We Got Married Not So Original Afterall?

MBC Sunday Sunday Night segment, “We Got Married” is now being accused of plagarism. This plagarism claim was made by one Korean media and it spread like wildfire across the internet, invoking fierce discussions about it.

sorely missed by fans

We Got Married is Koisuru hanikami clone?

According to the claim, the basic concept amd some parts of “We Got Married” are somewhat similar to a Japanese variety called “Koisuru Hanikami” by TBS Japan in 2006. Both shows sets up male and female celebrities together and hands them a mission to accomplish on that episode. The cameras then follows the celebrities around the whole day plus the same interview segments.

With regards to this, the PDs of “We Got Married” has denied the allegations and insisted that they have not watched “Koisuru Hanikami” before at all. But netizens are apparently not letting this go away that easily.

Most netizens gave their support to “We Got Married”, “The program has already been airing for a long time, they claimed it’s plagarism because of similar segments, that is ridiculous”, “Although the Olympics are good to watch, but we also want to watch We Got Married. Not only has it been pre-empted for the past weeks but with these plagarism allegations now, it’s quite a pity.”

There were some netizens who was unhappy about this, “I thought the program was really innovative all this while. But now with these plagarism claims, it’s pretty disappointing”, “I thought the program was really good to watch, but since all these is copied, I don’t feel very good now”.

The good publicity and vibes of “We Got Married” has gone downhill in recent weeks with the non-show of the program for two consecutive weeks and possibly this weekend included. Will these plagarism claims hurt the show ratings even further considering that “Family Outing” is really catching up? Is Kang Soo Jung really a jinx? Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

97 thoughts on “We Got Married Not So Original Afterall?

  1. Plagiarism or not, I will support this show to the end 100%!!! This is very heartwarming and induces very sweet and romantic feelings amongst us viewers. How does that even compare to a show that has been aired 2 years ago?!

    We Got Married FTW!

  2. OMG!! I hate the Korean media who made the accusation!!! I think they’re juz jealous that WGM is so popular… >.<!

  3. ::sigh:: something just has to happen.

    From what I googled I found out that in this Japanese show Hayami Mokomichi (Nighto from Zettai Kareshi) is on it, I thought that was pretty interesting, he’s hot.

  4. I am disappointed in that it’s not really that innovative of a show though i’ll still support it because i’ve grown attached to the cast. If they were to change the whole cast or the part of the cast that i’m attached to i wouldn’t give it a second thought and look for something else.

  5. “It is a bit like the American show, ‘Blind Date’. The show set up famous or semi-famous young adults on a blind date, and generally the date is planned put by the previous couple on the show, and the cameras follow them around all day.”

    Uh… Have any of you read the wiki article on the Japanese show? Doesn’t sound that similar to me.

  6. Uhm … yeah, why are they making these accusations now, of all times? This show has been on for 4 months already, it seems like saying this now is taking advantage of the downtime that WGM is having right now to make the ratings worse when it comes back. Also, I wonder which media outlet was the first to break the news … perhaps it was started by someone affiliated with a rival network??

    I found an episode of Koisuru Hanikami online and watched it, and I will concede that the premise is very similar. However, Hanikami is a blind date that is set up for only a day, and the missions they are given are decided by the blind date couple before them, not by the producers. As someone before me said, it is really similar to the American show, Blind Date, except in Blind Date the people are just normal people instead of celebrities. So if anything, you could say that Hanikami was ripping off Blind Date in the first place!

    I think the whole “dating” thing is a universal idea for variety shows all over the world. It’s really presumptuous to say that because one show has celebrities “dating,” it’s ripping off another show. WGM has similarities to Hanikami, but there are differences (and in my opinion, improvements) that I could confidently say that I don’t think it’s a ripoff.

  7. No reality show today is good enough to be labeled an “original concept”. What more with WGM? But if it is indeed plagiarised, WHO CARES?!

  8. once again .. the unhappy netizens are idiots, who are probably paid whistle blowers from rival korean networks who are jealous of We Got Married’s success. Hell, they probably aren’t the people who make up the viewing audience.

