East of Eden Drama Promotional Posters Unleashed

MBC 47th Anniversary Special Project Drama, “East of Eden” promotional posters was released today revealing the 9 leading actor/actresses, with the special characteristics of their characters evidently portrayed in the poster through their facial expressions, heightening anticipation for the drama.

“East of Eden” is one of the most highly-anticipated dramas this summer due to an impressive production budget of 250 billion KRW and the amazing casting that includes Song Seung Hun, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Hye, Yeon Jung Hoon, Park Hae Jin, Lee Yeon Hee, Dennis Oh and then you have the veterans, Yu Dong Gun, Lee Mi Sook, Jo Min Ki. Just rattling off the cast list makes you want to see the drama, just think back to SBS “On Air” with their all-star cameos.

The drama is based on the development and changes in Korea from the 1960s to 2000s, spanning 40 years and the story of two men, who were born on the same day at the same time at the same hospital, and their crossed destiny and revenge. The drama has the budget, cast, etc but does it have the storyline to back it up? As cliched as the story might be, the long-drawn 50 episodes and familiarity might just prove to be a winner in the ratings war.

Song Seung Hun East of Eden Posters

East of Eden Trailer
Reminds me of a TVB Hongkong drama. Well, they did film there afterall.

SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook – Fate Reverse MV
This is better than the trailer, shows you more of the drama.

“East of Eden” debuts 25th August and will take over “When It’s At Night”.

27 thoughts on “East of Eden Drama Promotional Posters Unleashed

  1. East Of Eden’s OST will also be an all-star album. We will have SG Wannabe, Seeya, Davichi, Black Pearl, M to M, F.T Island… all of them, in one album.

    This drama is really blue chip all around, from the cast to the OST’s singers.

  2. lol the girls in here is like every mans dream! i hope Han Ji Hye has a huge part since she is my favorite of the 3 main girls ❀

  3. Now that’s quite a poster!

    Lee Da Hae seems a bit aloof though, no expression on her face and the way she holds her hand feels really unnatural… maybe its done on purpose? but then i wonder what kind of a role she has >.<

    anyway, looks quite interesting! it better be good, with all the promotion they’ve put into it…it would be a major let down otherwise

  4. lee da hae is not at her best here,
    *heart * park hae jin with his sad expression
    lets see if mbc can prove stellar cast can make it work too

  5. LDH is playing an aloof character.. that’s why she looks more distant than the other ppl in the poster. She has to fight for the guys.. whilst the others all have girls/guys they actually pine for..

  6. Lee Da Hae is SUPPOSED to be aloof, she’s in the middle ground of being a heroine and an antagonist. She’s supposed to look distant.

  7. I don’t know what to think…the trailer didn’t catch my attention! hahah The people who I want to end up together (SSH & HJY) won’t happen so I’m not really anticipating this drama so much but Dennis Oh is in here and he’s hott!!!

    I wonder what his purpose is….

  8. people are expecting this drama to be really good with the great cast & the high production budget. lets just hope its good as people expect it to be *fingers cross
    hehe, lee da hae + han ji hye πŸ™‚

  9. man can’t wait for this drama. the trailer & mv looks really good.
    I can’t wait to see Lee Yeon Hee work with SSH. I’m hoping for them but I know it won’t happen. She might just stay with Dennis Oh (who’s suppose to be her finance)

  10. wows when i knew lee da hae was going to be in it, i had to see it.. but there’s so many awesome people in this drama so its gonna be awesome!

  11. darn.. it look good!!
    Song Seung Hun and Yeon Jung Hoon already caught my attention ^^
    But I don’t know.. 50 eps is really many…
    I’m not a fan of long drama ^^;

  12. ya, 50 is a bit long, i started off Yi San and by the time i was going to give up, they say over 60…. till today i have not finish the ending…

    its too draggy unless the script is good… will be waiting for this show…

  13. i was anticipating more on the romance side since we hv lee da hae in there but oh.. what a let down..! I think this whole drama will drag till the very end with its gambling theme.. sigh.. East of Eden is too “All In”-ish.. >.<

  14. from the MV, its weird seeing LYH and SSH show some lovey doveyness… knowing their real ages makes me go (O_o) ….. i hope Han ji hye gets some good amount of screen time… cuz i love her acting from Likeable or Not.

  15. OMG, I seriously can not wait. SSH, LDH, PHJ, HJH…….It’s gonna be insane. They are like my favorite actors and to see them all in here just heightens my anticipation. Especially that poster!

  16. @6, wowee, your hilarious πŸ™‚

    East of Eden is definitely going on my To-See list.

    Plenty of eye candy *cough*cough Song Seung Heon *cough*cough.

  17. i was hoping lee dae hae paired up w/ Song Seung Heon in the love story..
    not the other girl
    makes me not wanna watch the drama!

  18. @20: I know right! Totally reminds me of The Drive of Life poster =P
    & it does kinda have the All In feelings but let’s hope it’ll be different. All In was so sad. I hope this won’t be as sad but.. I doubt it =/

    P.S. There’s a book called East of Eden but uhmm.. it’s American and completely different… lol.

  19. amo a yeon jung hoon lo doro, es perfecto y el papel que hace en east of eden le cae bien, bueno el actua en todos su papeles muy bien por algo es el hijo de uno de los mejores actores veteranos de corea esta huapisimo y tiene una mujer hermosa a su lado para que mas.

    no hacer caso a invidias, lo digo por que lei en un comentario palabras feas sobre el, ese tipo o tipa que habla mal de yeon, esta requete mal de la invidia arriba oppa yeon jung hoon

  20. I love what Doro yeon jung hoon, is perfect and the role it does in East of Eden you like him, good acting in all his roles very well for something is the son of one of the best players veterans of Korea and this has huapisimo a beautiful woman at his side for more.

    invidias no heed, I say that I read in a commentary on the ugly words, such tipa or speaking ill of yeon, the requests of the evil invidia up oppa yeon jung hoon

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