Shinhwa Members to Hold Solo Concerts One After Another in September 08

Kim Dong Wan, Minwoo, Junjin and Andy who have been performing as solo artistes in recent times will soon be holding their solo concerts simultaneously in September. First up would be Junjin who has been active recently on variety shows like “Infinity Challenge”, etc which has won him popularity that is on par with current idol singers. His solo concert would be held on 5th and 6th September at Melon-AX Hall. It’s understood that Junjin would be performing a thrilling dance performance which he has never done before during his concerts.

Andy is now in the midst of preparing his his first solo concert tour titled “Shall we love?” starting on 6th and 7th September at Seoul’s Neung Dong Theme Park. He will also perform in the cities of Daegu and Busan.

Kim Dong Wan who will be enlisting for the army soon will hold his solo concert titled “Promise” on 20th and 21st September at Ewha Women’s University. During his concert, Dong Wan will be holding the positions of singer, DJ, etc and have many exciting interactions with his fans. His management expressed, “Nothing of this has happened before, with their concert dates scheduled so close to each other. This will definitely be an unforgettable two months for Shinhwa fans in Korea. Although there are worries that this tight scheduling might affect the ticket sales, but we feel that this will lead to a healthy competition and might attract more people instead.”

Minwoo who was supposed to have his 4th album concert on 23rd August will have it on 27th September at Melon-Ax Hall instead after a delay in the release of his 4th album which is postponed to 23rd September.

Shin Hye Sung is readying for his third studio album while Eric Mun, the only one who has never released a solo album, will do so just before he gets enlisted once he finishes with “Strongest Chilwoo” drama filming.

15 thoughts on “Shinhwa Members to Hold Solo Concerts One After Another in September 08

  1. minwoo’s company has annouced like last week already that his concert will be postponed to late september
    no more early august concert for them
    instead of aug 23rd
    his concert and album launched now will be on sept 23rd
    pls chg it!

  2. and further more his concert will be held a few days after the album launch concert, that is on 27th
    8/5 [notice] Lee Minwoo’s 4th album and concert, postponed

    We’d like to inform the fans who love Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo
    About the release of the 4th album and the album launch concert.

    Due to the delay in the release of Lee Minwoo’s 4th album, as a result the concert has unfortunately been postponed as well.

    The 4th album is now scheduled for release on 23 September, and the concert will be held on 27 September at Melon-Ax instead.

    We will be announcing ticketing details at a later date.

    We sincerely apologize to everyone, for those who have already bought the tickets, you will be fully refunded.

    Please contact Open World directly at (02-3446-4967)

    1) All payments made through credit card will be cancelled on 8 August.

    2) All payments through remittance will be refunded on 14 August after the verification of the account number. We will need the purchaser to provide relevant details.

    Source: OPEN-WORLD / O6
    Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

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  4. ahh can’t wait for eric’s album. all the other members have done solo albums except for him. i wonder what he’s going to do.

  5. I’ve love to go, but I don’t even live in the same country, let alone continent… I’ve always been a fan of Shinhwa…actually, they are the reason I got into Kpop….They’re awesome….

  6. yeah..waiting for Eric solo now to complete the set 6 ^^ haha..

    ps:thank you for writing about shinhwa.I hope in the future you will continue writing about them ^^

  7. I heard from the Shinhwa websites and various other sites that both Minwoo & Junjin plan on popping by Singapore in November (=

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