East of Eden Drama Promotional Posters

“East of Eden” will be going up against SBS “Tazza” gambling drama. Will the mega budget, impressive cast, etc make it a sure-winner in the ratings war? MBC is counting on this to recover from the ratings slump of it’s dramas which has been taking a beating recently. If they are not going to win even with practically everything thrown into it, MBC is really going to cry big-time.

credit: MBC (promotional posters)

37 thoughts on “East of Eden Drama Promotional Posters

  1. Everything about this drama (everything I’ve read of so far) is very predictable and for 50 episodes, it’s going to drag on forever. I’m not looking forward to this, so maybe that’s a good thing because every drama I’ve looking forward to so far have disappointed me, so maybe this will be different.

  2. omg ssh is d sexiest man alive!!
    doesnt matta if d drama is gona b gud or not I’l watch it jus bc of him. hehe

  3. OMG I can’t wait for this drama. I’m only looking forward to it because of Lee Yeon Hee. I love her my favorite korean actress. She looks stunningly beautiful.
    Oh & SSH freaking looks HOT..

    I love their chemistry on the M.Net Sad Love Story mini movie. So I’m anticipating the chemistry again on EOE.
    Since LYH plays one of his many love interests.

  4. “Everything about this drama (everything I’ve read of so far) is very predictable and for 50 episodes”
    How good you are ! I myself am not able to predict anything about it. Nothing clear at this time. Just waiting to know~~.

  5. Han Ji Hye has the best poster!!!! I wanted to see more of her poster but I truly hope she has plenty of scenes with Song Seung Hoon! I’m not a fan of Lee Dae Hee or seen her dramas/movies yet.

    Plus, SSH & HJH looks GREAT together!!!!! 😀

  6. The 3rd guy and the last girl look like trouble!!! I’ll prob. be annoyed by their mediocre acting and annoying one-dimensional acting–but only based on these pictures.

  7. MBC really does need to recover from the bad ratings, SBS Iljimae killed them. I don’t know how well they’ll do with East of Eden, the synopsis of the drama is a bit confusing (from what I’ve read on soompi) and has a twist to the story that I don’t really like. I’m rooting for Tazza I like the storyline better.
    But we’ll see which will win the rating war when the dramas debut ^^.

  8. “I’ll prob. be annoyed by their mediocre acting and annoying one-dimensional acting”

    the girl in the last pic is lee yeon hee and i think her acting skills are above par compared to lee da hae AND han ji hye. LYH is no doubt a really good actress and has so much camera presence. i really like both LYH and LDH so i’m torn between who should be the lead. i’m looking forward to this drama but 50 episodes? i REALLY hope they have some exceptional writers!

  9. i’m looking forward to this drama…
    mainly because LDH disappointed me in her last
    one… so i hope she picked the right project this time

  10. The leading guy is Song Seung Hun. The first leading lady is Lee Da Hae.. Second lead is Han Ji Hye.

    I’m looking forward to this mainly coz it has a solid promising cast. But it seems like it’s gonna be draggy? Hahahha.. No worries, Song Seung Hun will pull us ladies through this one. He is hawt!!!

    Wasn’t So Ji Sub supposed to be in this one too? He pulled out or something?

  11. Ooohh who’s that first guy in the pictures? He’s hot! And sorry I don’t really know whos who aside from Lee Da Hae but I saw that Park Hae Jin’s name is tagged but I cant figure out which one is he, even though I wanted Family Outing already. Just wanted to support. Whoohoo!!

  12. HOMFGZ o___o; Isnt the guy in the First picture from Autumn Love?! AHHH HE’S SO FREAKINNNN HAWWWTTT
    -Puts Thumbs up-

  13. “Isnt the guy in the First picture from Autumn Love?”
    Of course, it’s him. So different, but much hotter ???
    I don’t really like TAZZA. Its cast looks a bit older than EOE cast ^^

  14. Good Luck to Song Seung Hun(the hot guy on the first two photos for those who were asking who he is?) i hope i’ll get the chance to see this series as many Clubbox owners now do not update their CB’s because of copyright issues.

  15. HAN JI HYE! she’s the only one with emotion in the posters… she’ll probably have a really sad story/character…

  16. OMG, Song Seung Hun is freaking hot in these photos *fans self*

    Maybe I’ll watch this and erase his image from that stupid Autumn’s Tale from my memory.

  17. “Maybe I’ll watch this and erase his image from that stupid Autumn’s Tale from my memory”

    -> u r NOT SSH’s fan, I am sure ^^. If you were, u wouldn’t say “maybe” and that AT was stupid ! Omg !

  18. I hated “Autumn Tale” because the storyline was redundant and boring! I definitely thought it was overrated so I couldn’t careless about it…

    Song Seung Hoon can be a good actor but his latest film, Fate, with best pal, Kwon Sang Woo, was a dissappointment. Mostly, I don’t expect much from a movie or a drama but FATE was too okay. Maybe I expected more in the little expecation I had! hahah

    Anyway, I still stand by my previous posts. I have no idea who the other characters are but hopefully, they will atleast leave a good impression and importance to the story!

  19. Oh, and I just looked up Lee Yeon Hee. BETTER ACTRESS than Lee Dae Hee and Han Ji Hye? You must be mistaken but of course, you are entitled to your opinion.

    All I can say is whoa! Actually, I know who she is now because I’ve seen her in “One Fine Day” and she fitted the “I’ll prob. be annoyed by their mediocre acting and annoying one-dimensional acting” because I was annoyed by her character!

    I just wish that ‘East of Eden’ wouldn’t have her or anyone else nagging to (try to) snatch the guy/girl away! Atleast make it meaningful!

  20. Lee Da-Hae is better than Lee Yeon-Hee

    she really don’t know how to touch the viewers!

    and her English is terrible.

  21. oyuncular çok güzel bu kadar formda nasıl kalabiliyorlar
    bende böyle zayıf olmak istiyorum. 50 kilo iyi

  22. Lee Dae hee sucks!!!! what can you get from a girl who thinks she’s perfect!! i’m sorry but i’d rather idolize Bentong than her…she very pathetic….

  23. Lee Dae Hee may be good in English, that’s the only thing she’s good at.But she has a very awful attitude.If you’d just see the real her, you’d wish you never watched her on TV..sorry to disappoint you but it’s the truth….

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