Lee Seo Jin Assures that His Wedding with Kim Jung Eun Will Be Made Public

In KBS2TV “Yo Yu Man Man” program shown today, Lee Seo Jin expressed, “When the time comes for me to marry Kim Jung Eun, I will notify everyone of it”, “I will definitely not get married in secret”.

Lee Seo Jin got acquainted with Kim Jung Eun through “Lovers” drama in 2006 and they swiftly became lovers on and off the drama set. For Lee Seo Jin, “Lovers” has not only left him with many interesting and fun memories but also meeting the love of his life. It is thus a very meaningful drama for him.

In the program, Lee Seo Jin talked about his relationship with Kim Jung Eun

My relationship with Kim Jung Eun is already known to everyone. We are just like many ordinary couples who goes on dates. We have meals together, chat, watch movies. That’s really not much of a difference from other couples. I am not sure why everyone’s so curious about what we are doing?

I have never quarrelled with her before. She is a very sharp (keen eye) and delicate woman. Because of her, I have changed a lot of my old ways. I only drank poktanju (boilermaker) in the past but have switched to drinking red wine more often now.

As for the numerous news reports on us, I thank everyone for their care and concern. I don’t really think much about what’s being written. Although some reports might make one feel unhappy, but it’s fine as long as the two of us are having an interesting life.

From lovers in a drama to a relationship off it, since Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun made their relationship public, they have been spotted together at big or small gatherings, with their sweet dating photos being splashed in newspapers often. The future of this couple makes one anticipate.

25 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin Assures that His Wedding with Kim Jung Eun Will Be Made Public

  1. If quoted correctly, “WHEN the time comes to marry…” So sweet. Loved the drama, Lovers. Hwaiting ^_^

  2. This couple is one my fav famous couple in korean entertainment………Hope and Wish that they do end up together bec they really look good together…………

  3. YAY!
    sounds like they really are going to marry later on. 😀
    they’re so compatible~
    good luck to the both of them!

  4. i am very happy that LSJ is now talking about wedding with KJE i hope we can hear wedding bells soon. I love this couple as I love the drama Lovers i am watching Lovers repeatedly and still cant seem to get enough of it and of the two of them.

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  6. Best wishes to these two! They look absolutely stunning together and I just hope the media backs off with the wedding thing. They’ll just push the couple to a break-up/separation …

  7. it is good that lee seo jin is not concerned with media write ups
    he and kim jung eun handles their relationship maturely
    i hope they alwasys remain that way and always stay in love with each other. i love them together. hope to see them getting married soon.

  8. i love this couple.. seems they really know how to compliment each other and they also find time to be together.. wish them both happiness!!!!.. =)

  9. RIP LEE EON !

    what a terrible accident ): he was too young to die;. we will
    not forget you ! condolences to his family and friends;.

  10. I will be very sad when LSJ marries (end of my fantasies), but happy for him because he has found the love of his life. Awwww.

  11. hey that comment on number 12 is misplaced.

    i love this couple LSJ and KJE get married soon guys so that you can still have many children you both are not getting any younger

  12. loving couple. so sweet and enviable. so happy that lsj found his true love. very happy for him. he’s one wonderful guy in the korean-tainment who is underrated of his goodwill.

    but this year it’s recognized. rah rah rah. this year is his lucky year, sweet lovelife, recognized charity, and popular historical drama.

  13. b4 i read this line up I’ll much more interesting when the times come but it is very well said by mr. lee seo jin. We believe him that they have sweeties relationship and fun of it thats what the couple wanted too… they must enjoyed it perfectly for the best both of them……..

    Seem we eager to know about there status when that time to settle!!!! Maybe it could be sooner or later!!!!……

  14. I love this couple as I love them in drama tv lovers it always remind me taught fully when i see them…..
    I always wish that they have a happy life and always in love each other as what LSJ and KJE said…..

  15. heyehhhh…..

    Maybe it’s to late for this comments but I believe it is better to late than never hehehehhhh…..
    I would say good luck for both of them with a perfect couple sweetheart in korean entertainment today, I appreciate totally this couple for being honest themselves….

    We happy.this news…. we wish for both good health and more blessing comes in their life….

  16. I really don’t engage myself watching TV but Lovers caught my attention very much even though I’ve seen only the few episodes of the series. Thanks for my officemate and a friend that lend me a dvd copy of Lovers and was able to see the whole story..Its true! can’t get enough of them…

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