Lee Eon Passes Away in Motorbike Accident

Lee Eon (real name: Park Sang Min) has left the world at the age of 27 following a motorbike accident earlier this morning. (sounds unbelievable and surreal)

Lee Eon had attended the post-wrap party for his drama “Strongest Chilwoo” which ended early this morning and was already back home. But he was out again soon to the club where he worked as a DJ on his motorbike when the unfortunate happened. He lost control of his motorbike and rammed into the guardrail of an overpass. It was later announced that he had broken his neck on impact and died instantly. (could he be intoxicated?)

Lee Eon’s management expressed, “He doesn’t ride a motorbike normally. And he doesn’t drink either. During the first gathering, he didn’t drink at all. But I am not sure for the second gathering.” Lee Eon’s parents are now in Seoul handing his funeral and they are pretty devastated by this as he’s their only child. “Because of work, he isn’t by his parents side often. And thus I can understand how devastated they must be at losing their only child from this.”

Lee Eon’s last role was as an assassin in “Strongest Chilwoo” which just ended two days ago and it’s still quite unbelievable to many who are just learning of the truth right now. His most memorable role must be the one last year in “Coffee Shop 1st Prince” which made him more known to the world.

174 thoughts on “Lee Eon Passes Away in Motorbike Accident

  1. oh my god…im juz starting to enjoy chilwoo..i think i’ll bcome emo evrytime i c him in it..i juz hope they wont cancel d show..

  2. condol to his family and friends.

    this is so sad, I like him and i think he’s good actor

    korean road authority should fix the damn road and guardrail so pple wont die, that’s why it called “GUARD-RAIL”

  3. =OOOO…
    i am so shocked right now.. =( i really like him as a actor.
    i was hoping he’d make it big. =( this is so sad.. R.I.P..

  4. omg, poor him.. He was so young and such a good actor.. condolences to his family and all his fan.. R.I.P

  5. i remember him tearing up in an interview saying how much pain and struggle he went through to get to where he was….he was such a promising actor and so young…he will be missed.

    rest in peace

    my heart goes out to his family and friends~

  6. dude, my heart stopped once i found it was HIM!
    omgosh, he will be miss greatly and rest in peace
    and my condolences goes out to his friends and families
    DUDE, i am still sad now.

  7. Tears are welling up in my eyes….this is too painful for me….it’s been a hard year already.

    I was just watching Lee Eon in Strongest Chilwoo today…and he was so funny. He was one of the most promising actors in Korea. How could this happen? He’s too young to die!

    Rest in peace, Eon.

    I’m praying for comfort for his family and friends.

  8. I still can’t believe this..its all over on korean related sites.., I don’t have much to say, this is really too tragic..
    May you rest in peace, Eon I hope ur doing well in heaven. praying for your family and friends

  9. OMG. This came as a very shocking news to me when a friend told me about it.

    I loved him a lot on [Coffee Prince]. ;_;

    Such a big loss to the industry.


    … )=

  11. Oh. My. God.

    I adored him in Coffee Prince. It’s sad to see an actor with so much potential and talent die so suddenly. It’s very tragic.

    Rest in peace, Lee Eon.

  12. this is really a tragedy at so young an age. so surreal to still be able to watch him in strongest chilwoo (it is still playing mon-tue here in manila via KBS world) and to know that in reality he is gone. i loved him in k-dramas coffee prince and in who are you (just this year!)… he will be sorely missed. i hope his death will not be in vain and that it serves as a lesson for people to really be careful while on the road…

  13. his co-stars from coffee prince are surely shocked too! totally heart breaking especially when i reminisce his smiles.

  14. RIP…. I will never forget how his smile made me
    happy while watching coffee prince.. he was such
    a genuine soul.. his death is a blow…. RIP

  15. my God,i was just starting to watch strongest chilwoo and saw him..
    and now he’s dead..

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.
    may he rest in peace.

