Yoon Eun Hye Shows Her Solo Singer Potential

The sight of Yoon Eun Hye singing again was revealed to the public recently.

The video was revealed on Pandora video sharing website on 23rd August was seen in simple clothing recording a song with her bright vocals. Netizens who saw the video expressed, “I can see an image of a singer from Eun Hye”, “Is Eun Hye going to come back as a singer?”, “I hope that she is not going to be the backup vocals for someone but singing her own songs”. Most hoped that Eun Hye can make a come back as a singer if possible.

In the video, Eun Hye was singing a “Salad Song”, a form of electronic music. Her bright and cheerful voice was oozing female charisma and it showed that many netizens still holds hope that Eun Hye can come back as a solo singer someday following the disbandment of her former group, Baby Vox.

The number of views for Eun Hye’s “Salad Song” video is staggering and has occupied the top position on Pandora video sharing website since it’s release.

23 thoughts on “Yoon Eun Hye Shows Her Solo Singer Potential

  1. can someone tell me why all the singers wan to become actors? I am quite certain that Singers gets paid more everywhere else in the world, you often see Actors wanting to become singers, why is Korean different from all the other countries?

  2. unfortunately thats for a cf. wish she would sing again though. love her sweet vocals. it has the magical ability to brighten ur mood.

  3. Hopefully she doesn’t go on solo. She’s not completely bad, but her voice is too weak to have a solo career on its own. On the other hand, YEH’s acting has shown incredible improvement since her Goong days and judging from CP, she’s one respectable actor. I’d say she expand her range there rather than start a singing career on a flaky voice.

  4. i’ve always loved this chick. and if she ever decides to become a recording artist again, i will never hold it against her. i actually thought this kind of music is her niche. it’s not mariah carey or kylie minogue but her vocals are no less than delicious. besides, neither mariah nor kylie can act.

  5. I love Yoon Eun Hye, but I do have to say that I like her more as an actor than a singer.

    Besides that her voice isn’t that half bad…..I will still buy her album or singles. 😀

  6. Netizens ARE crazy! This girl’s got no singing potential at all!
    She couldn’t even sing during her baby vox days, what makes her think she can sing now?

  7. not a fan of her singing but I am a big fan of her work in acting. I hope she never conforms stay unique.

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  9. i say his management is smart to have released this video. it surely is a great way to test the waters and see if people will welcome YEH as a recording artist as they did when she made a breakthrough in acting.

  10. she is soooooooooo lovely…
    she’s good in singing and acting..
    i love this song.. i hope she’d also come back in acting..
    i’m sure all her fans, including me will definitely
    watch and support her again..

    PS: to those who doesn’t like her, why don’t u just stay
    away from this page and stop submitting unnecessary

    thank you for posting this Coolsmurf!!!

  11. wow YEH really suits electronica!
    if she ever comes back as a gasoo, i hope she’ll go into this genre rather than the sexy concept which is too overwhelmed.

    looking forward to her new work anyways!

  12. I’m always in anticipation for whatever she does, may it be a singing project, a photo exhibition, or whatever. But I’ll say that she has proven to do a much better job in acting rather than in singing, not that I do not enjoy her voice. She did a featured work with that hip hop duo and her voice was as always, bright and cute. I love it.

    Go Eun Hye yang!

  13. oh my God………realy????????????wow so nice…i really like her voice since her baby vox dayy…….gud luck 4 hye….FIGhtinG….im frm philippnes,…………

  14. i like yeh so much. Everything she does, she so cute. i hope to watch yeh’s series, game show or listen her song. She make me happy all time.

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