Big Bang feat. Park Min Young Haru Haru MV Released

After almost a year off the radar, Park Min Young made her grand comeback this week with dual identities on tv and music video. After first appearing as the “Nine-Tailed Fox” on KBS2TV drama “Hometown Legends” on Wednesday, Park Min Young has now become the woman caught in between Big Bang’s T.O.P and G-Dragon in their latest hotly anticipated Haru Haru MV released today.

For their “Haru Haru” MV in Big Bang’s 3rd Mini-Album Stand Up which was officially released today, Park Min Young and G-Dragon acted as a couple. In the MV, Park Min Young is a girl who has terminal illness and decides to say her most painful lie ever in her life in order not to burden G-Dragon.

This was Park Min Young’s second collaboaration with Big Bang having acted opposite T.O.P in KBS2TV drama “I Am Sam” last year. In this MV, T.O.P becomes Park Min Young’s helper and acts as a “bad guy”. The most exciting part of the MV was where G-Dragon gets into a fight with T.O.P. For this scene, G-Dragon got injured but insisted on finishing the MV filming despite the injury.

G-Dragon and T.O.P expressed, “We have never come to blows as brothers. But in order to portray realism in the MV, we really had to do a real fight.” Big Bang’s 3rd mini album was released in conjunction with their MV today and they will make their comeback on tv via SBS Inkigayo this Sunday.

Loved the song and with Park Min Young in it, it’s even better.

65 thoughts on “Big Bang feat. Park Min Young Haru Haru MV Released

  1. i like this song,but its funny how bigbang progressed from hiphop image to eccentric image to…emo image?? haha like the mv too 🙂

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeee it!! They never fail to impress me. I love them and the MV is just hot and cool. Min Young looks great.

    I can’t stop replaying this song!

  3. woooow…..i’m speechless! AMAZING! it was so intense!! i’m really impressed it was sooooooooo cool! they are all so hot! the song is sooo good! big bang’s comeback will be a big success!!!! oh my! GD is freaking hot when he is jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this MV is great!

  4. haha this story line is exactly like a billion fanfics i read about big bang hehe

    need to listen to this song more 😉

  5. i cry like crazy rewatching this.. the part where they show GD and PMY being a happy couple is too freaking cute!!!! too freaking sad.

  6. i hate them having makeup but this is a nice mv and nice song
    and i hope this never happens in real life between top and gd LOL but nonetheless i’m addicted. -______-;;

  7. too much eyeliner for me. the most out of all their videos. nice song though. don’t like sad videos so i skimmed through it. lol. but i am very proud of the boys

  8. wow, the song is really nice. quite catchy. the only thing i don’t understand about the mv is…if only top and g-dragon were “fighting” then why is taeyang and seungri looking all battered?

    lol @ 17 gummyvites burger king comment.

  9. #25: im guessing the rest of the group knows that shes faking it so seeing that both of their friends are fighting coz gd thinks shes w/top behind his back…and seeing how miserable gd is..they fell bad..iono..thats wut i thought

  10. LOL emo boys! but the song is good; hopefully it’ll grow on me. but the last “past” footage of park min yong and g-dragon was too cute.

  11. First off: I love how they all look, I don’t know they look sexy & very grown/mature.
    Park Min Young looks beautiful. I’m happy she’s on their music video I always liked her & TOP because of “I am Sam” but I stopped watching it, lost of interest. but she don’t look that bad with GD as well.
    The song hella reminds me of “Lies” which I’m a little disappointed I wanted something different but I still like it, give it a couple of days & I’ll be listening to it on my just need some time to get use to the new song.

    Now onto the video:
    The eye-liner on the guys was a little too much. They look hot with it but it looked the same amount of eye liner PMY had on.
    They plot/storyline is played out too me but i still enjoyed it. The video itself reminded me of “I’m Sorry” by Gummy.
    The sick girlfriend that is dying lies to her boyfriend so they can break up cause she doesn’t want him to suffer but in the end he suffers.

    I don’t get that if I was dying I would want my boo there because I know he will want to be there & it’ll be his way of letting go.

    All in all I still like the video & song…I’m happy to see Park Min Young reunited with TOP. I hope she & him will do more collabs in the future…

    Thanks coolsmurf.

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  13. Um… Park Min Young has came back at the right time and at the right way. G-dragon is quite good, he can become a actor, cant he?? 🙂

  14. The song is perfect and the beginign of the MV looks like T.O.P and G-dragon are confessing to each other XD

  15. Hola Alvin !! cuando salga la cancion haber si me la dejas para descargarla .. me gusta mucho big bang !!


  16. daishi dance!!! <3<3<3

    sublime arrangement for both heaven and haru haru

    daishi dance working his magic as usual!!! ahhh

  17. Love the song and MV.

    TOP is so sexy. Hahahhaha…

    So the story is the girl had some sort of disease and wanted GD to stay away from her coz she’s dying, so she and TOP planned this make-believe romance? Aahh.. ok…

    TOP is still hotter than GD. Hahahahahhahaa.. I’m spazzing over the video. They look so dangerously hot.

  18. Wow TOP looks like yoobin in that black eyeliner rofl.

    The girl in this video, haru is gorgeous. o.O;

  19. LOVE BIG BANG! They’re so awesome and totally different from every other korean boy band out there! GDragon is so freakin’ hot! Even though I’m not too fond of his new look…..
    He’s still my cutie!

  20. omg i just realized something. a while ago i watched this snsd thing and jessica made food for some close unnie of hers. that was park min young! but i didn’t know park min young back then.

    watched this mv so many times ❤

  21. love love LOVE it. it’s been replaying on my comp basically all day. the MV wasn’t too bad either – even though the plot line has probably been way too overused and reminds me of a fanfic. can’t wait to watch their live performance : )

  22. is that why GD had the bandage on his hand in some scenes of the MV?

    i figured as much. since wasnt there news released a few days ago that he injured his hand during the filming of the MV?

  23. this song’s not bad at all! but why in the world are koreans so friggin obsessed with death?!!?!? so emo…

  24. Love their new song/MV!! IT is da best! I didn’t know what I was expecting & got a suprise! Park Min Young is so pretty! I never knew she was in I am Sam, but who cares…she looks good with GD! Big Bang’s new image is totally amazing! They really impreseed me! Thanks coolsmurf

  25. I totally love the MV and the song…my Top is as HOT as usual and GD can really act…I just hope he lessens the eyeliner…he looks good even without it…btw, I really think PMY and GD looked really perfect as a couple…

  26. I cried when I saw it for the first time.
    Then I’m frozen suddenly , amazed by GD’s acting , it was so awesome. I thinkHe should play in some k-rama one day.
    Even the MV reminds me so much of Gummy’s sorry , the plots and the anger of TOP..U know hit the mirror till ur hand bleeding , the chair , pillow and all that stuff , so many flying things , hehehe…
    But never mind , still amazed with GD’s tallent. I think SR had that tallent too , cos he looks so natural in that MV.
    I;m waiting for someone who’s gonna upload their first perform of Stand Up Album , in SBS..,
    pliss any body gimme a buzz , if it already available

  27. BB’s MVs are always nice to watch.. this one’s not bad too..
    Loved GD in the MV.. showcased some of his acting skills..

  28. love everthing about the MV except that the colors? are the same of lies MV, it make it not as new and different?

  29. i love that song!!!min young unnie and the big bang oppas are so good acting!!!! GO BIG BANG OPPAS GO MIN YOUNG UNNIE~

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