Heechul Leaving his First Kiss for Future Wife

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul revealed recently, “I will leave my first kiss to my future wife”, his words invoking some reaction from his fans.

No first kiss yet? Believe it or not

No first kiss yet? Believe it or not

While hosting his ETN radio show, he revealed about the preparations that he and fellow Suju member Kangin have been undergoing for their “Xanadu” musical which would be showing from 9th September. The most interesting part was when he talked about the filming for the musical TVCF.

Kim Heechul expressed that he was able to complete the filming for the hugging scenes, etc with relative ease. But he found himself in a spot when the director requested for him to do a kissing scene with the female actress. This was because he wanted to leave his first kiss for his future wife. So right until the end of the filming, he never attempted any kissing scenes at all.

69 thoughts on “Heechul Leaving his First Kiss for Future Wife

  1. Lies! I bet he kissed already, didn’t he mention something about kissing a girl in YaShimManMan in season 1?? I don’t believe him -_-

  2. He pro’lly did it to be funny, seeing as how he’s Heechul. He’s kissed plenty of people before. xD

  3. LIES! I really don’t believe he has never kissed a girl before…I remember him talking about his ex-girlfriend and kissing her..

  4. Or it’s quite possible he’s just a closeted gay guy therefore marriage will never happen and he doesn’t consider kissing a girl really kissing.

  5. LOOOL!!!
    Well maybe not his first kiss with a woman, but heechul might’ve kissed a few dudes already…

  6. lol heechul is such a player!

    he admitted to kissing his first girlfriend and also he definitely kissed his costar on rainbow romance!! unless thats his double!?!


  7. maybe it’s just a sort of publicity for their show…he mentioned 2 different stories about him kissing his girlfriend in 2 different episodes of YSMM…it’s either he lied in YSMM or he is lying now…

  8. lmao at #7!!
    as much as i think its sweet (and impossible), unfortunately we all watch ysmm ^^
    or.. did he mean the forceful kiss from his gf during lion king is not real kiss? we need the man to describe his opinion of real first kiss!

  9. It’s impossible to save your first real kiss. Then your GF wouldn’t want you anymore.
    He should just save his V-card.

  10. Oh I can’t belive! just like you guys. He’s just act. like…
    plus it’s impossible to save his first kiss

  11. didnt he kiss his costar on Golden Bride multiple times??

    oh please! heechul saving his first kiss??? i’m sure he was kidding and people reported it as though he was being serious

  12. By kiss … what does he mean ? oO Because I remember I saw a picture of him kissing another girl (their lips were touching)… Maybe by kiss he means… with the tongue xD ? If it’s not that, it’s a lie, a big lie

  13. Hahahaha, I can’t believe that .___________. HeeChul didn’t kiss yet? ¬¬’ I think it’s the same if EunHyuk or DongHae says that they don’t like dancing! Like we like to say here in Brazil, “conta outra!”, HeeChul!

  14. I Don’t Think Thats True I Heard Him Talk About Kissing a Girl Before

    Wait Does It Include Kids Cuz of Shows Like Star King ? Heechul = Liar/Pretty Boy

  15. I agree about the Yashimanman episode ! he did mentioned he was annoyed at his girlfriend when she kissed him *on the lips* while they were watching Lion King !!! Heechul .. u might wanna remember things u previously said before saying things like this …..

  16. LMAO he’s so cute
    but he’s already had his first kiss!
    or did he? He kissed in “Golden Bride” didn’t he?
    I’m pretty sure he did

    but still the female actor probably didn’t want it either Elves would be on her in seconds =)

  17. That is cute that he want that first kiss for his wife BUT it’s a lie, he’s kissed someone before, I MEAN its HEECHUL! aha..

  18. i remember his gf kissed him on the cheek while watching lion king. and he wiped it away cause he was too into lion king. his relationships never lasted longer than like.. 3 weeks i think (i forgot the exact amount), and he kisses people on the cheek a lot.. but never seen him done so on the lips… someone.. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE. lol, it’s just too shocking to hear heechul… kissless at his age and plus he’s a pretty hottie haha XD

  19. So he never had a first kiss?..that’s a joke..Heechul probably said it as to make ppl laugh & talk.
    because seriously if he hasn’t then dayum that sucks for his previous relationships they were stuck with a guy that would not kiss them….lol

  20. i just love hee chul but even i gotta agree that he’s probably gay and has a crush on the chinese guy. i remember he said on ysmm that he wanted to watch lion king while his gf wanted to make out.

