Infinity Challenge Watches Korean Women’s Handball Match in Beijing

MBC “Infinity Challenge” Olympics Special was finally unveiled on the afternoon of 16th August and was able to trumph KBS in the ratings war even though they showed the same women’s handball match between Korea and Hungary.

“Infinity Challenge” members Noh Hong Chul and Jung Hyung Don took turns as special commentators as they joined the regular commentators for play-by-play commentary during the game for Korean viewers. Jeon Jun Ha, Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo were in the stands cheering the Korean team on. JunJin was unable to make it but will meet up with them today for other games.

According to AGB Nielsen, the ratings for MBC’s broadcast was 17.1% and was noticeable higher than KBS which only got 8.8%, showing the influence that “Infinity Challenge” had. The “Infinity Challenge” effect also meant that this handball match became the highest rated match since the Beijing Olympics started showing on tv. The ratings for the previous handball matches hovered around 10% and even at it’s peak, wasn’t even able to reach even 15%.

10 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Watches Korean Women’s Handball Match in Beijing

  1. I love handball. Great sport. At least in the Olympics, Men’s Korean handball doesn’t get cockblocked.

  2. oh i have to say that its no wonder that MBC got the higher ratings. i spent the weekend watching MBC’s olympics on cable.. wow their commentators are amazing. they made some boring games very exciting. and with IC in it. that’s just even better!

  3. i love IC. i want to see this, is there a link to download? if only i had IC to comment on the olympics, it would be so much more entertaining & fun.

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