  16. OMG… really?? really??
    i can’t believe this…just last Tuesday i saw him in the strongest chilwoo…

    i give my condolence..
    may he rest in peace

  17. this doesn’t even feel real …
    I LOVED his role such a good personality …
    he had such a long way to go …
    wow …

    my he rest in peace and my his parents surpass this hardship.
    I seriously still cannot believe it.


  18. R.I.P..
    he’s such a great actor..
    can’t believe he’s gone..
    EUn hye must be really sad since she’s close to him…

  19. OMG!!! he was just in the news with Eric a few days ago about hanging out around the set and etc…. i can’t believe he died so suddenly!!! OMG… i’m still in disbelief…

    this really shows how unexpected life can be and it’s really scary thinking about it… truly sad that he passed away…

  20. omg…. i was sooo shocked to log on his page and the first news i read is lee eon passes away.. OMG!! im speechless.. i loved him in coffeeprince….=….(

  21. I am so shocked… this is really surreal. May he rest in peace. He was a wonderful actor and will always be loved ❀

  22. 😦 nonononononono… my lovely min yub fr coffee prince… nononononono…………………………………………

  23. Unbelievable. I know we have lost a great talent with so much potential. 😦 I loved him in Coffee Prince. It kinda seems surreal that… he’s no coming back.

    I hope he’s in a better place.

  24. RIP Lee Eon … this IS unbelievable … he’s such a gOOd actor n’ persOn … i like him especially in Coffee prince! 😦 …hes sO yOung … this is heartbreakin’ ..sO sad! 😦

  25. Unbelievable. I like Lee Eon a lot. He was a good actor and had a good feel about him. I know for sure he was going to be big. I really want to know how the accident actually happened.
    R.I.P Lee Eon. I will miss you.

  26. Omg. I think I am actually gonna cry tonight. I loved him in coffee prince, srsly had a crush on him 😦 I was JUST thinking about him! HOMG I can’t believe this. oh my god, may god bless his family. i cant imagine, oh lord.

  27. I can’t believe this is true. It’s just too sudden. I love the guy in Coffee Prince. Another loss for the Korean entertainment. It must feel so awful for his family, friends, and fans.


  28. This seems so surreal. I was actually thinking that it can’t be him. It’ll never be the same whenever I re-watch Coffee Prince from now on, knowing that he’s not with us anymore. He has a bright future ahead of him. Condolences to his family,friends, and to all the people who knows him personally.

    R.I.P. Park Sang Min

  29. Rest in peace and my condolences to his family. He was a great new actor that brought a lot of smiles and laughs to my life. 😦

  30. condolences to his family and friends, collegues.. i know his cp team are very sad because of his death..

    eon .


  31. OMG NO!
    I was just getting to know him too! He was so cute! =[
    To many deaths this year.
    I don’t think i can handle it no more.

    My condolences to his family, friends, and everyone who had a chance to work with him.


    I really wish this wasn’t true. He had so many potential too.

  32. I’m still shocked… Very funny dude, remember seeing him trying to dance to “Tell Me” a while back…

  33. OMG I really am shocked.
    My condolences to his family& friends.

    He was amazing at Coffee Prince. I loved him

  34. O_O! So sad!!

    It’s sound..no .. I can’t believe this things.

    It’s to sudden!!


    My heart was shaken from this news..He’s a good actor I love his act T-T

    Wish he rest in peach ….

  35. OMG…I’m…soo…speechless….he was so great too….he was a great actor and a friend…he was … a great person…

  36. is unbelievable T-T
    i cant believe this, his career was just beginning to pick up.
    another loss this year…


  37. omfg. He was so adorable and goofy in Coffee Prince, he was one of my favourite characters. He was just getting started! It’s too shocking ;_;


    …going to go rewatch all of CP now…

  38. wow…thts really shocking me to read ths news early ths morning… i NEVER getting bored to watch coffee prince..bt, after ths..d feeling is not really d same anymore….. ~ R.I.P Lee Eon …

  39. oh my god this is such a shock TT_TT i feel so sad about this he was really great in coffee prince. i will pray for his soul. gone too soon 😦

  40. may u R.I.P.

    just take care….

    people aren’t ready…but soon they’ll accept it soon…that you left for good…and left a good memory to everyone.