    If the premise is the same .. so what … we’re watching how the couples themselves interact … and if that’s not scripted …. no harm no foul.

  9. i agree wid kaye.
    who cares?
    i mean… if you`ve been watching wgm since the first episode..
    dont u think news like this wudnt matter n.e.more?
    to me.. i cudnt care less.
    i dont care about the concept..whether its original or copied.
    its the people n the emotions involved.
    theyre just tryin` to ruin a perfectly good show. =[
    im still lookin` forward to the show
    [wenever dey decide to show it]
    and another thing too..
    WHY NOW?
    why didnt dese people say something after the first epi?
    oh well.
    lookin` forward to hwangbo n hyunjoongs 1ooth day photoshoot.

  10. i thought kang soo jung got kicked out of mbc
    because all the program shes been on mbc became low rating
    but still im going to love tis showw forever!!

  11. plagiarism or not.. all of us still enjoy the show coz the cast of the show is wat that matters?

    i just hope, no matter what, just continue the airing coz im still dying to watch it!!!

  12. Yeps, who cares?! WGM has been on air for 5 months now (from march 16, not the Lunar New Year special), so the accusation is majorly late D:

  13. Wow who cares if its similar to another show, People need to stop being so sensitive!

    I hope it airs this week, I’M DIEING!

  14. Plagiarism or not, it doesn’t make a big difference. Real celebrities, kind of real situations, basically it’s only the CONCEPT that’s plagiarized if anything, which changes through process.

  15. if it really was copied, they should’ve caught it long before now instead of now when it’s at its height. and who cares if it was copied. i mean come on…what is not similiar nowadays? it’s a great cute show and it’s not the concept that makes it what it is, it’s the people.

  16. Koreans and Japanese always copy game shows and ideas from each other…who cares? Just enjoy the show…

  17. you should blame that japanese show for plagiarizing BLIND DATE or something then.. not every show will be original… every drama is pretty much the same concept too.. go blame them

  18. WGM is successful not because of the format or the concept…

    IT’s the ppl who participates that makes the show popular..

    AnBi, Hyunbo, AlShin and CJ/IY ; these are the ppl who brought life and drama to the show…

    I believe no1 gonna claim plagiarism if the show had flopped…

    They just want to use WGM to make their own show famous…

    That’s my thought…

  19. I don’t really care as long as the show is good. Not many shows around the world which can be called original. I miss We Got married. Have to wait for more than 1 more week T_T

  20. Just by reading the Wiki article the only similarities I see is that famous people get paired up and have a mission to do… that’s pretty vague to say it’s plagiarized to be honest.. and hell the Wiki said it’s a bit similar to America’s blind date except with famous/semi-famous people…

    People needs to do some research before accusing anything…

  21. The concept is pretty similar to many dating shows, but in a way it is unique and different. Seriously, now u can barely call any show at all original.

    I am soooooo mad right now that they will not be showing the show again this week. They should really change the PD. And seriously they should get rid of the new female MC and get Kim Won Hee back, she is sooo much better.

  22. SO WHAT??!!!!!
    Hana Kimi? antique cake? what else? it’s OKAY!!!!
    don’t use Plagarism word, just the Korean version ^_^

  23. Who cares, jealousy is the caused of the problem, there is always similarities in some of the program worldwide. what is more important is the casts of the show and fans that are so supportive .Because of the sincerity the casts have displayed in the show that touches the hearts of all their fans worldwide and it’s so addictive that everybody is looking forward towards its airing every weekends. I and my family will support this show more than 100%. Hope that the crew of WGM will continue with show regardless of any unpleasant remarks. Aja! Aja! Haiwaiting!

  24. I really hope soo jung isn’t a jinx :[

    Why does everyone thinks every cool show is copied from Japan? I mean, I under why, Jihwaja and the american version.

