Seo In Young Has A Pretty Ulzzang Sister Too

Good genes runs in Seo In Young’s family too? It has been the trend lately discussing about the immediate family of celebrities. “Sexy Queen” Seo In Young’s sister is the latest to get a lot of attention from netizens.

Seo Hae Young (22) has a egg-shaped face and big eyes just like her elder sister. Some commented that she looked like ex-Sugar member, Park Soo Jin and is now the center of attention from netizens because of her good looks.

Netizens left comments on Seo Hae Young photos on her minihompy saying, “So pretty, definitely on a par with your sister”, “Good genes runs in the family”, etc, leaving the highest praise towards her good looks.

According to Seo In Young’s management, Seo Hae Young is currently studying at a art school and was already a magazine model in her early school days thanks to her good looks. If you count back the years, Seo Hae Young had debuted at an earlier age than her sister. But she has no plans to enter the entertainment industry and just wants to concentrate on her studies now.

Since Seo In Young debuted in the entertainment industry, the two sisters have been living together and thus they have developed a good relationship. They not only have good looks but also get along well with each other.

36 thoughts on “Seo In Young Has A Pretty Ulzzang Sister Too

  1. Not to sound rude, but “good genes run in the family”? Seo In Young has had a lot done to her face right? So it doesn’t really run the family…

  2. Eh..”Good genes runs in Seo In Young’s family too?”

    I wouldn’t say that. Her sister is only average. But much better looking and SIY, keke

  3. She is fairly pretty, but those pictures are taken from a myspace angle and she’s wearing make-up too and all.

    I don’t know I used to think the Seo In Young wasn’t really pretty, but then after a while her charm and beauty kind of grows on you. She is WAY better with long hair too. I guess she is an acquired taste.

  4. “good genes run in the family?” uhh siy is plastic.

    at 1st reading d title I was thinkin dey prob went to d same surgeon. buh from d pics her sis looks quite natural n cute.

  5. Why are you all saying that her sister is ‘average’? I think she’s actually pretty and why be harsh? Don’t mix your personal (?) issues toward In Young with her sister, too.

    If she wasn’t pretty, most of you will criticize even more but let’s avoid being superficial here!

  6. And omg, another In Young in the world? hahah I can’t wait until Crown J meets and speak with her….it’ll be hell for him double time! 😉 JK!!! I adore Crown J & In Young so I wish them well!

  7. i think its pathetic that people say she looks ugly just cos they hate her. plastic surgery or not..she is definitely pretty and so is her sister. one thing i know is she is not fake like so many other female entertainers and im not talkin abt looks.

  8. Well, albeit I love SIY I just hope she didn’t do her nose..She looks so MUCH better naturally when before the surgery.

  9. ahhh~
    omo.. both are pretty!
    on a side note…
    i dunno whether u realised…
    i almost screamed when i saw IY’s 1st solo Elly* is So Hot,
    riverside point! >.<

  10. Definitely plastic surgery. No surprise ofcourse, as it’s ‘normal’ nowadays in South-Korea, even among non-celebs. She’s very cute nevertheless :P.

  11. I’m sorry, but I’ve never found Seo In Young to be pretty. And her personality doesn’t make her look any prettier either. Some ppl may like it, but I find it to be fake and annoying at times. Her sister is really cute though!

  12. sorry..I think her sister is not pretty/beautiful,but she is cute & look natural.For me SIY prettier before her plastic surgery,now her nose look so fake..

  13. that’s a really bad picture of Seo In Young. D:
    But good genes do run in the family, but her sister looks really plastic.

  14. sure, both are very pretty, but how can it be “genes running in the family”, they don’t even look alike. I could never tell they’re sisters if not mentioned. one, or both of ’em likely had something done.

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