SBS Only Barred from Covering Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

Korean TV station, Seoul Broadcasting Station (SBS) has been stripped of the rights to air the opening ceremony of the upcoming Beijing Olympics 2008.

This come after it had leaked footage from the rehearsals of the opening ceremony which had been shrouded in secrecy on it’s news program exactly a week ago on Korean TV and subsequently shown worldwide. This led to an uproar particularly from the International Olympics Committee and the Beijing Olympics organizers, causing embarassment for the Korea Republic.

Two nights ago on the 8 O’clock news, SBS announced that the BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting) has punished them by barring them from covering and broadcasting the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said sanctions against SBS, which shares the South Korean broadcasting rights, included a ban on having its own cameras inside the stadium for the opening. “But they will have access to the signal. And do have the possibility to have a commentator in the stadium.”

According to a SBS spokesperson, “BOB didn’t issue the last opening ceremony rehearsal invitation. Moreover, it didn’t give permission to report on the opening ceremony. We can’t get in the rehearsal and report the opening ceremony on that day. However, according to the contract with the IOC, we can broadcast it by reading out of BOB. Despite this happening, we are still going to broadcast all of the Olympic Games without any problems. And with this, this unfortunate incident will end here. In future, SBS will continue to bring viewers exciting coverage on the Olympics and related programs.”

Regardless good or bad vibes, who doesn’t know SBS now?

49 thoughts on “SBS Only Barred from Covering Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

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  2. Served them right.

    That’s for doing something uncool stuff, wacya thinkin’ by SBS International, slamming people with copyright here and there. mhuahahahahahaha….. NOW the bottle spin back at you.!

  3. Alvin, we know that you are being vindicated for what SBS did to you. Indirectly as it may seem, the bad things they have been doing are now getting thrown back in their faces…those bad guys!!!

  4. hmm thats pretty messed up, they dont get to broadcast the olympic opening; even after the incident. I thought the committee would just let them off since its the olympics, there shouldn’t be problems stirred in this happy-excited? event lol . oh well, sucks for SBS.

  5. Oh yeah, question: does anyone know if they’ve even apologised for the leak yet or anything? I haven’t seen anything on that, and I’m kinda curious…

  6. stupid sbs
    first they take all their stuffs off of streaming sites
    now they ruining the image of korea
    so embarrassed

  7. Bwahahaha. For some reason I feel someone sent a curse out on SBS after the youtube frenzy.

    Whoever the soccerer is, good on you!

  8. what the hell? only the opening ceremoney? SBS should be banned throughout the entire Olympic event.

  9. SBS totally deserve it. They’ve been a real pain in the ass so far this year.

    I think they should be limited even more.

  10. Is this divine retribution or not?

    They deserved it…those arrogant %^&*!@#$. They totally had it coming…

  11. i heard that this is the reason why sbs started to do the copy right thing on youtube… thats why all related sbs videos is deleted.

  12. SCREW SBS! lmao.

    Fucking snobby pricks, this is what they get for deleting everyones page on YT for posting their bullshit anyways.

  13. wth??? that’s it? that’s freakin’ lame, esp. after how they closed down your YT account. it’s not like they even issued an apology for what they did. they might even be able to have a commentator? that sucks!!! BOOO!!! they should be more severely punished!

  14. though i am pissed about the youtube serade they did but the whole olympics would have been crazy and extreme for china and for korea. both countries would only loose.

  15. HWA hahahaha
    I believe in Karma and they got their karma for what they did to you and another yt account…….

    Karma is still exist…..

  16. sbs got off too easy. Did they eve apologize? Ugh they shouldnt even be allowed to broadcast any parts of the olympics.

  17. @sbcsjkim, i agree with you
    olympic committee should ban SBS from airing the whole olympic game..haha..

  18. I STRONGLY AGREE. SBS should be banned throughout the entire Olympic event. Doh…what a LAME excuse saying promoting in goodwill. Secret is a secret. Don’t they know that. OMG.

    Erm..Aren’t they should came out with more goooood reason?

    Owh..btw, that won’t do either. PPL are hating them more and more.

    i hate SBS! (getting annoyed)

    i love coolsmurf!

  19. I think SBS tv programs starting to go down and loose many many viewers lately
    They also should’ve been banned totally abt Olympic broadcast since they’re the one that breached the contract, im sure they will banned anyone if that party breach their contract with SBS.

    and appearantly, comeback of YSMM 2 aint getting good reviews and rating either. they loosing their concept and too many complaints about MCs. cant wait to see what happen next to SBS

    KARMA is SBS best friend rite now ahahahahahahaah

  20. my account was deleted too cos of Charice’s videos from StarKing that i reposted!

    more than smiling, i ponder upon learning the news that happened to SBS. life, after all, is a principle of sowing and reaping.

    for coolsmurf, me, and the rest who only wanted to bridge cultural barriers but were deleted in the face of yt, that’s poetic justice.

  21. SBS should at least formally apologize for their ridiculous stupid actions

    just banning for broadcasting the opening ceremony isnt even like a punishment who said that it was supposed to be a happy time and they get off the hook is totally wrong.

    they are getting off way too easy and its just an insult if SBS had respect for proper journalism and the host country they wouldnt have done it

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