Lee Hong Gi Next Guest Star On Family Outing

F.T Island who have just released their second album “Colorful Sensibility” are now beginning to appear actively on various variety shows as part of their promotional activities. Lead vocalist Lee Hong Gi received some attention after it was revealed he would soon be appearing on “Family Outing”.

Reality tv show “Family Outing” have seen it’s fair share of popular idol group members on the show like G-Dragon of Big Bang, JunJin and Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa. For the upcoming episode, Lee Hong Gi of F.T Island will be the next rotating guest and will show his variety show ability outside of his singing.

Lee Hong Gi expressed, “I have been on many other variety quiz shows as guests before. But this is my first time recording a show that has so many outstanding seniors on it. I feel a little burdened definitely. But they took really good care of me and the recording was really interesting.” The Lee Hong Gi episodes would be aired on 14th and 21st September.

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