Uhm Jung Hwa Once Wept About Possible End to Singing Career

Uhm Jung Hwa who made her comeback with her “D.I.S.C.O” album expressed that she was once depressed and burdened over her top female star status.

Uhm Jung Hwa will appear on SBS “Ya Shim Man Man” Season 2 on 18th August and talk about the depression and burden she felt in the past.

She teared as she talked about the long gap in between her albums

I saw my performance (past) being played on tv and cried. It reminded me of the past when I was performing on stage. So many of my fans were cheering and showing their support for me. I started crying when I think about that.

To become an actress, Uhm Jung Hwa had no alternative but to put her singing career on hold. Although she has also receive lots of love from being an actress, she still misses the times when she was a singer.

As I started getting on (age), I felt that my singing career was about to end. I kept asking myself, ‘when will my next album be out?’.

After hearing Uhm Jung Hwa’s words, Seo In Young who has always treated her as her idol expressed, “Uhm Jung Hwa unnie is someone whom I have always respected. I have been anticipating for her comeback all the time.” In Young proceeded to do a special performance for her idol leaving her touched.

15 thoughts on “Uhm Jung Hwa Once Wept About Possible End to Singing Career

  1. Just because you’re getting old doesn’t mean the fun is over!
    You can do so much more! Look at Madonna!
    Umh Jung Hwa Fighting!!!!

  2. w3ndy ~ gotta agree with you… the society does not just belong to a caterogry of age… i mean, eventually we will all get to that age then we will really feel the pinch…..

    all ages should have fun…hahahahahaha ROCK ON MADONNA.

  3. Awww ^^
    I love this woman so much, she does her best in no matter what she is doing ! I so remember 10 years ago she was one of the reasons i fell for Kpop ;D
    Her albums are always good and i totally wish her luck cuz she is a true diva ❤

  4. I love UJH and her mini album D.I.S.C.O is amazing! I agree with Jasmine* she rly is a true diva and I hope she continues to do well ❤

  5. But I am sure it is for Uhm Jung Hwa like it is for Hyori, it is HARD getting back when getting older! So it’s not just about what people think. Both want to sound and look the best, as if time hadn’t affected them.

    Coolsmurf, it would be so cool if you subbed this show 🙂

  6. Ummm, wowjhil, I don’t think Hyori really has to face that problem yet, she’s still super popular and she is FAR from old!
    Anyone would be lucky to look as good as Hyori does at 29!
    I’d love to look as good as UJH too at her age!
    Both of these divas ROCK!

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