Ayumi Lee’s Slimmed Down Face in Japanese Dramas Cause for Concern

Ex-Sugar member, Ayumi Lee (Ahyoomee) new slimmed down look in Japan has become a cause of concern among her fans in Korea.

Ayumi Lee in Binbo Danshi, Yottsu no Uso (top to bottom)

Ayumi Lee in Binbo Danshi, Yottsu no Uso (top to bottom)

Photos of Ayumi in her two dramas were uploaded on the internet and the vast difference between them has led to fervent discussions about it. Since going to Japan for an acting career, Ayumi has participated in “Binbo Danshi” in March and now presently involved with “Yottsu no Uso”. Her role is that of a nurse that works in the same hospital as the female lead. From the photo, you can see Ayumi wearing a nurse uniform and in comparison with her role in “Binbo Danshi”, her face looks way slimmer than before. It’s very obvious from the outline of her face.

Netizens posted screencaps which left many amazed at the difference, “Ayumi only has 1/2 of her face left”, “Her former cuteness is no longer there”, “She looks more mature with her slim look”. Some voiced their worries, “Is she leading a tough life in Japan?”, “Seeing how slim she is now worries me”.

Since signing with SM Entertainment, Ayumi has been in Japan for her acting career. But with just bit part roles so far, is that really worth the trouble?

29 thoughts on “Ayumi Lee’s Slimmed Down Face in Japanese Dramas Cause for Concern

  1. at the first cap, i thought it was Park Heebon. ;;;

    She’s getting old, maybe that’s why she decided to lose some of her baby fats.

  2. her chubby cheek has gone but i dont see any problems with her body though…
    actually, she looks good…

  3. Can’t tell by these pictures, if she is too skinny. But yeah, she looks different from the old days. But there is no difference between these two pictures I think.

  4. maybe because of her debt?
    (ref from the x-man ) ^_^

    anyway, too skinny is awfull, I can’t see any appeal from skinny girl. and I’m no fan of Skinny model either.

  5. @annie

    ohmygosh. you beat me to it. i was going to joke her about that, too. she looks like an old single mother who’s trying to make ends meet. maybe she should get park myung soo to pay her debts in japan. XD

    i miss ayumi. ToT the really old ayumi that liked and teased ho dong during dangyunhaji!!

  6. ayi….I miss her old looks too..
    I miss her old chubby face (even though I wouldn’t call it chubby but normal..she wasn’t fat at all?).
    I can’t seem to put a finger on it, but she really looks different (and I’m not talking about her being skinny). There is something different?

  7. oh dear. o__o
    i could hardly recognize her.
    aww man..personally i think she looks a lot cuter with a little chub on her face. :]

  8. Her “cute” factor is definitely gone. That was her trademark and now that it’s gone, she looks like everyone else. There’s no more distinction that makes her special.

  9. she lost her cute chubby cheeks. honestly, i always thought she was already really thin during her cutie honey days, but now it’s just ridiculous. there’s such a thing as “too skinny” too, lsm!

  10. She looks digusting, shes been this thin for awhile, and now people just starting to notice? hasn’t she joined SM awhile ago? this may be the reason, SM’s artist always look sick/pale and too thin, even the males. It’s digusting.

  11. She’s so thin now it looks scary. She looks so tired too.
    I miss her chubby-ness. It was what Ayumi well, Ayumi!
    I hope her bubbly personality hasn’t changed!

  12. “Is it really worth the trouble?”
    I guess so, she wants it maybe that was really her dream…who knows…but I like her old bubbly self…

  13. when i first see her in the SM intro i was like o.0
    thats ayumi? she looks so skinny and many of the comments said SM spoils her.
    but now i know its cause she’s in a drama.
    sigh. i still love her chubby face more thou..

  14. when she smiles now, its even more noticeable how skinny she’s become… because her mouth looks too big for her jaw line and face. before, i loved her smile cuz her cheeks looked so puffy cute. not anymore.

  15. i heard she’s in another drama called “otome” .

    i was wondering if we can watch “otome” online yet . && Yottsu no Uso ? 😀

  16. lover as alway
    no matter what
    she still look pretty
    she on the roll of famous now so happy

  17. I really want Ayumi back in Korea!
    SM Entertainment are putting her in dramas that aren’t even proper roles and it’s really annoying.

  18. yay on those movies/drama Ayumi is minor now
    Ayumi is starring in this new movie
    called ‘the promise land’ will come out in japan believe to be 2009
    now what can you say now ANTI
    Hope Ayumi will succeeds this time

  19. There are rumors that she had minor faceline reconstruction.
    I’m not entirely sure if its true because after all it’s a rumor and I’m forcing myself not to believe because they said yoon eun hye did the same thing -_-

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