  21. I’m afraid I…don’t – believe him. Much as I’d like to, I just can’t. It’s too wildly unlikely. And of course he will break this claim – why are these stars always so over-confident of their own purity/self-control/whatever? How is such a statement realistic?


  22. i think he’s probably referring to tongue? i’ve seen him kissed on screen with his co-stars in previous dramas he acted in, they’re more like smooches never anything like a make out session. :DD

    he’s still the same witty kim heechul regardless,


  23. I do believe that he doesn’t have a lot of experience with kissing…..but only because his on-screen ones are so awkward. lol

    What I don’t understand is why he thinks this kiss would be different than the ones he’s done in dramas (Rainbow Romance, Golden Bride, etc.). Why would this count as a real kiss and not the others? He probably just doesn’t like the girl he has to kiss. xD

  24. LIES LIES LIES! Unless he means his first kiss with a girl?! Because I’m SURE he’s kissed a lottta boys. XD The SuJu boys. ❤

  25. only stupid crazy soju fans believe that. when kangin said similar things and i commented that i dont believe him on youtube i got attacked like crazy lol.

  26. This being Heechul, I’m sure he meant it as a joke and the media blew it out of proportion. I very much doubt he believes his fans stupid enough to think it’s true. Then again, from some of the comments…

  27. I think it’s French kiss that he’s talking about. If it’s HeeChul, I will believe him. He’s so blunt that I don’t think he really needs to pretend to be innocent.

  28. LOLLL… Ya right my ass.. Or maybe he’s talking about a passionate kiss kinda kiss.. Like a french kiss. Then again Heechul’s witty he probably cooked this up so people would start talking. Hahahahahhaa… Good one.

  29. wahaha…maybe heechul was just joking around and doesn’t want to kiss that girl..”bad breath??? maybe” or “ugly” “not his type” haha..joke! what kind of kiss? french kiss?? or just a smack?? haha….maybe its..true he doesn’t want an intimate kissing scene with his FEMALE co-star…haha…
    huh? HELLER, i don’t get him. why did he said that..
    (itz like..saying… save ur virginity 4 your husband/wife toOo…BE! bwahahaha…)>< well itz his LIPZzz……haha….
    Un-touchable-Fragile…kissable-MWUUAHH LIP! wahahahahah……
    …lagot cya sa akin!….


  30. i think he has only bobo-d because even in golden bride there was like a total of three bobos between him and the girl…didn’t feel real

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  32. What’s with the bashing =__= For us REAL fans, it’s obvious that he’s just goofing around ! Thats just the way he is xD

  33. awww dats sooooo sweet…
    can i be ur first and last kiss..


  34. @ sakura, heechul didn’t really kiss sungmin at the SM concert, there are pictures that show that they didn’t really kiss.


    If he did kiss before then fine, he’s just being the goofy heenim that he is.

    If he hasn’t ‘kissed’ before, then that’s very sweet of him to leave his first kiss for his wife. =)

  35. for # 34
    its only his fanservice towards the fans and its not a real kiss.
    he kiss the microphone.
    if you are really there at the concert you would see it.

    hahaha.. lies heechul. you kiss your loveteam at rainbow romance.. ^^

    i think he was only joking at that tym

  36. Its just so funny that fans know he is making a joke and other people think he was serious. LOL
    Watch the show fist and you would know he is joking.

  37. i dont believe heechhul -______-

    such a pretty boy like him has not kissed yet?!?

    woah woah woah dat made me got butterflies 🙂

  38. Oh my god!!

    I cant belived

    I thing kim Hee chul is gay

    I know from his Face is prety boy

    Maybe he has kiss with many boys, not yet girl

  39. to kim heechul:

    remember to smile every once in a while..
    i’ve notice a lot of things…it makes me sad..
    so dont forget to truly smile..

    please come visit the USA with Suju often..

  40. He’s so GAY kissing ( open mouth kiss ) Jungmo of Trax and even Sungmin. Yuck. Pwe!

  41. HEECHUL not gay.
    its just because he likes to kiss a boy
    thats not mean that he’s gay !!!

    i love heechul 🙂

  42. can u all stop talk bad about him??!!
    it is so annoying.. daaa…

    u know all thing about him huh?
    with who he kissed..
    about his ex-gf..
    and many more….

    why u said he is gay or player even liar?
    u don’t know him so much, don’t u?
    don’t say anything bad about him if u don’t know well about him..

    if u hate him, how come u know everything about him..
    daaaa… what a jerk..

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