should open their minds more. (No offense to the rational ones.)

  38. I agreed with number 8.

    If the netizens was sooooo concern with sexual harassment then I’m sorry to say but underage ( Their law themself called them underage not us ) like SOHEE wondergilrs if the one who have to be called open to sexual harassment.

  39. i think he just did it for a laugh and no really a fan, which just kinda upset me
    i know he “harass” eugene just becuz it’s funny and stuff
    but NohHongChul kept calling eugene “nuna” when she is younger than him
    any real fan would know the real date of their idol’s birthday or atleast their age…..
    he lied and it upseting…… i sorta see it as a insult to us fans but i could just be overreacting as a fan.. cuz i know the fangirl inside like all the others is kinda unreasonable… sometime =_=;; ……keke

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