Big Bang 100% Confidence Comeback Stage On Inkigayo

Popular group Big Bang made their comeback on 10th August via SBS Inkigayo this afternoon with a new stronger/tougher image than before.

For their comeback stage which was broadcasted on SBS Inkigayo at 3.40pm this afternoon, they performed a medley of three songs from their 3rd mini album “Stand Up”, “Stand Up”, “Haru Haru (Day by Day)” and “Oh My Friend” and got a tremendous reception from the watching VIPs.

Through their hairstyles and outfits, they also seek to project a strong/tough masculine image to their fans. It was most exemplified by G-Dragon who shaved half of his head as all members displayed and highlighted their charisma on stage and not their smiles. In the interview after their stage, G-Dragon said, “The concept this time is to project a masculine image.”

Even their confidence is out of this world. You can see it from their “Stand Up” song lyrics which draws a line between them and others with lines like ‘High quality and color like the high sun’, ‘As you know this generation’s TOP’, ‘Addicts appear on this dangerous track’ which introducing Big Bang and their music.

The other track “Oh My Friend” which was co-produced with No Brain was a rock tune which showed off another side of Big Bang’s music style. In other news, Hyori picked up her 3rd consecutive Mutizen song award for “U-Go-Girl” which also ends her participation in Take 7 (restricted to three wins), paving the way for Big Bang to lay their claims starting from next week.

27 thoughts on “Big Bang 100% Confidence Comeback Stage On Inkigayo

  1. their comeback was awsome. and at the end, Big Bang were asked to introduce Hyori, but TOP got too shy so DaeSung and SeungRi did it. The part where she suppose to talk into the phone, she say something different, I couldn’t make out what it is but someone say that she said something to DaeSung. Do you know what she said?

  2. Coolsmurf, how does the “restricted to three wins” work? I usually don’t notices who picks up the weekly award so I’m not familiar with the restriction. Can you or somebody elaborate for me kindly?

  3. G-Dragon was soo cool in Haru Haru…
    but i tot Daesung doesnt really protray the masculine image.. from clothings i mean..

    Glad that they’re back… ^^

  4. YAY!!!!!! I can’t wait for Big Bang to win the Mutizen song award!!! Congrats to Hyori for getting it but for some reason Ib miss Wonder Bang 😦

  5. i’m just curious…
    do the artists who perform at inkigayo sing live?
    or do they lipsync?

    did big bang lip sync?

  6. yeah i agree. yg artists usually perform live. i loved big bang’s performance. hoping that they will be taking the top spot next week.

  7. I watched all three performances.. and I loved them.
    Big Bang was just so outstanding.. and they sure oozed with confidence when they sang.. all of them were great!

    And GD’s hairstyle, tho freaky, I love it on him.. he’s the only one who can pull that off, in fact, any weird hairstyle off..

  8. coolsmurf, thanks fr continuing to post these fun articles/clips..They’re a bit addictive & I enjoyed them very much ^^
    Keep up the goodwork : )

  9. ^^ their best Mini album so far !! they are great on stage 😀
    Can T.O.P get any hotter ?? Love them so much

  10. i didnt like grdragon hair on the performance it made the eyeliner look werid and taeyang eyeliner make it hard to notice his eyes but the live performance was really good

  11. I love the comeback performance! Thanks Alvin! I love how you mentioned BB’s confidence. THIS is the comeback of the year! They’re outstanding live performers.

    I’m usually not a crazy fangirl but I find myself talking/thinking about them all day long, listening to their new album, reading about them, looking at their pictures, and much more. I fell in love again. I seriously need to stop but these boys are making it so hard! =)

    My friends (Americans) are totally digging them right now! I’m surprised but they like ‘Haru Haru,’ and ‘Oh My Friend,’ the most.

  12. the video is no longer available… 😦
    o well…..
    in the mv, g-dragon looks emo (no offense)
    i think TOP looks the best with eyeliner

  13. Not diggin’ some of the new looks but these boys are still the hottest group!
    Congrats once again to kpop queen Hyori! So happy to see Big Bang still loves their noona!

  14. Ironic enough, this “masculine image” involves eyeliners because we all know, nothing screams masculine like men wearing eyeliners. I still see them as little boys no matter what image they come up with. Maybe it’s because of their sizes, and their age of course.

  15. why is it i’m not attracted that much to TOP…with an exemption to his voice of course…well i liked gdragon…no matter what his hairstyle is…more masculine…how about cutting their hairs off…probably they’ll look more like a soldier…^_____^

  16. haha..i just realised that g-dragon shaved his armpit hair.. is that being the typical metrosexual or being polite to the fans?
    alvin do u shave ur armpit hair? jus curious

  17. doesnt most korean boys shave their armpit hair..

    i mean, it’s different for each culture. russians/french women dont shave their legs [and sometimes armpits] but it doesnt mean that they’re gross, it’s just acceptable/not a big deal in their country if you dont shave..

    similarly, its not that big bang/GD is metro, it’s just about what’s acceptable/big deal in your country…

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