Monday Kiz To Release Their Final Album in September

Can Entertainment expressed yesterday, “Monday Kiz will be disbanded following the loss of Kim Min Soo in a motorbike accident in April. They will release their last album in September before disbanding.”

Can Entertainment continued

Their last album will continue 6 previously unreleased songs, making it a total of 58 songs. This was a decision taken by Kim Min Soo parents and Monday Kiz member Lee Jin Sung after three months of careful thought. Their album will comprise of a pictorial, 4 CDs and 1 DVD. This will be a collectible for Monday Kiz fans.

13 thoughts on “Monday Kiz To Release Their Final Album in September

  1. finally they decided to release the 6 unreleased songs. previously when I read about them being undecisive about the songs, I panicked. :/

    this is the last we will get from Monday Kiz.

    RIP Min Soo oppa T.T

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwww no puedo perderme estos 4 CD .. me encantan !! ojala pueda conseguir el disco rapidamente !!

    Saludos Alvin !!!!

  3. sighs this is really sad =(
    I really love monday kiz, and seeing that this is the end of them is really sad T_T

    i hope lee jin sung still continue singing.

  4. It’s sad coz i love Monday Kiz..i still couldn’t get over MinSoo’s demise..And i hope JinSung will continue to sing..i definitely am looking forward to their last album..

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  6. mann. when i saw this i didn’t know them, so i decided to check them out on youtube. and they’re really good. one of my favs. too bad they’re disbanding :[

  7. One of my favorite kpop groups ;___;. I was so devastated when I heard about MinSoo’s accident. Definitely looking forward to their final album. And I hope Jinsung keeps singing after that…

  8. ….well that is sad…….
    only 6 un-released songs?
    and i wish i could get that album…Released in September…I wonder when…

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