Reunion of Past Idol Group Members On MBC Come To Play

MBC “Come To Play” variety hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee will soon have a “Return of the Kings” special on Monday night where members of idol groups in the past comes together for a reunion and spill the beans.

In a recording of “Come To Play” on 13th August at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Moon Hee Jun (H.O.T), Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies), Eugene (S.E.S), Ock Ju Hyun (Fin.K.L), Son Ho Young (G.O.D) and Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) were invited as they shared stories about what happened back then in the past.

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, they were once fierce competitors where idol groups were highly popular back then. They will share with fans interesting stories about what they could and could not do in the past. Many interesting gossips like “who wanted to go solo?”, “who wanted to surpass each other in the group?”, “who came to blows in the group”, etc amazed everyone present.

The broadcast date has yet to be revealed for this but it should be soon.

36 thoughts on “Reunion of Past Idol Group Members On MBC Come To Play

  1. wow looks awesome! but shinhwa’s the only one that’s still together.. wait is g.o.d still together? hahha but cool, i have to catch this ep! ahh i miss sung hoon from sechskies..

  2. wow..they gonna spill the dirt on what happened?
    I remember someone mention that a shinhwa member tried to hook up with a Fink.L member…
    I hope they reveal that..I’m looking forward to this special
    but I agree with omni they should have baby vox as well since they were considered a popular female group as well.

  3. it’s going to be one awesome episode!!! the gathering of some of the greatest idol groups there were during my middle and high school years!!!

  4. loll. Most of them were former SM Entertainment Artists.

    I’d like to hear more of their life with their previous companies, what are the Do’s and Dont’s implemented by their companies.

    EunJiWon ❤

  5. Ohh I can’t wait! Although I would’ve liked to see Yoon Kye Sang from GOD to represent. I really miss that guy in GOD. But Son Ho Young is just as good!

  6. OMFG this episode is going to AWESOME!!!! all hail idol groups 1.0

    btw, that’s quite an unflattering pic of ock ju hyun >_<

    thanks for the info alvin!

  7. man..I can’t wait for this episode! Past idol groups! Haha omgosh so happy to hear Eugene’s going on but I wanted Hyori oh wells. Can’t wait to hear the life stories 😛

  8. sorry to ask on here…dont know if its ok….will you be uploading it by any chance?


    ***FIGHTING!!!!! Μㆁㆁŋ Ήєє Ĵuŋ ღღღ ❤ღღღ

  9. GOD should have someone there as well!
    Biggest groups were GOD, HOT, Finkl and SES!
    Shinhwa too of course!

  10. wouldn’t it be great if sechskies could do a reunion concert , just a “get together” thing, I miss the group TT… other groups should too

  11. ^^ they couldn’t get a get together since Ji Yong is nowhere to be found. lol Eun Ji Won said it himself on the show. lol.

    but this episode was awesome. i loved it!! it was my favorite episode of come to play.

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