Jung Hyun Don, “Best Couple, Crown J and Seo In Young”

Crown J romantic side while singing Noel’s “Proposal” to his partner Seo In Young on Episode 7 in April won him lots of popularity on MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married”. This past week, the song was once again performed but by Jung Hyung Don instead.

This past Sunday was the second part of the double date vacation special between the four couples. Crown J and Seo In Young had returned back to their trailer dorm after a tired day from fishing. Just as Crown J was giving In Young a massage, the troublemaker Jung Hyung Dong paid them a visit. As they were having their BBQ dinner, Hyung Don performed a comedic version of Noel’s “Proposal” again to heat up the atmosphere.

After dinner, Hyung Don had a talk with the two couples as he remarked that Crown J and Seo In Young was the best couple. When Crown J was angry, Seo In Young would console him and vice versa, that’s what real couples do. Next is Andy and Solbi, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. The last was Alex and Shin Ae because he “dislikes” Alex which led to laughter all around.

28 thoughts on “Jung Hyun Don, “Best Couple, Crown J and Seo In Young”

  1. Where DID Crown J sing ‘Proposal’ to In Young? Did I blink or did he hum it? hahah Anyway, I trust you, Alvin, to find this clip! 😉 JK But if you do, that’d be great anyway! heheh

    And Don Don is just trying to get brownie points from In Young because he threw her babies around and criticized her because of her infatuations with shoes aka the babies. Then again, I don’t disagree with him…Crown J & In Young are the best couple in my opinion and I wish In Young would surprise Crown J with something. Maybe a surprise visit to his mom and grandmother? That’d be really sweet and touching considering Crown J loves his family very much! 🙂

    Oh, and I still think Don Don is annoying!!!

  2. @Tiffany80: where did you read that from? I wanna read it too..& I agree I say he said that just to spite Andy..lol

    Any who..I have to agree with Don Don, yes ppl his annoying but that’s his character. He is too annoy ppl which makes it funny but yeah like I said I agree with him because CJ & SIY do seem very real.
    As much as I love AnBi & I believe they are a real couple because that’s how I am..lol
    but I find CJ & SIY to seem the realest when comparing to real couples. They bicker & fight but they both know how to comfort the other. They know how to keep each other in check from blowing up.
    Also I love how one minute they are arguing but then the next they are both agreeing with one another..lol
    Funny thing I couldn’t stand this couple. They were my least favorite because I love CJ but I couldn’t stand SIY. I never liked her but watching them on WGM totally changed my opinion on her. I am starting to really like her.
    & I love her with CJ.

    Same with Solbi, couldn’t stand her but now I love her & I love her with Andy.

    I love this show.

  3. Anyway, this week i cant stand watching Jung Hyun Don at all. I think he was very annoying than other episode.

  4. @ marmar – It’s on this website, click on Eric’s name, it’s the We Got Married article. Quote below . . .

    Eric also said that after seeing “We Got Married”, he also thought about getting married, “I have long wanted to get married and have babies.” But when asked when will he be settling down, Eric said, “I really don’t know because I am going to enlist in the army (after the drama).” He added, “We Got Married is really interesting and especially while watching Andy and Solbi having skinship, I can’t help but fall in love with their romance. Hyun Joong is very funny in the show but Crown J is the most interesting husband.”

    @ Tiffany80 – Eric stated that “Crown J was the most interesting husband” not the best . . . but I loved this couple from the beginning because they made me laugh so much.

    I was never on the Solbi/Andy train but I’m actually beginning to like them now. Especially, Solbi. I always though she was the Jessica Simpson of Korea but I’ve come to realize that she’s very crafty and smart.

  5. Yep its true this show really brings out peoples character. At first i didn’t really like SIY, but now I really like her. From this show you can see that there is a soft side to her. And I agree with don don that they are the most realsitc couple although i am an anbi fan. Anbi relationship seems to be more of lovers than married couple.

    Watching don don is funny, but he is really annoying and evil. He is more evil than SIY. Seriously now i feel so sorry for Saori, evethough I want to see him and Saori come on this double date trip with alex and shinae. I bet its going to be really funny.

  6. How is that DonDon is making money from doing annoying things all the time?
    He is not even that funny, although it is good to laugh AT him.

  7. attn: ddalgi

    which episode did crownj sing proposal? dont remember

    I think that episode 11 is right!!!

    I love this ep too. It was too romantic hahaha LOL

  8. I absolutely love CrownYoung couple & I think it’s the first time I liked what Hyun Don said LOL. Was a fan from the beginning with all their bickering & fixing things in the end and I’m glad they’re so understanding towards each other now. :DDDDD

  9. hehe i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw dondon do the interview. at first i was like ‘WHOA what’s he doing there’ then i was like haha. ^^
    im an alshin fan, but dondon’s rite, crown j and siy are really compatible. 😀

  10. CJ sang “Proposal” in episode 7(it’s written right up there!). It’s the song he sang while on the train to Daegu when SIY asked him to sing for her.

    @Toni: You’re wrong Tiffany is right..in a recent interview Eric said he thinks Andy and Solbi are just acting now and that he skips their parts to watch Crown-Young couple

    I thought DonDon was funny singing “Proposal”! I loved the reaction of the couples especially AnBi they just continued eating like nothing was happening! LOL!

  11. Can somebody please tell me what is Shinae’s hompy. I’ve been searching for it for the longest time.

  12. hyungdon and me are the same best couple .. at 1st i also don’t like seo inyoung i was liking to hyungjoong and hwangbo couple but since i got interisted in andy and solbi couple i was starting to like them .. sometimes i was cutting there cut because i don’t like to see crown j and inyoung and the other couples..but my mind say that “lets start from begginning of the episode maybe we will see some couple who is interisted and funny .. and i finally meet the crown j and inyoung couple..inyoung make me laught so hard because of her childlish and playfullness from the show .. they don’t win as best couple but they win as hot couple in mnet awards..even i don’t know inyoung attitude i know that she is scared when crown j is almost angry with her..and when i watch the jewelry members,i was liking to park jung ah .. they both funny among the members but i think seo inyoung is the smartest when it comes to the lyrics,voice,dance and the chereography of there
    song..when i see seo inyoung in jewelry i thought that she is the leader because her voice is perfect and powerful and when in comes to dance .. she was totally the best when it comes to the songs..

  13. The Best Couple for me is…??

    1. Seo Inyoung and Crown J – they look like a real couple always fighting and they both have good fashion,and even we don’t see them kissing there still the real..crown j will do anything from her wife inyoung even its hard he will do it..and i can feel that there really don’t mind if there fake couple or real couple,but i can really feel that there heart is beating so fast and there love for each other is real..

    2. Andy and Solbi – I can feel that there also real but, i cannot feel where is there love,i cannot feel where is love there .. but there still the best the 2nd fav.

    3. Hwangbo/Hyungjoong – honestly i cannot feel if there love is real of not,(yes,i really like them) but i cannot feel there love to each other..and i know hyungjoong like hwangbo’s personality..

    4.Alex and Sinae – i cannot also feel the love two those couple but sometimes this couple make me laught so hard im laughting so hard when sinae is playing with alex ..

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