Andy and Solbi Wears Couple Clothes for Charity

Popular ‘couple’ Andy and Solbi from MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” got together again outside of the show for a charity event recently.

And and Solbi took a series of pictorials for the Children’s Welfare Foundation at a studio in Kangnam on 10th August, wearing couple clothes with the words “Dream Maker HUM” on it. The shirts that the ‘couple’ are wearing will go on sale starting from end of August within Korea with all proceeds going towards helping children to solve their difficulties in education and living expenses.

Andy and Solbi expressed, “Hope that many (t-shirts) would be sold so that many children can benefit from it and realize their dreams.”

Only for sale at the end of August and via Korean websites.

31 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi Wears Couple Clothes for Charity

  1. aww~ they look so adorable together!! I know this is fake, but they should sooooooo really go out together!! than, anbi will be real!!!!

  2. I love these two.
    I hope the cause becomes successful as well.
    I hope a lot of t-shirts gets sold to help the children.
    I’m happy they are doing something for the children of Korea.
    it’s really sweet of them.

    I also hope they are dating in real life.
    I think they are but you never know.
    These photos are really cute & they look happy in them.

    Thanks coolsmurf

  3. i wanna buy the t-shirt,
    coolsmurf, if you happen to know where to buy it, would like to inform us???
    it’s so cute, esp. the white sweatshirt that Solbi wears.

  4. wow..Solbi’s clothes are awesome! I want each one of that please =D~ & Andy’s hair suits him the best here ^^ heheh..I’m not a no.1 fan of ’em..but their coupling are undeniably sweet ;)..
    again, the clothes just rocks :D~ now, if there’s any way that I can buy those…

  5. Awe…..they look so well matched, and cute together.
    I like the last pic in particular……i wish they go out for real….

  6. i juz hav thought about ths after i saw d last pic..ttht, if anbi couple get married for real..d future kids of them will b damnnnn CUTE like thie parent…hahahhaaa @_^V

  7. Omgosh they look soooo good together. And Im loving Andy’s new hairstyle. So much better than his previous floppy hair.

  8. they look so good together (:
    haha i’m lov’in andy’s new hair cut !!!
    it looks a lot better on him than his last one!!
    this one makes him look younger and compliments his face (:

  9. They look so adorable cute….Love them especially in the last picture,solbi become prettier and prettier and prettier.. :)p

  10. does anybody know where i can buy the dream maker t shirts? i really want one but don’t know where i can buy it.

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