JYP Entertainment Unleashes 2PM

Park Jin Young has been kept really busy these couple of months with producing single for the Wonder Girls and the grooming of his proteges from Mnet “Hot Blood” documentary program. 4 members from that program have already debuted as 2AM, a singing subgroup under One Day on 11th July on Music Bank. The other 7 members will soon debut as 2PM that specialises in rapping and dancing in an official statement and pictures released today.

This will be Park Jin Young’s first boy band in 10 years after G.O.D. After grooming G.O.D, Rain and Wonder Girls in recent times, JYP expressed, “2PM is a group that I have invested my pride in. Since they entered JYP Entertainment, I kept telling them that they have to be different from existing boy bands. Otherwise, don’t even think of debuting. All went through different kinds of training these past few years and I believe they will break the stereotype that one usually associates with boy bands once they debut.

2PM official album release is set for 4th September.

46 thoughts on “JYP Entertainment Unleashes 2PM

  1. It looks like ok taek might be the leader.. although they haven’t debuted i love this band already… watching their documentry i feel they are quite talented… The more versitile memebers are in this group so i’m really anticipating their debut.. Khun is quite a good singer with Jay Bum & Junsu…

  2. i actually feel this group is very powerful with 3 guys

    1. park jae bum,he’s really talented and hot too
    2.kim junsu,another all-rounder,i love his voice and rapping
    3.khun,he’s not that talented as other 2,but he has the look

    every single korean teen girl will like him i guess

    plus 2 sick rappers in taec and junho,that’s why i look forward to them

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  4. jyp is the guy who created g.o.d so really looking forward to this group plus they good looking & talents.

    junhooooooo . . . =]]

  5. i thought when they formed together they ll be called one day instead of 2 o’clock. i m looking forward to it. i hope they make music instead of catchy hits that doesnt display their talents at all.

  6. whos the one in the middle??
    i can’t tell if its jaebum or taekyeon
    but then the one behind nickhun looks like taekyeon

  7. I’m pretty sure they’ll be called “One Day”, not ”2 o’clock”
    I’m anticipating this group ;P
    as well as their joint perfs w/ 2 am!

  8. OMGG. My Taekyeon, Nick, and Jaebum. Finally, these boys are ready to shine. This is why I love JYP so much. They always take a different route when it comes to entertainment.

  9. looking forward to their debut even more because their coming from JYP Ent. =D
    most of them from this picture look pretty good looking =)
    I should probably go watch hot Blood I want to see what these boys have xD

  10. hi coolsmurf! i hope you post the video of the wonder girls promoting 2pm by saying “10 points” and showing 2 snippets of their music video. the link for the video is in their picture thread at soompi.

  11. i am absolutely thrilled that they are debuting soon. most of my fav’s are in this part of 2 o’clock.

    i’m soo exciteed :]]]

  12. lol so when 2AM and 2PM combine, they are 2 Oçlock? or One Day? I like One Day better, JYP is getting better with the names.

  13. 10 points! Ship Jong!
    i really like how JYP used WG to promote 2PM. it had a family-style promotion. hehe.

    Wonder Day fighting!

  14. after 2AM beautiful voices…now 2PM…
    one more boyband won’t hurt…
    whenever i think of 2AM i’ll think of a song…

    2AM and the rain is falling
    here we are at the crossroad once again
    you’re telling me you’re so confused
    you can’t make up your mind
    is this meant to be
    you’re asking me

    ok…im being random…sorry =D

  15. wow! i’m really looking foward to 2PM… theres a lot of boy bands right now, wow.. JYP sounds really confident! 2PM FIGHTING!!! my favourite is, khun, taek, j-bum… the rest i dont really know…

  16. i’m sure they’ll be a big hit. but i doubt they’ll break the “stereotype”.

    also i miss dujoon and i rather he be in it than chansung. (i don’t have a good impression of him).

    also they will be big ’cause

    taek and khun are really hot.

    plus them and jae bum can speak fluent english so that is a big bonus.

    junsu just reminds me of g-dragon (’cause their friends)
    hope he shows a unique side

    my fav: (not including dujoon)

    1. taek, (hot, and goofy)
    2. khun (cute but can’t sing very well)
    3. junho (good rapper and dancer)
    4. jaebum (same reason as junho)
    5. junsu (can sing too. i prefer him singing than rapping. his voice is a little weak sounding or soft for a rapper)
    6. woo young (i originally liked him the most. but when i heard him sing/rap…. ew) like his dancing though and his CUTE CHEEKS!
    7. chansung (he shouldn’t be on this list ’cause : he really can’t dance, can’t sing, and he reminds me of heechul in a bad way

    if dujoon was in the group (which he should be) he would be NUMBER ONE on my list

    i wish i lived in korea then i could has a say and dujoon wouldn’t be eliminated 😦


  17. They’re ALL talented!
    I think not one of them lack something. They can sing,rap and both dance.
    Their debut will definitely be EXPLOSIVE.
    Jaebum and Junsu <3333

  18. Holy crap, I love that picture of them. They look ORIGINAL which I love. I want them all 2am and 2PM to stand out.

  19. from watching the video i think there is going to be a lot of breakdancing involving. cant wait.

  20. awww time to catch up on their documentary..
    really know nuts abt them!
    but it’s good to see nick khun on YaShimManMan Season 2!

    anyways it’s sure is good promotion for them with the advert by WG.

  21. OMG…Did you guys see their MV???

    Yoobin was in it at the end!!

    it was sooooo great!! LOL..I love them LOL..
    the guy in the middle with the weird haircut is the rapper apparently, hes really good too! I cant wait to see them collab with 2AM and WG<3333

  22. lolz the mv is really funny-eng translation lyrics make the song even more funny!
    i dnt really like how jyp is trying 2 making a really huge group just like lsm with suju-there shouldnt b ne kpop music wars lol, but on the good side= more hot guys 2 look at and 4 me 2 become a bigger kpop fangirl =)

    luv korean music!!!

  23. AGREED!

    2PM definitely has this new, fresh, and very distinguished style that will definitely TOP. I mean it takes me a while to LOVE a group this much and it only took me two months for 2PM to grow on me. I LOVE them. They have potential and they are so TALENTED and CUTE! =D

    I couldn’t find any flaw in them cause I mean being a newbie and all, many groups tend to have live singing issues, or they come out not so stable? But 2PM came out solid and they definitely ROCK.

    They will definitely OWN. 2PM LOVE♥

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