Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon Message for KangTa

The friendship of the Group S trio is simply valuable as Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon recorded a video message for KangTa, currently serving the army.

In an episode of MBC variety, “Manwon Happiness” for which Lee Ji Hoon is competing on, he prepared food for Shin Hye Sung that used up just 1000 KRW for the ingredients. Ji Hoon visited Hye Sung at his recording studio where he was preparing for his third album launch and not forgetting about their best friend, KangTa who was in the army as the trio were all part of Group S.

They recorded a video message for him, showing how much they both missed having him around, “The weather’s really hot now, you must have suffered a lot now”, “Hope that you will become an even more suave man on your return.” The both of them also sang Group S classic song, “I Swear” as they reminisced about the past when they were together as a group with their fans.

This episode would be shown tomorrow evening, 14th August at 6.50pm.

16 thoughts on “Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon Message for KangTa

  1. The timing that alvin posted is singapore timing airing on where? SCV channel kbs world or live on korean channel..?

  2. plz sub it ^^thnkz a millions

    And also Sungie is currently preparing for his 3rd jib ‘Live and Let Live” !! please shows ur support people ^^ hwaiting ..

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  4. how cute 😀
    alvin, please sub but if you’re not willing it’s okay HAHAHA
    i just love love love ji hoon that’s why HAHA
    cute friends relationship.

  5. does anyone know where you can watch part 2 of this ep? i know it came out today, but still… i’m dying to watch it!

  6. T__T I really hope coolsmurf can sub this manwon happiness episode.

    btw, part 2 isn’t coming out.. we should wait. maybe tonight some channels on youtube will upload today’s episode.

  7. ahh~ i don’t think this ep. aired. it’s been two weeks! i’m pretty sure it’s airing next week, though. TT

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