Make-believe Couples in We Got Married Gets Parenting Mission

It had already been leaked before that they might add children into the mix for MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married”, well it has apparently come true. Filming for the make-believe parenting mission was done last week.

sorely missed by fans

We Got Married Gets A Parenting Upgrade

According to someone from the “We Got Married” production team

Crown J and Seo In Young filmed their make-believe one-day parenting mission last week. Crown J was totally kept in the dark about the mission until filming started. He was pretty surprised when he realized it. Alex and Shin Ae also had the same reaction as him as they only knew after they started filming.

This was a collaboration between the Health and Welfare Family Department and “We Got Married” producers where the earlier had suggested inserting the children concept into the program to encourage childbirth. Finally after some discussions, they decided on the one-day parenting mission.

50 thoughts on “Make-believe Couples in We Got Married Gets Parenting Mission

  1. I never liked the idea of adding a child, thats just too much. I think wgm should be based on how newly-weds are etc.
    And i bet the child that SIY had is scared to death, who wouldn’t be o.O

  2. wait. how old are the “children”? are they even human children? or like the mechanical babies? hehe.

    but im excited! ^^ it might air a month from now. soo farr..

  3.! I’m ecstatic. Can’t wait to see Alshin reactions.
    Thanks for the wonderful news, coolsmurf. You’re the best.

  4. oooooh how exciting!!! Shin Ae’s baby shoe collection will be of use after all.. hehe! i wonder if she’d actually let the child wear ’em?

  5. this should be awesome to watch…seeing how the couples will react and deal with a child… LOL…i can just see how funny the Ant-Witch couple will be already… i’m really anticipating them!!!

  6. YAY!
    now this is a chance for the couples to get closer together πŸ˜€
    but…one thing.
    i think that WGM is becoming a LITTLE too realistic. just a little.

  7. YAY!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! =D
    thankfully the olympics don’t last for another week. that would KILL me…

  8. LAWL IT’S TRUE!I mentioned it around youtube not long ago about adding children to the mix!

    LAWL, I CAN’T WAIT !!!!

  9. awww OMG IT’S BACK!!!!
    I can just imagine all the parents wow
    AnBi and Crown J SIY couples are going to be HILARIOUS xD
    Alex and ShinAe going to be good parents =D

  10. LOL. i wonder how CJ’s expression would be like. LOL
    I think alshin couple would be great parents…
    cant wait to watch ><

  11. i’m gonna have hell of time watching SIY & CJ dealing with the kids! lol

    Crown J the nanny??!! hahahahahahahah

  12. I was wondering, since they are trying to encourage childbirth, does that mean that S. Korea does not have a one family one baby rule?

  13. i think that’ll be a good epi, especial if one of the parent couples is the ant couple. i’m really glad that its only a one-day mission, i would hate it if they had to have a kid all the time.

  14. i juz CANT WAIT for d extended episode due to Olympic Games…but to know about ths mission really make me CANT CANT CANT WAIT feelin….. haha.. πŸ˜‰

  15. This is going to be fun to watch, i believe Andy Solbi will be wonderful parents, i can imagine it, as well as Alex Shinae, Hwang BO & Hyun Joong will be funny, but i get the feeling that Crown J couple will not being able to handle it, it can be their nightmare……can’t wait. Im watching olympics now, can’t wait for the closing ceremony!!!!

  16. i was waiting for that to happen, i suggested that insertion in another blog…cool! i wish it was more than a 1day tho…

  17. I think this is gonna be funny with the cownJ couple lmao! Now i can’t imagine the alex couple mmmm… I don’t think the’ll do it to each couple just the ones that’s been on it since the beginning cause HJ and HB still haven’t taken their 100th Anni. pics and they are still awkward with each other…ahh I can’t wait!!

  18. OMG! can’t wait for the episode! OMO i just noticed that solbi’s request from andy on ep.7 will come true hehe!

  19. It would be really funny if the ant couple turns out to be really good with kids. But right now i can imagine in young screaming at crown j to take care of the kid and she goes off to do other things.

  20. i always wondered if & when they would bring kids into the mix. i hope it involves babies. AlShin would be good, i’m curious about AndySolbi, AntWitch & Lettuce couples would be fun also. are they going to use babies that have parents, cause abandoned ones would be sad & but it could help adoption. how long does it take for a show to be film & then aired? cause i want to this ep soon.

  21. I think this one will air in 2 or 3 weeks, after the one that airs this week, unless they filmed more episodes….

    Its going to be really funny depending on the age of the child… Hopefully CJ and SIY get a child with a sharp mouth.. lmfao πŸ˜€

  22. Oo, this is going to be very interesting. Perhaps we’ll see more of how each person is through their reactions?

  23. I can’t wait till this episode airs! It’ll be so interesting. I really want to see Crown J’s reaction, as well as SIY!

  24. Let’s see how InYoung’s childish personality withstand the REAL child… Or should it be the other way around with the child worried?

    I think Crown J has it worse though. He has to take care of TWO kids. XD

    I have a feeling HwangBo will be a great mother, and well, HJ will be a great playmate. XD

  25. I’m really really really worried about the child who is with the ant couple…. hahaha πŸ˜›

  26. WoooHooo !!! please tell me they’re really going to air WGM tomorrow !!

    Hmmh you know what, when I first heard the song “Waltz Lesson” without knowing what it meant, I was thinking that the song is about him teaching his daughter to dance can u imagine him, and a little girl ???? with Koyange (cat’s) eyes ? hmmmh go figure who’s the mother hahahahahahah

  27. Yeah, i’m also wondering how old the kids/children they’ll bring into the show? I was kinda hoping child celebrities ’cause they’re already known. Like Kim Gura’s son. He’s funny on SGB, and it’ll be really funny to see him with the witch-ant couple. I can imagine CrownJ’s “ooh haeeell no,” and SIY shopping brand new products. lol.

  28. I can’t wait for them to come back on air.

    I wonder if each couple will get a child from different age group.

    I think Andy & Alex will make perfect fathers…….as for the A couple Crown J and SIY I think they would spoil their child.hahaha

  29. Wow..I want to know Seo In Young & Crown J reactions to this mission, I bet they were totally shocked. LOL

  30. what about andy and solbi??
    are they not doing parenting mission!!
    the couple i want to see is hwango and hyun joong!!
    they are my favorite!!
    Cant wait!!

  31. omg i can’t wait to see this episode! i wonder how Crown J will react to REAL children (instead of their shoes…) I’m really looking forward to this episode, especially Alex and Shinae, i think they will be amazing parents (not that the other couples won’t be…)


    It would be a big favour if you could please return on
    uploading & doing the English subs on We Got Married episodes on YouTube especially now there’s no KoreanSubUtd.

    I know ‘rikkimargaret’ is doing the uploading & subbing solely for the ‘lettuce’ couple aka HJ-HB.
    But for other couples, none! 😦

    upload & subbing the WGM episodes, okay?

    I’m (I mean everybody) counting on you.
    Thanks in advance.

  33. @manadononi3, someone is doing it for this week and as long as there are, I won’t be doing it. I only did it because no one was doing it before.

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