  41. in the 1st pic he looks like that guy from Stephen Chow’s films… (the barber from kung fu hustle that shows his ass)


  42. Why ?!! The world is so unfair T.T
    I’m literally having tears in my eyes..i loved him so much and was looking forward to see him go high in his career..
    I’m just speechless.. R.I.P eon

  43. i cant believe this! that’s sad… i recognized him from coffee prince… just cant believe that something like would happen to him..

  44. It feel so unreal and yet so sad at the same time….
    R.I.P….. T_T
    I just rewatch Coffee Prince again bcos its on MBC and now.. he passed away..
    I saw his audition for the CP too and he genuinely is a nice guy…

    Hope his parents are okay… Be strong

  45. It’s the greatest shock that I have received when someone the break the news to me….. so heartbreaking. There is phrase saying that “Heaven is always jealous of the talented people”, now that he is gone and left us. May his soul rest in peace in the next world. Deepest Condolences to his loved ones.

  46. a friend of mine who works for a korean company told me this sad news..cant believe it.. 😦 deepest condolences to his family!

  47. I just finished watched the last episode of Coffee Prince

    And then i read this.

    Oh my god… he was an amazing actor.
    It feels so unreal, it feels like this is happening in a movie O_O

    Lee Eon will always be remembered. Salute, Lee Eon.


  48. i read it in soompi
    i’m still in shock tooooo young, man!!!!!!!
    we’ll miss him…………………………………………………..

  49. this is so sad.. im still in shock.. i like him at coffee prince.. and i’ve also watched strongest chilwoo.. really a sad news..

  50. T_T RIP lee eon, our teddy bear, our lovable min yub
    i feel so sorry for kim jae wook, he looks devastated
    this all seems so surreal, so fast and..

  51. NOOOOOOO! i cant believe this! it seems like a nightmare! egad i feel so terrible for his friends and family and poor lee eon. may his soul rest in peace 😦

  52. I feel so bad for the parents…they don’t see him that much and now he died…plus, he was their only child… T_T

  53. Omg, i can’t believe it. I’ve watched him from coffee prince =(
    Awww so sad, condolence to his friends and family. He’s in a better place now.

  54. aw, I remembered him in coffee prince. It’s sad but man celebrities need to stop riding bike, just drive your car.

  55. that’s crazy…so sad. I love his smile, He just filmed the drama Who are You not so long ago, it’s hard to believe.

  56. awe. thats soo sad t^t.
    its soo sudden and unbelieve-able =0=”
    he was a good actor, i really liked him in
    coffeeprince t^t

    restin paradise (f)

  57. that’s insane… it really is like heath ledger. i come online just like everyday and bam. you find out he’s gone… so unbelievable.

  58. anyone noticed asian celebrities are getting in motorcycle collisions? :O

    lol…i loved his role in coffee prince…

  59. i’m so sad. he was a great actor, i thought he had a great career ahead of him. i feel bad for his family.

  60. What the.. i just finished watching coffee prince.. he was so funny.
    This is just so shocking and really sad, he died so young.
    RIP: Lee Eon.

  61. i knew he was going to make it big after watching him in Coffee Prince… extremely sad TT_TT… i feel so bad for his parents since he was their only son too.

  62. ugh,, R.i.P
    my heart stopped like woah>!
    i loved him on coffee prince and i really really
    enjoyed seeing him on variety shows and radio programs
    it feels surreal…
    *sigh… i feel so sad

  63. omg it’s such a sad new, i can’t believe he was so nice and funny But lamentably the good person are first that they go away. we’ll always remember him.

  64. OMG..can’t believe it…i know him in the drama “Who are you”…it’s really sad…he dies as a very young age….

  65. OMG. I am absolutely shocked about this news. He was my favorite in Coffee Prince and I was just watching him on YSMM with Min SunYe and JYP. May he rest in peace.

