Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong 100th Day Anniversary

Originally scheduled for 10th August, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong 100th wedding photoshoot episode was pushed back for two consecutive weeks due to MBC’s Beijing Olympics coverage. But with the conclusion of the Olympics yesterday, the long-awaited 100th day photoshoot episode was finally aired. The last of the four incumbent couples on the show to have this mission.

In episode 22 of MBC “We Got Married” yesterday, both of them were particularly nervous as they were wearing wedding outfits for the first time during their photoshoot. The older woman/younger man couple were even more awkward and uptight when faced with the photographer’s requests to be more intimate in their poses. But under the guidance of the photographer, they eventually completed the bobo scene after some difficulty.

Hwang Bo expressed in her interview, “Because he’s like a younger brother, it would actually be fine for him to hug his older sister right? But because he was my man, I was kind of helpless”. Meanwhile, Hyun Joong expressed generously, “After that difficult bobo scene. I was wondering about how would I approach the future photo takes in future, but the feeling then was great.”

Hwang Bo’s close friend, Shin Ae-ra visited her during her photoshoot and gave some advice since she was already a mother of 3 children with her husband, Cha In Pyo. She said, “Why are you feeling awkward when you are with a fine looking young man?”. Shin Ae-ra also showed her interest in the young groom, “You have finally returned safely from Japan, must have been really tiring?”, her straightforward words leaving everyone in stitches.

20 thoughts on “Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong 100th Day Anniversary

  1. i thought it was well worth the wait. next week episode looks more interesting. i loved the part where they kept picking the same number. i still think it was a great episode for them. ❤ them.

  2. Yay, I’m excited to see this episode! I think Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are a really funny couple. But I don’t really like her hairdo in these pics … makes her look older, in my opinion. Oh well.

    And I totally misread Shin Ae-ra as Shin Ae. I was like, “Wait, when did Shin Ae have four kids?!?” >DD Ahaha, oops.

  3. I have this weird but happy feeling, In THIS TIME, where some people really swap partner like sharing a bag of chips. Still they are thos people who can even share a little peck in the cheeck. ^_^ cute and sweet

    Gud thing that I’m not Hwang bo if it’s me, HJ better have a good make up to cover all those peeling skin muahahahahaha… ^.^

  4. cute episode…. i love crown j and seo in young~ eee! i can’t wait to see the next one of them!

    btw~ didn’t hwangbo say in her comment that if she thought hyungjoong was like her little brother it would be easy for her to approach him, but because he’s her man it was difficult to do so? :0)

  5. love this episode, been waiting for it for so long!
    and they did not disappoint, very funny and sweet

  6. like wht ‘e’ posted earlier..
    wasn’t hwangbo said that if it was a dongsaeng it would be easier to do the bobo scene.. but because he treat her as a man.. it was hard on her??
    maybe i’m wrong but that what the subbed version in soompi said..

  7. hehehehe, the bobo scene looks sooo awkward in the picture! love them ^^ those two are so sweet and, erm, ‘unique’

  8. thank u coolsmurf for all the WGM related updates…but i think for this post, some of the info/translations is wrong…
    @loveholic: yes, shin ae ra only has 3 kids…

  9. Korean Sub Utd are in need of some freelance subbers and because of that they probably won’t be releasing the episode on Wednesday but hopefully some time this week. If anyone is interested, please email them at


    I really love this show but I’m not korean so I can’t understand it without subs. =[ and I’m sure many others are the same. Please help sub one our favorite korean variety shows!!!

  10. they should have a new nickname cougar & kitten, that’s what they call older woman/younger man relationship in America. can’t wait to see this ep.

  11. woww….
    the episode was really worth waiting for!!
    I love it.. i am watching over and over again..
    This couple is my favorite..
    i cant wait to watch them with kids!!!!

  12. ahhh~ hwang bu in kissed hyunjoong~
    envious envious…lol…
    the photo on the 1st row 3rd pic resembles hyungjoon~

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