Song Il Kook Makes His Return as Jumong’s Grandson Muhyul

Song Il Kook joined the ranks of a selected few following the runaway ratings success of “Jumong” two years ago. He will soon make his return to the small screen as Muhyul in his latest drama “Kingdom of the Winds”.

Muhyul is Jumong’s grandson and the third son of Yuri (second Goguyreo king). He is often referred to as Daemusin of Goguryeo, one of the greatest in Korean history having conquered the largest land territory for the longest period. He is also heralded as a “war god” for his destiny in transcending fate and love.

Song Il Kook just came back recently after a gruelling 45-day trip to China for war scenes filming. He gave his thoughts about his new role, “I am honored to be able to be given the chance to portray this great character in history. I felt that this role was made for me and have been wanting this for a very long time”, showing his passion and confidence in the character.

“Kingdom of the Winds” is directed by Kang Il Soo (Sea God) and helmed by Song Il Gook (Jumong), making it another dream combination. The 36 episodes drama will takeover “Hometown Legends” starting with a special on 4th September followed by the first episode on the 10th.

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