We Got Married Cancellations Irking Viewers

With MBC opting to broadcast the baseball game between Korea and China at the Beijing Olympics 2008 yesterday, the regular broadcast of “We Got Married” was cancelled once again. This has led to many viewers being incensed at MBC’s scheduling and insisting on having the right to choose what they want to watch and not being forced to watch whatever is planned by them.

sorely missed by fans

sorely missed by fans

The production team of MBC Sunday Sunday Night had posted the cancellation notice less than 24 hours before the actual broadcast at 10.20pm on the official website, “Because of the live broadcast of the baseball game tomorrow, Sunday Sunday Night will not be shown, we hope that viewers can understand.”

This abrupt notice left many viewers disappointed, “Granted that the Olympics are very important, but you can’t possibly stop showing Sunday Sunday Night for two consecutive weeks.” Before the cancellation notice was posted on late Saturday night, there were already many discussions on the official website where many wrote that they were looking forward to a new episode of “We Got Married” after the cancellation the week before. The wait continues.

Although the ratings for the Olympics broadcast have been really good, but it has also led to many variety shows and dramas on the three major tv stations to take a backseat and left many viewers feeling incensed at this sudden disruption and asking for their right to choose what they want to watch.

54 thoughts on “We Got Married Cancellations Irking Viewers

  1. Olympics will never bring world peace, and WGM canceled over baseball?? Jeez, unlike other sports baseball’s top event is not the Olympics.

  2. yeah and just when alex and shin ae are making progress arghhh!! well there is nothing we could do about it just conplain!!um!! jeez

  3. ikr!
    ive been waiting another week for this episode
    but againn… its cancelled D:
    olympics can never beat the entertainment that WGM brings us!

  4. WGM is a show that can come back at any point whereas the Olympics only come around every 4 years. It only takes a little bit of patience to honor and respect the dedication and hard work by all the athletes who worked so hard to represent your country.

  5. i agree with hoihoi.
    olympics are only once every 4 years, and the celebrities should also take a break to enjoy the sports and root their country on.
    wgm can start again anytime.
    and the producers deserve a break too.

  6. i understand that olympics are once every 4 years
    but that doesn’t mean everything
    i could really care less about watching a base ball game
    wgm’s entertainment value and satisfaction is about 100 times more than a baseball came to me
    its not fair it’s been cancelled 2 weeks in a row 😦

  7. come on bring bak we got married
    olympics is everyday we got married is only on one day
    come on bring bak WE GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Hey, I think the Olympics are important to many people.
    It’s where all the countries unite together and compete against each other. There are also many people who don’t care about it also but I’m just saying to show at least a little care.
    People in the Olympics train very hard to be in there, so we shouldn’t put them down.
    A lot of people love sports or they like to see it, or maybe they want to support their country through the Olympics.
    Sure, you might want to watch “We Got Married” instead of the Olympics, but wait a little more, I’m sure it might go on soon.
    Personally, I would rather watch WGM too, but the Olympics are okay.
    The Olympics are something that doesn’t show every year, but WGM can show anytime.
    Show a little respect for people who train hard and long for this.

  9. i was really upset about how they cancelled at the last minute. they said they were planning on showing it early anyway, they should ve just shown it even earlier instead of canceling it. i actually dont like the fact how it wont be as up to date anymore because we missed two weeks, that means they had another two days of filming. ehh i hope they show two episodes instead of one next week to make up for it. oh wait it might be cancelled again because of the olympic closing ceremony. sighs suffering from the withdrawal

  10. They should’ve shown it another day, I’m sure they have time slots open on saturday or monday… They could’ve worked around the olympics and rescheduled everything..

    I’m guessing they want people who didn’t watch WGM from the beginning to catch up with reruns or watching the episodes online, so when they start airing it again the ratings will be higher.

  11. I love watching the Olympics but no WGM for another week?! I couldn’t even make it through the first week and now a second week! They can play both, maybe move WGM up more. Jesus! I can’t wait any longer, that’s what I get for being so obsessed over WGM.

