28 thoughts on “Big Bang Haru Haru MV (english hardsubbed)

  1. Thanks alvin!! glad that you are on YT again 🙂 you are my source of energy everyday when i switch on the cpu:)

  2. U R amazing lol
    Thank-you!! love this song sooo much…u pretty much began my youtube addiction 🙂

  3. alvin… what format is your mv in?? its not in WMA..? Cos i cannot open it up in windows media player.. and my computer cannot download any codecs.. pls reply..

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  5. thanks! i really didn’t like their comeback, but i’ll take another listen and see if i “heard wrong”
    i love these guys, i dunno what happened!!

  6. wooow! THankk u soo much! i loveee thiss vidd..and the song its justt amazing! ive been lookin for this everywhere! xDD…thankku!..ooh btw..how can i reproduce .avi files..=S

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