New Tazza Drama Production Stills

Olive9 Production has continued to build up buzz for their “Tazza” drama by releasing stills from the filming of the drama’s opening at a temporarily constructed casino set at SBS production center situated in Gyeonggi-do.

Kim Min Joon, Han Ye Seul and Jang Hyuk in Tazza

Kim Min Joon, Han Ye Seul and Jang Hyuk in Tazza

Charisma was practically oozing from the three main characters, Go Ni (Jang Hyuk), Kwan Suk Eun (Han Ye Seul) and Young Min (Kim Min Joon) from the stills. According to someone from Olive9, “For the drama opening filming, they learnt gambling skills from the professionals to look like real gamblers.” The intense fighting scene between Jang Hyuk and Kim Min Joon without the need for body doubles won applause from the filming crew.

“Tazza” is adapted from the comic version by author Hur Yeong Man and is a story about gambling. It would be different from the movie adapation with the addition of new characters on top of the base story. The drama will takeover the Mon-Tues timeslot currently held by “Gourmet” starting 8th September.

4 thoughts on “New Tazza Drama Production Stills

  1. automonmon act is about to close or be suspended. mcallo001 has been suspended. jaeurazn has been suspended. Please be safe, and please continue to fight. We all love your hard work and even though all these acts are closing I hope you guys all continue to fight and to keep going, providing us with great entertainment and it’s still because of you that I love korean culture so much. I have so much respect for you guys, and I hope that this act stays around for awhile, and or if not…please continue, even if it’s in your blogs. =( I’m very sorry to hear about the sweep going around on youtube, because it’s very sad, and depressing really. Alvin, FIGHTING! Thank you for everything you have given me these past 2-3 years or korean culture. Yes, it’s been that long since I surfed the web, landed on your channel, and fell in love with Kim Jong Kook, X-Man, Love Letter, and now…entertainment for me, because I’m such a huge wonder girls fan. Thank you.

  2. i can’t wait to watch this!
    now i’m anticipating it even more. even just by looking at the pictures i can see the strong charisma. :]
    tazza fighting!

  3. I’m unsure about this drama so we’ll see! I really liked Han Ye Seul in her drama Couple or Trouble (aka Fantasy Couple) so I hope this drama follows through.

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