  12. So MBC was the only one that didn’t show their Sunday night line up? that sucks… SBS and KBS showed their Sunday line-up…

  13. I can’t believe the PD punked us again .. huhuhuhu I’m almost WGM retard here ! need a dose of my Alshin !

  14. Yes I am very disapoined again that MBC re-did the same action which cancellate We Got Married…Why they cannt change to another time to boardcast?? =.=”

  15. I do kind of find it sad but the Olympics are really important too …
    but it’s a lot different over here they only have the Olympics on ONE station and take breaks then run for almost 10 or more hours straight.

    I’m sad though not being able to watch We Got Married is really depriving! T_T

  16. I think olympics should be on every1 1s 2 see their country dont they but i should be upset over the late notice from them though, less than 24 hours was it. Olympics shouldbe on

  17. I don’t get it…
    I was told that MBC and other stations were planning on putting all the show on a 2 week break for the olympic games. I found that out a week before the opening 0.0

  18. OH but I am mad about one thing.
    I haven’t been able to watch YAMD on fridays because of the olympics and this week of 1n2d!

  19. read on another site (londonface) that aug 24 episode is also cancelled due to Olympics! waaah, so frustrating that i won’t get to see my 3 fave couples…..

  20. ooops!!! sorry, it was not at “londonface” but at “allseouldout” that i read of the cancellation. my apologies to both chonsa and londonface……

  21. just saw the post at allseouldout too, is this confirmed? no wgm for almost a whole month?! i wonder if filming is going on despite the cancellations.

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  23. i dont see americans complaining about missing America’s got talent and Wipeout every tuesday because of olympic coverage lolol. maybe because they suck compared to WGM. anyway olympics got boring after michael phelps and the water cube events.

  24. *sigh.They’re going to lose a lot of viewers this way,people are going to slowly forget about every week it’s not on,either that or get angrier.

    @32:American’s aren’t complaining because look who’s leading the medal count lol.The Olympics is turning out to be a China verses USA….imo.

  25. omg i cnt believe its really gona get pre empted again.. i was so looking forward for the joongbo pictorials… T^T….

    im so sad darn it..!!!

    hopefully they change their minds coz this SUX!

  26. You people are so selfish. Can’t wait you a little bit? The Olympics are really important, please show respect for the athletes that are trying hard to bring a medal to your country! It’s not the end of the world. The Olympics only happens once in 4 years! This’s a big event.

    WGM can wait. I don’t think the show will lose a lot of viewers.

  27. Yeah!! what the heck is MBC thinking?? complain alot korean netizens! arghhh 3 weeks??!! that’s too much! I dont wanna watch MBC anymore…. retards

  28. @Lily

    u just dont know how REAL wgm fans feel! ur not really into the series, that’s why u cant possibly understand us! so stand back if u have nothing better to say!!

  29. Even more reason to not like sports. This is how it is where I live also, only that nowadays i don’t give a **** what they are airing.

  30. @JoongBo

    I stand back if i want and for your information i’m big fan. I watched all episodes. I always feel excited to see the next one. I have favorites couples and i watch others programs with them. The fact is Olympics is a big event, so what’s the big deal to wait? You’re not going to die if you wait.

  31. wow… this is really killing me… i was so excited when Sunday was nearing then, when i read the news online about the cancellation… i was way pissed off… of course the Olympics are important, but they should still continue some of their shows to please viewers…. this is really disappointing…

  32. the 1st week is understandable.. but the sudden cancellation on the day before the airing really does sucks!!! .. it got all the fans hyped up to watch the show.. it’s just best if they should’ve just sticked with what it is originally planned.. just hope that there won’t be anymore cancellations for next week..

  33. well, i have to understand though.. it is something that comes only once every 4 years, after these.. 3 weeks.. we’ll all be back to our regular lives and regular programmings! and its totally really disrespectful to be saying things like not giving a **** about sports.. that’s not going to make wgm aired any sooner. its not that serious.. wgm will come eventually… but there’s only one.. michael phelps! he still amazes me hahha.

  34. due to Korea’s elimination by Spain in the men’s handball quarterfinals, We Got Married will finally be back in it’s regular timeslot this Sunday, rejoice WGM addicts!

  35. omgg just bring back me my show WGM ALL DA WAYY! i want it backk!! lol besta be aired dis weekend rawrrr ! XD

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