The Scene of Alex Kissing Shin Ae Within the Flowerpot Frame Which Was Cut

Photographer Park Noh Bum has once again endeared himself to AlShin fans around the globe after he posted yet another never-seen-before photo of Alex and Shin Ae from their 100th Day wedding photoshoot. (lovely isn’t it?)

Many people talked about AlShin kiss scene and many tried to hide the kiss scene. AlShin fans requested Mr. Photographer to help reveal the truth at his minihomphy. But at that time, there were still some problems about the photo disclosure so he did not do that. Now it’s not a problem anymore so he posted it up suddenly to clarify that the kissing scene does indeed exist ^^

Those two, they do match well, don’t they?? ^^

credit: bm05om + snippygreat (translation)

39 thoughts on “The Scene of Alex Kissing Shin Ae Within the Flowerpot Frame Which Was Cut

  1. I thought I remember seeing more pictures of their heads in the flowerpot heart during the photoshoot but never made it on to the photo album.

    I think she could look a bit happier with the kiss. Haha.

    AlShin Fighting!

  2. shy ShinAe..^^ they looked adorable.
    yeah,I could tell that Photographer Park is an AlShin supporter now.It’s so cute,especially coming from somebody who was with Alex and ShinAe for hours and know what’s “real” and what’s “made-believe” now. 😉

  3. Read this in the AlShin soompi thread~
    Cute pic, but seems like Alex’s lips didn’t touch her cheek :[

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  5. Point upwards, laughing with a silly grin… *kamsa hamida* ok… I am just like Alex when he saw Shin Ae in her wedding dress when they were at the boutique.

    Thank you Mr Photographer… This is the truth… its not a myth!!! But for once I like to see Shin Ae kiss Alex… This is Alex second kiss to her… the first is of coz at the park when they had the picnic…

    Go Shin Ae go… Go kiss Alex back already…

  6. Omigoodness, what a sweet kiss Alex planted on ShinAe! She looks so happy and blessed. My thanks to the photographer for sharing this lovely pics. Hope there is more to come.
    Thanks coolsmurf.

  7. wowowow! This is so awesome…but seriously, are we missing out on other pictures?? 😛

    The photographer is one awesome guy :]

  8. They look so cute together, the photographer is amazing – What a great shot of the lovey couple.

    Awww… I’m so sad that you’re not on YouTube subbing this anymore!!! =(

  9. WOAHHH!! im going craZY again! lols. they look realllllyyyyy goood! its really unfair that they didnt include this plus the make-up preparation. sigh! but anyways this is so great! haha !

  10. yeah, totally agree that shinae should initiate their next kiss…and maybe cause alex to jump around for joy, kekeke!!!

  11. That’s adorable. I’m mad they cut this from the show, >.< I would love to see their reactions on the set with the other couples around.

  12. super cute!
    Bless the kind soul of Photographer Park. He is definitely loved by AlShin fans around the world hehehe.
    And heck yeah they look so good together.

    Thanks Alvin.

  13. Nice 🙂 I think they might have something coming, for real. Anbi doesn’t seem to be going that direction. And Hwangbo and Joong seem more funny than romantic. Couple A might have something going on, with all that skinship recently 🙂

  14. woahhh i think i heard about this somewhere… just… cant remember atm
    they’re the only ones that entertain me on this show for some reason…

    anyone know when the next episode is

  15. dang. stupid pd-nims.
    how dare they cut this out.
    oh well.
    they are doin` deyr jobs after all..
    makin` us want more of dis couple.=]


    After I saw that…………..i really wanna be Shin Ae so much

    I’m falling in love with Alex after i saw that……Damn it!!

    Why he’d so cute!!

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