Cute Banana Girl Lee Hyun Ji Sexy Kiss Me Transformation

New promotional posters of Lee Hyun Ji started appearing at various spots in Seoul from 24th August which caught the attention of many Koreans. Lee Hyun Ji has undergone a big transformation from her cute bubbly “Pocket Girl” image of the past with a new sultry sexy image. In the posters, she wears a “Kiss Me” eye mask coupled with bright red lipstick, oozing feminism sexuality.

Many were shocked after seeing the posters, “Is this really Lee Hyun Ji?”, “Her red lips are really sexy”. The words on the right-hand side of the poster had her name and the date “2008.09.02” imprinted on it which has invoked the curiosity of many, possibly implying that something might happen on that day.

Lee Hyun Ji was once part of the dance music project group Banana Girl and so many are guessing that she is making her comeback soon with an album.

JunJin will star in her MV apparently from the teaser.

20 thoughts on “Cute Banana Girl Lee Hyun Ji Sexy Kiss Me Transformation

  1. And former member of Jewelry, might be good to know. Funny how people just like when they are being played with :p

  2. She’s also very shy and cute. So it’s weird to see her sexy concept.
    I’ve been waiting for her comeback since her banana days!

  3. I really liked her when she was still on Banana girls. Well, sexy is not kind of her thing. T_T really damn cute though!

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