Park Myung Soo Becomes a Father Ahead of Schedule

After earlier reports in May 2008 that Park Myung Soo will become a father this October, his wife Han Soo Min has gone ahead of that schedule and gave birth to a baby girl at 3:30am early this morning at a local hospital in Kangnam.

I Am A Father Now

I Am A Father Now

Their baby girl was born weighing a healthy 3.3kg and sees Park Myung Soo becoming a father so soon after just getting married just a few months ago, on 8th April with his wife Han Soo Min who is 8 years younger than him. This confirmed everyone’s suspicion that he really had a shotgun marriage. Congratulations to him and his wife regardless and little baby Myung Soo.

30 thoughts on “Park Myung Soo Becomes a Father Ahead of Schedule

  1. lol awwww. how cute! i would never imagine him getting in a shotgun wedding. hehe ^^ congrats!

    i really miss infinity challenge. aww =)

  2. LOL congrats!
    I hope she’s as funny as her daddy
    because PMS (even his name is funny!)
    just makes me die of laughter every time I watch him! =D

  3. kekke little baby myung soo
    aww.. i wanna see what the baby look like.
    she’s lucky to have a father like Park Myung Soo
    congrats to him

  4. Congrats to PMS!!! i bet he is going to be possesive of his daughter . I hope she doesn’t get his eyes.

  5. i still cant believe he’ll have a shotgun marriage hahahah.
    and yes, i agree with zaza, i hope she doesn’t get his eyes. 😑

  6. Ok, I can understand that he doesn’t feel like saying “hey, I am getting married. And oh yeah, I have a baby under production as well” lol! But why not tell it, somehow? It is so obvious.

  7. congrats to them. it all happened so quickly. i think he’ll be a good dad, on IC he was really cute with the little girl & when they baby sat the baby cried & he was the 1st one to pick it up & calm it.

  8. wow this was really unexpected. xDD
    park myungsoo of all people.
    well i’m happy for him so CONGRATS!


    congratulations to PMS! ohmigah! little PMS princess running around! XD

    now there’ll be one person that can go “YAH, YAH, YAH!” to PMS while he’s sleeping in the middle of the night!

  10. It’s the newest thing to do in the celeb world. Get the girl pregnant and have a shot gone wedding. It’s the lasted trend.

    But congrats to him and the wife! I hope they baby looks like the mother ’cause shes’s so pretty!

  11. omo.. CONGRATS PMS
    hahahah love him! wow… a girl 8 years younger than him ..
    cant wait for her to grow up

  12. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww congratz PMS!!!

    Hope his daughter have sense of humour like him, but not for the face!!! hahaha

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