Crown J and Seo In Young Ambiguous Relationship

Crown J who plays a made-believe couple with Seo In Young on MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” made a call to her recently on a radio program, asking for her forgiveness which attracted the attention of fans.

On “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” radio show on the 18th, Seo In Young who was guest received a call from her ‘husband’ Crown J asking for her forgiveness (not sure why, was not specified). “I was wrong, Seo In Young the best”, as Crown J’s phone call becoming a hot topic in an instance with listerners. Many left comments on the website, “The two of them are simply too compatible”, with many wondering whether the two of them are really dating off-screen.

Crown J expressed

Whether we are really dating or not, we have been a made-believe couple for more than six months now, our feelings for each other are almost on par with that of real couples. Even if we aren’t dating, we will have feelings for each other and show care/concern.

Upon hearing what Crown J said, DJ Choi Hwa Jung expressed with regrets, “Would be great if you both were really dating”.

When Seo In Young’s second album “Cinderella” became the No.1 search term after it’s release, Crown J was the first to congratulate his ‘wife’ on the phone. Their ambiguous relationship continues to draw the attention of their fans.

37 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young Ambiguous Relationship

  1. at first i think it might be another mission that siy is giving cj, like when he had to leave their wedding shoot to do a radio show, only this time cj has to call in but then maybe not.
    i wish they would be a couple, they are so great together!!!

  2. they are the most realistically portrayed couple on the show. their faults are all out in the open for us to judge on the show while other couples are potrayed too perfectly

  3. cute.
    Maybe this was being filmed for the upcoming episodes for We Got Married, too? They probably had a fight earlier on the show and Crown J made a public apology.

  4. I’d have to say that whether they’re real right now or not is fine with me. As Crown J said, whether or not they’re really dating there are feelings there. And like Solbi expressed many times in the show, even they probably don’t know what’s real and reel anymore. They’re probably busy with their careers as well, so even this type of “relationship” is fine for now. 😉

  5. ^^ the program did really good for both of them.. ^^ i mean i really hated SIY before..i can stand her at least these days..if she grows that damn hair back XD
    But Crown J is the sweetest guy..they are too funny together

  6. @chuey
    =O really? you should watch them more? they’re really funny and amusing to watch!

    Now, that I think about it, I understand what Crown J explained. They must be too busy with their careers at the moment, and they just want to focus on it, y’know? I’m fine with their “relationship” now because I think they’re both content with what they have now anyway.

  7. I like the way they always quarrel over small little things or maybe even big quarrels but in the end 1 will never fail to give in which will definitely leads to happily ever after if they ever get to date in real life!

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  9. i dont know how many time i will continue to write ths kind of comment in anyone blog or in any streaming show…

  10. well crown j wants to keep that distance…and i can’t believe its been 6 months already.. they are the most compatible couple to me… when the time is right, they should consider dating..

  11. Has anyone noticed Inyoung’s MV “Cinderella”, she pulls the ‘A!’ sign a couple times. I thought that was really cute. They are my fav couple on the show.

  12. They can say what they want. Words are just words. But body language is another thing. These two are together.

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  14. Wow…it’s been 6 months?!?! *siiigh* I hope that they would go from reel to real, but I respect Crown J and Seo In Young’s “privacy.” Their on-screen relationship is obviously there for all to see, but their off-screen dealings with each other are private. (Secretly, I would be very happy if they remain together forever because they are very compatible!)

  15. awww. i always thought crown and inyoung looked way too cozy on the show for them to be JUST friends.

    haha, okay, so they’re probably just really close friends. but its sweet to see more of the wgm couples being shown outside the show. more anbi and j/inyoung please! 🙂

  16. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER! i’d be happy if they were actually dating! CrownJ really knows how to take care of his wife Inyoung and I would adore them even more 🙂

    but i think it’s good they keep their relationship private
    the whole point of ‘rooting’ for them to be together will be lost if they didn’t

  17. WHY is it unknown why he called? I mean, what’s the deal? Feels like staged, or they would have said that.

  18. there’s a possibility they would date . :\
    on ep 41 [last ep for ant couple] crown j gave seo in young two pairs of shoes.
    one of the pair is missing a shoes.

    so crown j told inyoung to meet him in summer to get the other shoes.
    and its almost summer. i hope they meet up and date .
    i would die of happiness if they appear on TV again (:

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