    But still…T_T

  25. Reality shows are generally all the same. Who cares if it’s not original? The people who are thinking twice about the show because they “don’t feel good about it now” are stupid. Everyone loves WGM because of not only the concept, but the stars that are in it. Original or not, WGM wouldn’t be as successful if the participants weren’t so entertaining to watch.

    Damn, Kang Soo Jung. It’s the curse! X| (Jay kay, jay kay.)

    But man, why are they just accusing now?! They just want to ruin it because the show’s doing so well.

    This really frustrates me for attacking my favorite show when I haven’t seen it for the past 2 weeks! ARRGH!

  26. korean media org have nothing better to do than to dig up baseless accusations iz it… everytime i see these type of pulled-out-of-the-nonsense-bucket articles… i think – wah liaoz… e world is full of boliao ppl -_-‘

  27. WHO CARES???!!! this show is like parts of the air that i breathe… can’t they think of another issue?…

    my opinion, the PD’s of WGM must really think twice or thrice and get rid of that lady emcee, she is not helpful at all..

  28. I don’t care at all. The show is very entertaining. So what of japan also has the show. -_- people are making a big fuzz about nothing. look at Americans next topmodel almost every country has it now and they are not complaining.

  29. oh wow.. people have no life.. wgm has been airing for longgg while, and NOW they want to accuse of plagiarism when its super popular? woww.. like saying there’s only one dating variety show in the world.

  30. No, they are totally different. WGM have fixed guest where they experienced wedding life. Koisuru hanikami have different guest every week.

  31. the more they put WGM down, the more i will support this show. i just don’t care if they have the same concept, the show is different, the people are interesting! WGM FIGHTING!

  32. i think people are pissed off not seeing WGM for 3 consecutive weeks… so someone is definitely out there to hurt WGM while they can…

    WGM is at a low point now in people’s mind b/c they haven’t been showing the show to please viewers, so now… pissed of viewers may be willing to believe this “rumor” and it will HURT WGM reputation…

    regardless if it’s true or not, WGM is still a great show and it shouldn’t matter if you’re a true supporters of the show!

  33. And sorry even the show called “Koisuru Hanikami” is said to be a bit like American “Blind date” er, hello?

    paring celebrities, setting up a mission and followed by cameras and then copy? hahaha if there’s no cameras, then how can it be a show????

    one korean media accuses one korean show..this is more fun than drama after all.

  34. whether it is plagiarism or not, THE REAL ISSUE IS: IT IS A DAMN BIG HIT.

    –if this case is true, then why don’t “Koisuru Hanikami” sue MBC? and why do people react that its fake after watching it for months already??

  35. i watched Koisuru Hanikami a long time ago. and yeah when i first watched We Got Married it reminded me of that show. but so what.. nothing’s new in this world anymore. when you look carefully everything’s a combination of some other things. so if anyone really want something “new” i’m possitive he/she won’t be finding it on TV program.

    even that, i’m not support something “copied” and, to me, We Got Married is Koisuru Hanikami’s sequel coz Koisuru Hanikami only portraited a couple on their one blind date and We Got Married show how the couples develope their married life.

  36. why are people so freaking stupid. who cares if they copied another shows concept or not. we all are influenced by different parts of the world. its a global village. is this even newsworthy? We just want entertainment.

  37. does it matter? WGM is popular bc its GOOD! and alot of variety show have cameras men follows them.. and Koisuru Hanikami is a Blind Dating semi-famous celebrities show… not celebrities getting marries show. TOTALLY NOT plagiarism.

  38. dont care about d alligation now or never…d important thing is…d sweet feeling tht ‘might’ growing between any couple in this show… WGM himneseyo……!!!! šŸ˜‰

  39. well for korean fans who are leaving this show because of this, there’s a lot like this in korean music so stop listening to those too thank you


    Give me a break, how many similar variety shows are present in this world?

    They like to make noise. This makes me so angry.

    And the person who commented they felt bad. Did they go and make the celebrities saya nd do EVERYTHING the Japanese stars did? NO. Get over it.

