Bought the headphone that Shin Ae wore in We Got Married

Just posting because there’s not much news today. I thought the beach scene at the end of We Got Married Ep 21 between Shin Ae and Alex was so lovely. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to get headphones and the one Shin Ae was wearing caught my eye. So I just drove all the way to a shopping mall faraway in the north and got myself the exact same headphones, AT-SJ3.

Audio-Technica ATH-SJ3buy online | SGD55 @ Stereo, Causeway Point

thanks to bm05om and blurgal35

This headphone is the second thing that I bought after watching “We Got Married”. My first was the A! t-shirts worn by Crown J. What’s next?

Alex is wearing the Zumreed Sfit Color Headphones by the way.

40 thoughts on “Bought the headphone that Shin Ae wore in We Got Married

  1. OMG you too?!
    URGH, everyone at my school has one of those. Especially the greens one. I don’t see whats so cool about it.

    They also wear it around their necks as if it’s jewelry.

    I rather stick to earphones thanks.

    But I DO agree with you though. That scene on the beach was tre tre cute!

  2. is it anygood? im looking for new headphones.
    i got (and now broke) the headphones So Hee is wearing in the Irony MV. (exact same one, same color).
    give us the details of the headphones please. ^^
    brand and the quality of the product. ^^

    thank youuu

  3. I was wondering where those headphones suddenly came from when I was watching the show.. I found it really random

  4. yep that episode (ep21.) is so nice and at the same time funny. and i also like the headphones. I’m also looking for it!!! to use in my turn-table, listening to my lp’s!! 🙂

  5. next will be Don Don’s barrel wickerbasket thing he was hugging when he was lying on the couch. XDDD those headphones look awesome. i want a pair! i’m glad you blogged about this cuz now i know the model. hehe.

  6. Maybe the next item you are going to buy is the “Dream Maker HUM” t-shirt. Actually, I was surprised that the design is not cheesy at all. I will buy one not only because its AnBi, I have to be honest, but I like to support their move in using their popularity now to help others. So, if you hear it first where to buy, please post.

    Question: I noticed in your YT, country is S.K… not S’pore. Hahahaha… you moved? Thanks for sticking around. BTW, drop by the thread, some juicy items there posted by coffinhouse.

    Have a great day!

  7. ohmygosh. i think i wanna buy Alex’s headphones now lol
    thanks for posting up the info. it turns out that site has a store by my house :] i should go over there and test them out.

  8. lucky u alvin, “A” shirt, shinae exact headphone,….next…………

    i like Alex headphone more, cos it red eheehheh
    if only they sell it in australia…….dang asia have everything
    I would buy HyunJoong beenie, all the one he wore on WGM and his fashion style are cool

  9. haha, i’ve got the exact same headphone before shinae’s headphone was shown. so when i watched the ep, so shock and glad to see her wearing it [:

  10. OH! And are the AT-SJ3’s comfy? I was thinking about buying them, but I saw a lot of people said that they get really uncomfortable after and hour or two.

  11. I am crazy about headphones… Audio Techinica, Audio Cube, Senheiser, B&O… ahh… all the ones I lust after… As I was undecided between AT, Sony, JVC or Philips, I think WGM has just helped me make my decision…

    Yeah what else will influence us to buy from WGM… but SIY did make me go hairband hunting… I didn’t find no cherry on mine, but instead with stars… hahaha…

    And Don Don rattan bolster is one of a kind hahaha…

  12. wthell

    guys. do ur own research into the headphones you want, not just because shin-ae’s wearing them. headphone choices listed above are really quite poor =P

    zumreeds are total crap. my cousin bought em and i totally flamed her for it.

    though i gotta say the sj3’s arent bad for a low budget headphone haha

  13. Where can i watch WGM? I havent seen the last two episodes since the account suspension. 😦
    Is there any other that has them? (eng sub)

  14. I totally loved that scene ^^ i mean they totally rock at romantic dates :DDD Love that couple so much
    And it was so funny when Alez and Hwangbo brought the same shirts XD this was one of the best episodes.

  15. ^ yes. u can search for koreansubutd on google.

    omg Alvin.. how do u know its that model right away u see it? how do u find the exact headphones??
    its a nice one btw (;

  16. Alvin !!! where did you manage to buy crown J’s “A!” T-Shirt ??
    I Want one too, can it be purchased on-line ???

  17. those seem really expensive, do they actually last long? cause i’ve gone through a couple of headphones just this year. i like AlShin, they are cute together.

  18. Alvin, could you share your experiances about the headphone that you bought..? From last time i had already wanted to purchase a headphone like shinae..

    Is the sound quality good..? cos other famous brands that i know are rather expensive.

    I think the headphone that shinae wears is the trend now. i’ve seen a lot of ppl owning it and wearing on the streets in SG now.

    but for me now, because i’ve got a little tired of the earpiece that i’m having now, i wanted to purchase headphones to enjoy the bass music. 🙂

  19. I agree with you alvin that headphone is really eye catching…..
    I tried to buy the same headphone as shin ae too but i couldn’t find it. it difficult to get headphone with rare brand in Indonesia, they only sell headphone from known brand like sony and other.

  20. Zumreed is quite bad although it looks stylish. I am not looking for the most high-end stuff, I am just a casual listener that’s looking for an affordable and with good bass headphone. SJ-3 does get a bit stuffy since no air passes through your ear. I think I won’t be needing DonDon’s rattan bolster. Refer to my earlier post on how to get A! t-shirts.

  21. @sookyeong, I think it’s freesize, I don’t know, but In Young was wearing it before during the wedding photoshoot. Think it’s unisex. But L size feels like M size for me.

  22. i love the headphones!
    do you know if ders a black one by any chance?
    next on the list..
    anbi`s DREAM MAKER shirt.

  23. Audio-Technica ATH-SJ3 -SGD55 @ Stereo, Causeway Point?

    haha Thanks i’m going to buy it today~!


    Thanks coolsmurf lolz

  24. @dorothy, not heard of any selling in singapore. it’s not really good other than it looks stylish. if u wan, u have to get it online.


    Isn’t that the ones being worn & advertised by Korean male swimmer heartthrob?? (sorry I forgot his name, dang!)

    It’s so cool that WGM could have any effect on you.
    Hopefully, you won’t be donning in lots of jewelry aka bling-bling like Crown-J!!! Hahahaha… just kidding..


  26. @manadononi3, park tae hwan? no bling bling unless i want to get stares at every step i take in singapore.

  27. Coolsmurf,

    How do u know Shin Ae was using the SJ3 instead of SJ1 leh…? Just curious becos SJ3 would look very big on her head, right…? I was actually in Seoul when this episode was shown/re-run and I was thinking then that Alex’s headphone looks so small on him and hers so big!

    I tried it in S’pore’s Comex yesterday & the sound/bass is very weak… Is that really so or just that the demo iPod nano has overworked thru out the 3 days…? Haha!

  28. @xbfloater, regardless SJ3 or SJ1, they have near identical designs, just buy one suitable for your head. I asked the difference at Stereo and was told SJ1 for girls, SJ3 for guys. it’s all a matter of preference. I am just a casual listener so I think it works fine for me at the price.

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