Kara Performs Fin.K.L Now on M! Countdown

Kara became Fin.K.L on the 14th August broadcast of M! Countdown as they performed one of their most popular songs back then “Now”. Being in the same company (DSP Entertainment) as their predecessors, Kara had the backing of Fin.K.L when they made their comeback recently. Kara made their comeback with a cute image and it was pretty evident in the way in which they performed “Now” but it still got their fans pretty much excited in a good performance.

Wonder Girls Sun Mi also did a short rendition of the same song during last year’s Gayo Daejun on a certain Korean tv station. (starts at 4:00)

20 thoughts on “Kara Performs Fin.K.L Now on M! Countdown

  1. i have nothing against KARA, but i watched both performances and i think that Wondergirls had the STRONGER performance.. but then again, they performed just a portion of the song..

  2. i know this isnt about who is better, but watching both performances. the wonder girls did a better version. they were more together as a group. kara was kinda apart and doing their own..i think its their dances..not enough energy.

  3. Feels like one should listen to some Fin KL music :p I think Kara sang a notch better than WG (and note, I like WG other times lol).

  4. oh my kara… they did okay, but stage presence was beyond lacking..they need to work on their confidence…it felt like they were just randomly dancing, the perfromance was very sloppy…i fell so sad when I see them try, but nothing major comes out of it… as for WG..Well it was charismatic and they owned the stage…wish Kara could learn from them…its a pity

  5. The performance from Kara was a bit sloppy, but I still think it was pretty good overall ❤
    SunMi! I love it when she gets a solo to sing.


  6. ^ HIIIIIIII!!!!!!! remember me!?!?!?!? XD

    anyways, i think this just proves further that wondergirls are actually finkl 2.0 >_<

    poor kara~

  7. kara sounds way too cute.. it’s like little girls singing. x_X;;

    i like sunmi’s husky voice better!!

  8. did u edit off your overall good performance?
    i couldnt judge b2n them and Kara because kara lipsync but did the whole song and WG’s dancing also wasnt in sync. and its only one member singing live at certain parts which is out of breath. kara doesnt need your sympathy either. thanks

  9. Wonder girls was a lot better than kara to be honest…. SUnmi’s voice fit this song so well. i love sunmi….still don’t understand why sohee get a lot of attention and her voice couldn’t even compare to sunmi…..Sunmi rocks!!

  10. I don’t understand, why does FinKL with power house voice OJH support this talent-less group????? OJH knows they can’t sing, they’re freaking horrible. Good lord…that group needs to take a nice trip back to the cave of FAIL and never come out. they’re a waste of money to be honey. And we all know how cheap DSP is.

  11. Wonder Girls have the stage presence that KARA have not but I prefer KARA version more : their voices fit the song more, except HARA who have a very weak voice.
    I always think KARA is vocally better than WG but they need more training and better songs.

  12. Are you guys stupid or just an hater? KARA is better in vocal? well maybe in this one because they LIPSYNC, but in real life? Ask them a singing battle and for sure kara wil loose.
    Sunye vs. Gyuri
    Yeeun vs. HS
    nicole vs. yoobin (rapping)
    hara vs. sunmi
    jiyoung vs. sohee.

    LOL. You gotta admit sohee is better than jiyoung. If you just not think of their own songs because neither of them did good. Sohee did great in some so hot and nobody’s performance though.

  13. pls post more about wondergirls…
    soo hee is my fav…..

    the mv. now was so cool in finkl sung yu ri and lee hyori

    now wondergirls……

    maryann malabon philippines…

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