  41. everything nowadays is never original. i still like this show but it is getting boring, like all the couples are fun but it is the usual stuff. i like Family Outing, i’ve never heard of Lee Hyori & Park Yeh Jin before, it is nice to see celebrities out of their element, but this show also can get old quick, but it is sweet how they help out old folks giving them a vacation even though it is really short.

  42. i think this is stupid. i mean, if someone gets a good idea, how are they supposed to check every single t.v. show that ever existed in the entire world before creating it ?

  43. z
    its not only korea, think about it.
    all countries does that, don’t take your blame on korea :@

  44. I also like the show..who cares if they have the same program in every country..it’s the cast who makes it cool ^^ I’m sure they don’t have Crown j in japan XD lol

  45. This is SUPER Ridicules… i don’t get why the big FUSS!!!!

    Everyone in this world is copying Everyone.. WHO CARES

    “IT’S Not about Who did it first its WHO has done it BETTER!!!

    and i love WGM and i will still support it…

  46. Plagiarism? Give me a break, what isn’t? I think licensed ideas are one of the most ridicules things invented! It’s no genius ideas, it is quite simple and should be free for all to use. FFS!

  47. I feel like, even if it is so what?
    Why are they complaining, tryin’ to give them something to watch right? dang.

    stuff gets copied all the time like that japanese game show with the shapes you gotta try to fit though. (forgot what its called lolz)

  48. whatever I don’t think the show would even BE CLOSE to being the same without the people in it
    the MC’s and the couples are what makes “We Got Married” so special
    they should just give them if it’s true like 5 % of the earnings or something because if We Got Married stops airing I’ll be SUPER pissed -___-

  49. Nowadays it hard to said one show is original or not, most of them are influence by other show. Plagiarism or now i found that this show are interesting and i always support this show..
    WGM fighting……

  50. i don’t care if they copied it
    all good shows are eventually copied and usually all of them use the same formula so it’s always hard to be original
    i’ll support WGM 10000000000000%!
    this show rocks and i looooooooooooove all the couples šŸ™‚

  51. this is abosultely ridiculous.
    its soo funny! I just started recently watching this and its super awesome. i haven’t even hard about that japanese verison of theirs.

  52. Augh.. no matter what the idea itself is not original at all!! Just never put into action! Get over it you netizens ) : < don’t you dare cancel this show.

  53. plagiarism: “Claiming another person’s written material as one’s own. Plagiarism can take the form of direct, word-for-word copying or the theft of the substance or idea of the work.” i googled it… there gave credits to google ^_^…

    all i gotta say is, if WGM is getting sued… Koisuru Hanikami needs to get sued too… rip off of plenty of american t.v shows.. like Blind Date, Change of Heart, The Dating show (what ever its called.. the 70’s one lol) etc etc…. but we cant really say rip off now can we? cuz its a theme or type of t.v show. can fox news sue abc news for broadcasting the same story? (not word for word, but the story itself)…

    and it seems like WGM’s got its own uniqueness in that they made these celebs married couples for 4 longs months and still going… not blind dates for one afternoon and an evening at a resturant… and the interview segments… of course a show like this would have that in the program… dont all show’s have them?

    all im getting at is that there are many show out there that are dating shows… they’re all the same concept.. just tweeked a lil bit here and there.. thrown in something trendy over there….
    but i’d say.. WGM is the most interesting and intriguing of them all. its like watching mini dramas that with director’s comments as you watch.. only its from everyone: the couples, the hosts, the producers, lol even the editors i bet..

    well, WGM ftw!!!!

  54. I’ve watched “koisuru hanikami” (KH) before but when I first watched WGM i don’t feel like it was the same at all. In fact I’ve forgotten all about KH because the feelings that came out from between those two were just different. KH gave me the feeling like I was watching a scripted drama eventhough it was without one. But WGM… ahh! How I wanted my reality life to be like that.. hahah.. see the feelings were all different.

