Crown J and Seo In Young films a Commercial Together

MBC “We Got Married” make-believe couple Crown J and Seo In Young have recently signed on together for a CF and still acting as a married couple.

Seo In Young and Crown J signed a six months contract with Woojin Household Appliances and they have already filmed one CF on the 19th and will film another for their LooLoo washroom products range on the 22nd.

According to Star Empire, “Woojin learnt about Crown J and Seo In Young from We Got Married and felt that their new generation couple image fits in well with their products. So they decided to sign them on to endorse their products.”

Two CFs would be released shortly to the public, marriage and dowry versions.

22 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young films a Commercial Together

  1. haha seriously they make the most REAL couple on WGM (:
    from arguments, to being cute!
    i’ve been supporting these two since day one 😀

  2. aww.. these two are definitely serious outside of WGM… there’s no hiding it now… same with Andy and Solbi too… doing charity work together as a couple too….

    i’m not surprise by this at all cuz they both have shown how much they care and possibily love each other… it’s quite obvious… same with AnSol couple too… best wishes to them!!!

  3. Lol, that’s cool. But neither of them can cook, and probably don’t clean anything but shoes… o______o

  4. I’m sorry to break it to you SS but no couple on WGM will ever be remotely serious irl

    WGM is just a good way to publicize their new album, new product…higher ratings

    the only reason why they even try to remotely make viewers believe that there is something “real” is just to make them watch the next episode

  5. Lol I’m just going to ignore Lenin’s comment and say I LOVE this couple- my fav!!! A 6 month contract??! Well I guess that means they’ll be spending more time with eachother outside WGM so Yayyyyyy! They both look so adorable ^_^ J-young fighting!! ❤

  6. WGM really made them ‘HIT’….
    I’m sure most of new artist also wanna be in that program.
    Be waiting to see Ant & Witch couple CF…

  7. Yes, I agree with u aneesya,

    WGM did make them a “HIT” along with other couples who are now widely recoganized than before.


    All the couples also made WGM a “HIT”. IF it wasn’t for their effort, WGM wudnt have been a “HIT”.

  8. they look so cute together. Looking forward to the next episode of WGM it’s been delay for too long.

  9. Haha, cute! Funny to see them advertising appliances like kitchenware. I’m sure the cf will be funny, showing them being clueless about appliances, but the brand is sooo easy to use or something like that.

  10. I was kinda imagining either An-Sol or Al-Shin to endorse kitchenware products but not on our Ant-Witch couple. LOL.

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