Lee Hyori Dominates Music Charts with U-Go-Girl

Since making her comeback with her third studio album “It’s Hyorish”, Lee Hyori has now managed two consecutive K-Chart No.1 finishes following yesterday’s broadcast of KBS Music Bank – 2008 Beijing Olympics Special episode. After her first win on 1st August, Lee Hyori managed to fight off Seo In Young’s “Cinderella” and Davichi’s “Love and War” and claim top spot again.

Hyori had claimed the Mutizen song award on SBS Inkigayo on 27th July and 3rd August respectively. Adding that to her wins on Music Bank, she has four No.1s to her name now. In addition, Hyori also claimed the No.1 spot on M! Countdown as well on 31st July. But will the Hyorish effect continue with the return of Big Bang this weekend? Stay tuned to Inkigayo this Sunday.

On another note, this Music Bank episode also marked the last we will see of Tablo and Min Seo Hyun as MCs as they will be stepping down with no mention of whom the new MCs would be. The weekend will see many variety shows being pre-empted as well due to the start of the Beijing Olympics so don’t expect to see Family Outing, 1N2D, We Got Married for this weekend.

26 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Dominates Music Charts with U-Go-Girl

  1. That’s my girl! No matter how many times ppl say she is old she will always be on top, even if some rat(s) (SIY) comes biting at her heels.


  2. I love Lee Hyori and she’s like my idol, but with BB coming back I don’t know. Let’s just say it’s gonna be a hot competition (and they like each other! Very cute together.).

    I think BB will be on top, their minialbum is just damn good, they’re just damn good.

    I wished there was two #1 spots. Hhahaha. Good luck to them both!

  3. okay, i love her and all. But I dont really understand how her “GO GRR GR U GO GRR” is topping the charts !OMY!! CMON, CINDERELLA SEO IN YOUNG CAN SINGG WAY BETTER THAN HER & DAVICHI!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!

  4. SHE ROXXXXX.. ^^
    Love her album..but i had no idea BB is coming back this week~~yeaay weeeee XD
    gotta see what happens i love them both..they should do a special stage !!

  5. Just admit that Hyori is just popular among the other girls competing. Hyori is in the business eversince FINKL so, its not a surprise if she’s so popular even these days. She proved alot through the years. Despite those criticisms about her singing and slutty dance. MANY PEOPLE LOVE HER and THAT’S A FACT. no matter how less talented she is compared to other female singers/artists.. Hyori still tops the chart based on who she is.

    Inyoung is indeed a better singer than Hyori, well that is an old issue already… BoA used to be compared as well. So there’s nothing to be shocked about. Plus, the votes is based on popularity in their country.

    On the other hand, there are people who are partially blind. C’mon. If you call her fat, then How will you classify Brit?

    BB will surely hit the charts… Big Bang is always TOP-ing.

  6. I like the song “U-Go-Girl,” but it can only be good for so long. And come on. In regards to the QUALITY of a SONG, Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” beats “U-Go-Girl” by a mile.

    I have nothing against this girl, and I love her on variety shows, but I never really understood (and still don’t) all the hype about her comeback. She’s overrated is all.

  7. Lee Hyori has a great personality…

    She’s funny and sweet and is not some kind of a-whore…

  8. lol personally i dont like her new song at all. it just sounds sooo… stupid and wierd same goes for SIY’s cinderella. Sure shes like hot and all. i just dont like her music.

    Big Bang is prolly gonna beat her to it.
    IMO haru haru > Lies > u-go-girl

    so its gonna be a big hit definately.

  9. sheesh…calm down people
    i think she’s in perfectly good shape. and don’t all girls have a little soft part in their tummy? i can hardly tell where hyori’s is.
    hyori probably is getting more hits than siy because she had a bunch of hits with her previous albums, and since she’s coming back after such a long time, people are anticipating her songs.
    hmm..looks like a head-to-head match between big bang and hyori. well. i’m rooting for both, but i think big bang’s newER song will slightly win hyori’s new song.
    good luck to both! :]

  10. i looooved Hyori’s comeback. U-go-girl is addictive, and not to mention even more so when coolsmurf subbed it. i LOVED it! i’m happy for her since netizens were picking on her age previous to her comeback. Hey coolsmurf, do you know how her number 1 wins compare to WG?

  11. @Aestas@soompi, it’s going to be hard for Hyori for K-Chart since she only won twice and Big Bang is already here now. But she completed her Inkigayo Mutizen hattrick today, just like Wonder Girls and Tae Yang before her.

  12. hey comeback won’t be here for long, tsk tsk tsk. Unless she has something else up her sleeve. But ALOT of groups and other artists are having a comeback this fall so we don’t know if U Go Girl will even be on top anymore….

  13. Whoohoo for Hyori! She’s so awesome! Proves once again that she’s still kpop’s queen! Hyori Fighting!!!!

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