Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox Achieves High Rating for Hometown Legends

The opening act of KBS2TV “Hometown Legends”, “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox” got the series off to a great start which was evidently reflected in the ratings released by TNS Media Korea as it shot to the top with 20.1%, far surpassing SBS “Working Mom” (13.3%) and MBC “Lawyers of Korea” (10.3%).

“Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox” has evidently better CG and production values from the original version nine years ago. Plus, Park Min Young nine-tailed fox character is not wearing a plain traditional hanbok but breaking against the norm, by wearing a white one-piece dress that accuentuates the feminine charm and sexiness. The summary of the episode is that Lee Myung Ok (Park Min Young) and Suh Wook (Kim Ha Eun) are sisters. To investigate her sister’s brutal death, Myung Ok turns herself into the nine-tailed fox.

Some viewers left good comments, “The different nine-tailed fox image is very refreshing”, “The CG technology is really stunning”, “It’s more polished than the past version”. But some viewers also felt that it had deviated from the original concept of the story, “The traditional Korean culture has totally vanished.”

“Hometown Legends” was originally conceptualised to show the humor, sarcasm, lessons and beauty of traditional Korean culture but the 2008 version of “Return of the Nine-tailed Fox” has nothing of this in it at all.

17 thoughts on “Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox Achieves High Rating for Hometown Legends

  1. Wow it got 20.1% on its first episode! O.O
    It looks like a scary drama…a bit different from the usual genres

  2. Gah, I love Park Minyoung, but I think she’s too conventionally pretty for this role. I’m not saying she’s not gorgeous in anyway, it’s just that I can’t imagine her seducing anybody and I don’t get the flawless traditional korean beauty vibe from her either.

    Well, since that might be because of all of her other (more modern, teen) roles, I guess I won’t judge until I see the actual episode myself.

    (I’m not liking the CG tails, though. Why are they so wiggly. T_T)

  3. I’m surprised at the ratings. Lawyers of Korea reaches more than 10% too? Wow, it’s always like under 6%.

  4. This wasn’t scary at all (for those of you who want to watch it but are afraid it’ll be scary). I think the originals from 1977 (the one 9 years ago was another “remake”), and even the ones from 9 years ago were scarier. There were a few seemingly scary moments but that was mostly from sudden big noises, not so much the ghosts themselves.

    I actually thought the second one was scarier. Then again, I’ve never been afraid of the gumiho (nine-tailed fox) stories, since they attack mostly men. lol The second one was scary cuz I don’t like baby ghosts. :p

    CG for both was great. I think Park Min Young has too much of a baby face to have really scared me. hehe But it’s worth watching once.

  5. I understand the person saying she can’t see the seduce factor BUUUTTTT…

    standards of beauty and sexiness has changed over time. Since this is something looking relatively in an older age… I believe it can be a possibility that she can seduce men.

    Also, guys have different opinions. I have a male friend that BoA is SOOOOO GOREGEOUS to him. :/

    I guess being hispanic changes my view of beauty from him (Korean).

    I agree she is no “WOW OMG SEXY” lady but she isn’t bad looking…And if you see what guys call sexy here in America :/ I think they don’t even look at the face much.

    Standards of beauty is always a big factor in these things.

  6. i watched this i loved how pretty and sexy she was
    i wanted her to be my sis or my best friend!!
    i love how she kills ppl
    she da bomb!~

  7. just watched the first ep…

    It’s creeping me out O_O
    Park Min Youngs role is so cool, she looks perfect also.

  8. i watched the first episode with my friends lOl
    seriously it was creepy/scary and we watched it right before lunch ><;;;;

    but yeah i think she fit the role perfectly as what my friends were explaining to me, and what i know from other versions of the nine tail fox in other asian countries. she can seduce men lOl

    she isn’t the prettiest thing that walked the earth, but she is pretty, and i think she fit the role very nicely!

  9. shes very pretty yes but it was so creepy i watched it with my friends i had 12 friendsover and we were holding eachothers hand but when i seen this it wasnt that scary actually but my friends were like screaming so loud i couldnt even hear a thing it was awsome

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