Viewers Split Over East of Eden Drama Special

Song Seung Hun much-hyped return in MBC’s mega budget drama “East of Eden” started the ball rolling with a drama special last night, hoping to raise viewer’s anticipation. But viewers are split on opinions after the special.

In order to avoid a direct confrontation with SBS “Gourmet”, they decided on having a special and then back-to-back episodes tonight. “East of Eden” special showed behind the scenes footage and NG scenes from the past six months of filming and also recorded interviews with Song Seung Hun, Yeon Jung Hoon, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, Park Hae Jin, etc as they talked and introduced their characters. All in all, it was a content laden special.

Following the special broadcast, two different camps formed and gave their comments. Most of them expressed, “It was like watching a movie. This drama has excellent visuals, cast and an exciting storyline. I really anticipate watching this drama”. Although it won the acknowledgement of many, there were some who felt that it has lessened their anticipation after too many storyline leaks in the special. One wrote, “They showed the NG scenes ahead of the drama broadcast. This is a wrong decision. What if the viewers think about the NG scenes when the actual scenes are shown and laugh. What should they do?”

The rating for “East of Eden” special was just 6.2% so it is seeking for a better rating tonight for redemption. The first four episodes will be acted out by the child actors/actresses and the adults will only appear from episode 5 onwards.

14 thoughts on “Viewers Split Over East of Eden Drama Special

  1. i saw the special last night and i’m kinda disappointed about the whole show. there’s really nothing special about the special that could be seen at the ending special.

  2. hahah Are you serious? ng’s should definitely only be shown towards the ending of the drama!!! Wow, they leave less anticipation…

    Anyway, I still hope to watch this drama…I still hope that Song Seung Hoon ends up with Han Ji Hye (or have great romantic scenes with him)…if not, SSH ends up with Lee Dae Hee.

    I wouldn’t mind Han Ji Hye end up with Dennis Oh either…he’s hott!!! 😀

  3. this drama have disappointed me way before it even started shooting!
    i used to like ssh, now i officially hate him!
    in time it will be revealed…

  4. that’s really odd why would they show the NG first before the drama even started airing… bad move from them maybe, it was okay to do like interviews and stuff.. but this is just my take that i think they made a mistake with showing the NG.

  5. well… i would like to watch this show and i hope it will be worth the amount spent. If not, lets just enjoy all the money flunk by the tv station.

    we might need some eye lotion after all the candy eye people…

  6. i think having the special kinda ruined some viewers expectations… i haven’t seen it yet, but the whole media buzz about it is giving me some negative aura about this drama…

    also…it’s 50 episodes!!! that’s too long for me… i’m really still debating if i should follow this drama or not… the cast is worth watching…and my expectations is high….so it better be as good as they hope it to be…

  7. Particulary i didn´t watch the special :S i´ve watch the episode and in the second episode i´ve cry a lot :S but looks more like a movie … so let see what happen…. ^^

  8. Well, no harm done. The ratings are only 6% so that means not that many watched it. I guess many just don’t want to be spoiled. Good for them.

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