Rest in Peace, Lee Eon

The funeral procession of Lee Eon who died at his prime just two days ago was carried out earlier than scheduled this morning.

Lee Eon’s funeral procession was held at 4am this morning at Seoul’s Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital with more than 100 family members, relatives and friends in attendance as they sent him off on his last journey. His family members wanted to have a quiet sending off so they didn’t reveal the exact date/time to the media and held it early. Lee Eon’s casket was transfered to the hearse at 5am where Gong Yoo was spotted carrying his wooden tablet.

Gong Yoo currently serving the military had rushed over to Lee Eon’s wake just three hours before the funeral procession to send his good friend on his last journey. Not just that, from the stream of people coming to pay their respects, it just showed how good Lee Eon’s interpersonal relationships were. Lee Eon’s body will be cremated and his urn will be transported to his hometown, Busan.

38 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Lee Eon

  1. I still cannot believe that he is gone. He will definitely live on through Coffee Prince, Who are You and Strongest Chil-Woo. Rest in Peace.

  2. I don’t want to believe. But I have to.
    Eon, we’ll miss your smile, your life, and the joy you brought to us.
    Keep smiling for us in Heaven.
    Park Sang Min oppa, Annyoung.
    Rest In Peace <33 You live in our hearts. And will never be forgotten. You left the greatest imprint here on earth.
    When i look in to the sky’s, I’ll try to see you smiling down at us.
    Please don’t cry for us. Even if we shed tears for you. It’s only because we miss you.
    “Please do not cry for me, for I am not gone. I am here. In the sky, the wind, and the rain. Please do not cry for me, but smile and remember that God had a reason for me to go. God gave me a mission and that was to bring joy to everyone, and now that my mission is complete I must go. Please don’t cry for me, for I’m not gone. But I’m here, in your heart, wind and earth. The wind is my voice. The rain is my tears. The earth is my body.”
    Thank you for all the things you’ve done Eon.

  3. *sigh*.. so sad.. i almost didn’t recognize Gong Yoo Oppa.. judging by the mourners, he was really close w/ his Coffee Prince cast! May his soul RIP!!!

  4. i am currently watching strongest chil woo and i could not believe his earlier dialogues in the show episode 4: i will die only when i have killed him (something like that) and now the show is over bad guys gone and this happened to happen.
    you could feel his presence in coffee prince and who are you but maybe (coz of what happened to him) its juts me but i feel a certain sadness in his eyes and performance.
    everything has a reason
    may he rest in peace and his family and friends be consoled by thought that he is with our creator. he will surely be missed but not forgotten by many

  5. seriously…this still hasn’t sink in my mind yet… i feel like it’s a prank and he’s going to come out from somewhere laughing and tease everyone…. it’s too sad….

    it still doesn’t seem real yet…

  6. RIP lee eon.
    i dont know much about you
    i could only afford to watch a few episodes of coffee prince,
    but it’s enough to make me regret your early passing.
    you had a comfortable feel to your image and a sweet smile as well as a sweet air to the character you played.
    you had many talents & interests …
    i dont know.

  7. May God guard over your soul,Lee Eon and may you find eternal rest and peace in God’s arms. Your presence will be deeply missed and your memories will stay with us here. Your laughter and goofiness will always be remembered through Coffee Prince. You will be missed but not forgotten.

  8. valxD, I like your quote,

    I am glad his family and friends were able to make this more private then having the media all over.

    but thanks for the news as we are all very concern and curious too.

    May you rest in peace!!

  9. this image of a friend out briefly from military training in service of a friend for the very last time is so moving… it will take some time to get over this loss…

  10. Reading this i started to cry again….i’m really gonna miss him and i still can’t believe he’s gone so quick and at a young age. Big Bang’s ‘Heaven’ started playing as i was looking at the pictures and it made me cry even more. I can imagine some loved ones of his and how that song may apply to them =/
    It’s hard to accept he’s gone. He’ll forever be in my heart as a great actor and i’m sure he was a great friend to those that were close with him.

  11. words cant describe how sad that makes me feel
    hes in Gods memory
    Good bye sweet boy…………………………………………….

  12. he was such a bright and cheerful person
    it’s sad that this happen to such a great person
    may he rest in peace he’ll surely be miss

  13. It’s amazing how shocking & abruptly this news jumps out at you.
    I was just so shocked I couldn’t even pull my jaw back to it’s place.
    He was so young & I really liked his charm in Coffee Prince.
    He was just starting to shine too. T-T hopefully his last moment wasn’t a moment of regret. RIP!

  14. Yes, great time to do some ads -____-

    however it’s extremely sad.
    Why do they all die at the age of 27?

  15. they say one only dies when he’s no longer remembered.

    so live on, lee eon — in our hearts and in our memories.

    you’re only gone but not forgotten.

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