  55. So it was started by one of Korea’s very own “media,” and yet again was spread like wild fire by the netizens, who just happen to keep on pouring gas on the damned fire. Aren’t they doing exactly what the group that sparked the fire wants? -_-

    Seriously, even I knew that these types of shows weren’t EXACTLY “original.” I have seen Blind Date before and reading from wikipedia, that Japanese show Koisuru Hanikami, is not that different from it. But seriously? How can they say that the WJM is plagarized? Can you honestly say that a television show these days is COMPELTELY ingenious? I don’t think so. They might as well say that the Japanese show was plagarized from Blind Date, it seems like those two have a lot more in common. Geez.

    The media who spread this news are probably on some sick mission to lower the viewership ratings for WJM due to the pool of envy they’re drowning in right now. Seriously, why can’t they just calm down and try to think of some of their own ideas on how to RAISE THEIR own viewership ratings instead of lowering that of the competitions to make them look good? Just imagine, if the competition has high ratings, but yours was high-ER because of your own shows and not because of your cheap-bashing-to-gain-popularity gigs, then that would be better. They should learn how to mind their own business. It’s not like they’d gain any sort of fame if they’re some “unknown Korean media” that’s bashing WJM. Since it’s anonymous, it’s not guaranteed that those that will stop watching WJM will go and run to watching whatever show they’re airing on their network anyway.

    I happen to think that WJM is a great show either way, and it’s definitely better than Blind Date. I still think it’s entertaining and although it’s not completely original it definitely has it’s own flare. The viewers mostly watch for the “development of relationships” in the program anyway. Now that jealous media can’t exactly say that what the cast are feeling in the show are “plagarized,” can they?

    To all who are disappointed and about finding out that WJM is not original and want to stop watching because of this reason; please try searching up half the things you enjoy to watch or listen to, and look at all the criticisms you find about those. I’m sure you’d be VERY disappointed about everything by then; but can you stop watching/listening to almost everything just because they’re no longer original? I don’t think so. So let’s stop being so critical and just continue to enjoy what we’re given.

    Whatever those unhappy and incredibly critical netizens say, let’s continue to support WJM. We all don’t want to be left hanging after watching as far as episode 21, do we?

  56. YES kangsoojung is a curse.
    im sorry but shes just not very good at hosting. look what happened to ysmm1, heroine 6 lol

  57. Good effing god! It might have started out with the same basic idea, but it turns out completely different! I’ve watched Koisuru Hanikami, but it seemed pretty empty to me and the couples always changed there was no room to have the couples get comfortable with each other.

    This is called We Got MARRIED, they’re living “married” lives not going through blind (awkward) dates, it’s so completely different. Just because it involves celebrities it’s plagarism? Whatever! Such a dumb accusation.

  58. omg! so what if it’s similar?? it’s not important now, bacause it was airing so long and they only realised it now that it is plagiad? omfg! give it a break! WE WANT “WE GOT MARRIED” BACK! (:

  59. Exactly.
    So what?

    Why bring this topic in now, of all times? Pretty stupid if people NOW start to notice that WGM might be copied. Kinda late, if you ask me.

    Besides, people copy other people’s songs all the time, and there are hardly any complaints about that. I don’t see what the big fuss is. If people are entertained, then let them be. No need to bring some dumb legal action into play and ruin everyone’s entertainment.

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  61. i’ve been reading around on the internet that quite a few people don’t like WGM anymore, or that the new couples are boring or that other shows are better etc etc

    well if you don’t like it, don’t watch it =/ simple as that.

    i personally didn’t like the new couples at all, AT FIRST but they’re starting to grow on me, anyways even if they did copy a Japanese show WGM rocks and i think i’d watch it forever regardless ^^

    ā¤ We got married FTW!

  62. WHAT? this is a hoax. whatever, even if its copied, at least they made good revisions. Im not even korean but i love this show so much. it just made my holidays even more complete. By the way, this is the first show that made me sob till my toes, the farewell of the couple alshin was really touching, i even think there;s something going on with the two (hehe) and hwangbo’s crying episode really moved my heart. STILL, THIS SHOW IS THE BEST!!!!!

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