  66. AwwW! I loved him in Crown Prince and im pretty sure he was in Who Are You? too ! aww mangg this feels not real xD so saddd

  67. Oh my god, I can’t believe that he passed away. He’s so funny in Coffee Prince. Sigh. I hope he is doing well on the other side.

  68. how could it be him? like all of a sudden!
    he was at the peak of his career… this is really depressing.

  69. RIP!

    it just so sudden! i can’t believe it…wow, it’s really surreal. he was doing so good…well RIP! i still can’t believe it…

  70. CONdOlence!
    O.M.G …die At age 27..pitty..
    he’s in God hands now……=( hayyy….i hate road accidentz…

  71. My sister just told me the guy in Coffee Prince is dead… I was like WHAT ? And came here to check… No it’s unbelievable like u said -_-

    Rest in Peace.

  72. OMG!! i can’t believe this! he’s so young…and he’s just started his career… OMG! i liked him in Coffee prince… this is sad.. T_T

  73. What? Awww sooo sad i loved him in coffee prince…this is too unbelievable so awful that he was so young….

  74. ohh my god!i was shocked and very sad to much! he is too young and lovely guy in my mind! I pray to him go to the heaven and rest in peace.

  75. cant believe it either!!!
    so sad!!! so sad!!!

    i first saw him in “like a virgin”!!

    rest in peace Lee Eon !!!

  76. omg ~
    this is saddening ~
    so surreal..
    i really enjoyed his performance on CP ~ he had so much going for him ~ though i haven’t watched ChilWoo ~

    oh no ~ the only child ~
    and there goes another promising actor ~

    to the late Park Sang-Min’s parents, be strong!

  77. OMG! Seems like stars are getting into motorcycle accidents more frequently! And why him, I really liked his acting. Great in Coffee Prince, and not bad either in Who are you? Man, I just wonder who’s fault this is…

  78. first noticed him in Like A Virgin too. i thought, who is this handsome hardass (his character)?

    it’s painful to think he’s dead, looking at what a lovely person who seemed an honest, hard worker in the youtube clips. RIP lee eon you left too soon.

  79. omg, i was in a huge shock! i cannot believe this!!!!
    is it a real news? so freaking unbelievable (@_@!)

    but may him rest in peace, at least nothing can hurt him now
    im still not believing this… he’s only 27, still has a whole life in front of him~~

  80. ……..i still can’t believe it…. i’m so sad — my condolences to the family… may he rest in peace….

  81. Oh My god it really feel so unreal. I really shock read this news. He just started his life in entertainment and got his hit in it. how can he leave this world so fast?????? I really can’t believe it….

  82. I really liked him in coffe prince and this just reminds me of what happened to kim min soo of monday kiz as well. I was hoping sang min was going to make it big later on too…

  83. OMG!!! I can’t believe it!!! *cries*
    i just finished watching coffee prince for the thrid time….oh my god. i’m gonna cry now every time i watch it again 😦

  84. i hae mot haet seo! hweo? well, I guess this really what life is… sometimes we badly have to learn how to say “jarga” to somebodyelse that’s too ulikely for such a word. Sometimes, that jarga needs to mean not just goodbye but tace care and jal bwa yeo… I guess we just have to wish him well for i am but sure more things awaits him up there better than these we have in this world… Lee Eon, an nyeong hi ga seo!!!…thanks for entertaining the world, op pa…

  85. omg i cant believe it 😐 im shocked! may he rest in peace :[
    kinda show how surprising and unexpected life can be.

  86. it’s shocking. from what i keep seeing korea stars death are usually associated with motorbike.

    may he rest in peace. condolence to his families and friends. we’ll miss you lee eon T_T

  87. I was sooo shocked coz i was at the place he died.. I was at Yongsan the week after he died and i found out about it only that night when i went home!.. I was shocked and hope he rest in peace. Was there for a vacation.. Pls take care when you are on the road..

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