So Ji Sup and Yoo Seung Ho Stars in the Same MV

The MV for the digital single “Lonely Life” performed by G was finally unveiled today. There are actually a total of 3 versions for the same song. The first included scenes from So Ji Sub’s upcoming movie with Kang Ji Hwan, “A Movie Is a Movie” while the second is a normal MV. But the most talked about is the third version which is restricted for viewing to only those aged 19+ and above on tv. But you can now find all three versions for viewing on the internet today.

In the restricted version of the MV, there is a scene where So Ji Sup strangles a woman to death which resulted in the production team to label it as “only 19+ and above”. As the clock ticks, the horrific sound of the woman gasping for breath as she is being strangled adds to the suspense. Yoo Seung Ho (known as the younger So Ji Sup) plays the teenage So Ji Sup in the MV who appears almost fantasy-like in his line of sight. With his child-like gaze at seeing himself in a deranged state in future, he feels sad and fearful.

20 thoughts on “So Ji Sup and Yoo Seung Ho Stars in the Same MV

  1. hahaha i love how they used Yoo Seung Ho as So Ji Sub’s younger self in the m/v. he’s pretty much known as sjs’s younger look-a-like in korea xDD.

  2. I love so ji sub, the way he acts always give me goosebumps , he is juz way too cool!!!

    Anyway, Yoo Seung Ho,So Ji Sub and that boy who acted as the younger bae yong joon in twssg must be long lost brother~~they look so freaking alike!

  3. Finally! I was waiting for So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho to appear in a project together. I was hoping it’d be a drama but I’ll take an MV..hehehe.

  4. so the director did hear our prayer! in every frickin article of yoo seung ho there will be so ji sub name mentioned, aaaah im satisfied now

  5. AGH! I love them! So Ji Sup is so hot, and Yoo Seung Ho is so hot too. Oh my god, the charisma and smexiness just oozes out of the mv. Whoever came up with the idea of putting them togerther is a pure genius. Hopefully they’ll do a drama together very VERY soon. :]

  6. If im not mistaken Yoo Seung Ho is the younger version of Kwon Sang Woo in the kdrama SAD SONATA right………he really grow up so handsome………

  7. RE: Sheena

    Yoo Seung Ho IS the boy who acted as the younger bae yong joon in The Legend (twssg).

    They look so alike…
    Yoo Seung Ho is such a cute boy!
    He can act too~

  8. Wonder how it felt working with each other. They’re so freakin’ alike! Yoo Seung Ho is going to grow up to be such a hottie. He already is, but it feels wrong of me to say that right now.

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  10. Re: 13 xaneth9

    Oh my god!!! he is?!~~ shame on me for not recognizing him.

    He grew sooooooooooooo much from the time he acted sad sonata and the way home… gosh!!

  11. هاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااي سوجي سوب انا بحبك اوي

  12. اعجبك من اريد اتغزل وياك
    وارش ماي الورد فوق الشفايف
    وبنور القمر اغسل محياك
    انا شلال من حب وعواطف
    مكانك بالقلب وبروحي ماواك
    ومنين عيوني انت منين خايف
    جميل انت ومثير بكل مزاياك

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